Thursday, April 30, 2009

34 weeks...

Lots of things to comment on about this week (more like things to complain about, lol!). The first one being indigestion. I swear I do not remember this at all with Aislynn, but Shaun says I had it (and complained about it!). I am just uncomfortable in general too...sleeping, sitting, driving, you name it. The past few days I have been experiencing Braxton-Hicks contractions. I do not remember these at all with Aislynn, but I had never experienced them before, so maybe that's why? Earlier in this pregnancy I thought I would want the baby just to come whenever, but I am ready now, lol!!! Not too much longer...roughly 6 weeks and we get to meet this little guy:)
This was Aislynn in the baby's room:) She was asking me when we could fix the crib:) We will probably do the room in a couple weeks and she is excited about helping put it together!The past week, after dinner, we have been going to this little place down the street from us with a big grassy opening and playing soccer (well, Shaun and Aislynn). It was getting dark, so not the sharpest pictures, but Aislynn REALLY loves doing this! She is pretty good too, we might have a little soccer player on our hands. She LOVES trying to get the ball from Shaun, she cracks up uncontrollably when he is keeping it from is SO cute:) That's all for now...just getting ready to reveal the May Kit tomorrow at Kraft Girl Kits.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The most wonderful time of the year....

or one of them at least:) There is a lull in tourism around here from the middle of April until the middle of May and the weather is fantastic, which = beach time:) We were supposed to go with friends today, but plans fell through and A and I were already dressed, so we headed off. I just sat on a towel with my big zoom lens and snapped away...there are too many cute pictures to post, so I posted my favorites (still a lot, lol!). Wishing the water was our emerald blue-green for the back drop of these, but it has been dark for the past month.
The main thing Aislynn did was fill up her sand toys with water and then run back and dump the water out on her toys:)
My sore throat seems to have gone, but still have the runny nose and headache:( Still, I am feeling better today, so that is good!

Monday, April 27, 2009


we ate at Great Southern Cafe in Seaside with Shaun's Dad and sister. The food was awesome and afterwards we got gelato, yum:)Aislynn and Papa:
Aislynn and Aunt Ashley: The family (I know A's eyes are closed, but that smile is so sweet!): Aislynn has this new thing where she looks away from the camera, smiling. She pretty much refuses to make eye contact with the camera, grrr...She also wants to see every picture in the LCD screen after the picture is taken. I have some sort of sinus thing. The past couple days I have had a sore throat, runny nose, and a bad headache, and just feeling yucky in general:( Hope it passes is even more hard to get good sleep feeling like this:(

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Great to be a kid... nice to be so carefree and your hardest decision of the day being what color Popsicle you should eat (if you can tell here, Aislynn chose blue!). Yesterday, I hooked up our little Nemo sprinkler, but when the yard sprinklers came on she lost interest in that and wanted to play in those instead. This morning, Lillian came over to play, so we had to do the sprinklers again:) We moved it over to the bottom of the, right? Lillian thought so, Aislynn...not so much. She just wanted to drink the water. She agreed to go down if I turned the sprinklers off. Then to finish the fun off with a Popsicle...

What a life:)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

33 weeks

Can you believe this is the only picture I have taken since last Thursday? I have to admit that I am becoming VERY lazy and only want to do things that require minimum effort on my part:) That means eating out more than cooking, taking Aislynn to parks or the fountains where I can just sit while she plays, etc. The weather here has been beautiful and I have been wanting to just enjoy that. So those are my excuses, lol!
We took Aislynn to Earth, the new Disney movie that came out today, and it was a little boring. Especially because if you watched Planet Earth on Discovery Channel, you will see a lot of the same footage. Aislynn pretty much lost interest after our popcorn bag was empty, lol. She talked a lot during the movie too, asking what each animal was and when she saw a shark get a seal, she said "Maybe we can give him some crackers so he can't eat the baby seal." LOL! It was nice to all see a movie together though...can't wait until next month when the new Pixar movie comes out:)
Okay, that's all for now, sorry nothing that exciting:)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

32 weeks...

or 8 months! Yikes!!! Going by so fast and I am already feeling quite physically uncomfortable. Just think of how I will feel in 8 weeks, right? I have been a lot more tired lately and have been eating waaaaaaaay too much of Aislynn's Easter candy:) I guess in about a month we will do the hospital tour since we are delivering at a different hospital this time, and do the big sibling class for Aislynn. Then I will probably finish the baby's room and make sure we have everything ready! I'm sure the time will fly...Today we met Aislynn's friend at the fountains, but they liked sitting on this little stump:) Lillian is 7 months older than Aislynn, but look how much taller Aislynn is!!!
We went out for pizza tonight (yay!) and this is Aislynn in the bath, she asked for me to take her picture, lol! Can you tell her bath is blue? She LOVES those colored tablets!! That's all for now!!! I think it is supposed to rain on Sunday, but I am prepared and have a yummy snicker doodle recipe I want to try out:)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Long day....

with this girl. She got up at 5:30ish and never made it back to sleep. Lots of fits today:( She is playing in the bath right now and it's off to bed for her. Hopefully, she will get a good night's sleep and we can start fresh tomorrow. I was taking pictures of some layouts I did last night in the baby's room (it gets the best natural light in the house) and got these pics. This was after the park today (Why did I bring her to the park when she was so exhausted??? Yup, a BIG fit when we left there.), I went in to the office to talk to Shaun and when I came out, this is what I found. It didn't last long, I woke her up so we could go eat dinner. BIG mistake, talk about grumpy. Here are 2 pages I made with the April KGK.
The above one is using the April Sketch. It has been a LOOOOONG time since I did a 12x12. I kinda like it again:) I like the square:)
Well, off to wash goofy girl and put her to bed:) Maybe I can get some more scrappy things done tonight. I liked working in my new space!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

I know I have been slacking on the posting again...been a sorta busy week with lots of Easter festivities:) Here's what we have been up to:
This picture is from Thursday, an Easter Egg Hunt at the library. Aislynn and Lillian were at the back of the line to go outside and by the time they got out there, all the eggs had been found. Kinda irritating since some kids had tons of eggs in their basket. They really didn't seem to mind too much once the snacks/juice were brought out:)Saturday we dyed eggs, and this went so much more smoothly than last year!! Aislynn didn't spill anything, and after she took each egg out, she said "Wow!" She was quite impressed that the egg wasn't white anymore. Yes, I did put that shirt on knowing that they would make for good scrappy pictures for dyeing eggs:) Well, I AM a scrapbooker, so what do you expect? Counting the eggs...2 were missing from Shaun's birthday cake earlier in the week:)
This is the only shot I got with A and her loot from the Easter Bunny. After she saw her basket, she said "I LOVE the Easter Bunny!!" LOL. That little tea pot set was the highlight of her day:) She even played with it in the bath, and when we put her to bed tonight, she said tomorrow was going to be a big tea party day:)
Hunting for eggs... This was after the hunt...playing with the bubble maker:) Aunt Brynne came over to see Aislynn hunt for eggs:) Aislynn and I:) That's all for now! Hope everyone had a Happy Easter and a great weekend! Will try to be better about blogging this week:)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

31 weeks...

We had a doctor's appointment Monday and everything looked good:) The doctor was telling Aislynn about a class she can take to learn things she can do as a big sister, which she of course wants to do! I think we will do that in about a month. Here is my 31 week belly picture:Here is a little sneak into the nursery. My Mom came over and helped me paint this weekend, the wall is the top blue, and that is just a little peek of what the bedding looks like. Different then what I originally had in mind, but I got an AWESOME deal on this from eBay, so I am happy:) Here is my newly organized scrap space. We moved it out of the closet in the baby's room to the downstairs bedroom, which was Shaun's office, but now we are sharing:)
You can't tell in the above picture really, but there are 2 of those clear plastic containers with drawers under/by the desk. The one to the right of the chair (under the desk) holds chipboard, stamps, scraps, and the top drawer is my junk drawer:) The one to the left of the desk (under those brown albums) holds adhesive, tools, alterable things (mini-albums and such), and card making supplies.
In the above picture, I got the shelves from Home Depot. The top shelf has a jar with my ribbon in it. I have another way to organize my ribbon, but since I hardly use ribbon, I haven't done it yet. Then I have magazines, and in between the 2 mag. holders are chipboard embellies. The bottom shelf holds a basket I found in the dollar spot at Target with embellies and then I have one of the Making Memories Embellishment holder with brads and small embellishments. The little purple thing with drawers holds acrylic embellishments and bling. I used a lot of the Lisa and Becky Rail system here. The shelf under the white shelves holds flowers, which again, are things I hardly use on my layouts? Under that are 2 magnetic boards I got from Target that are made to hold spices, but I use them for my buttons and other small embellishments. To the right of those is the large sticker bin from the Cropper Hopper Shelve-it series which holds all of my stickers. The green binder next to that holds my rub-ons. To the right of that is another one of the $1 baskets from Target with journaling spots/tags, and to the right of that is a desktop stamp pad holder with my most used inks. Then to the right of that is that little bucket which holds, tools, pens, adhesive, etc. It spins, and it holds most of what I use a lot. Above that is another part of the rail system which holds more stamp pads and my paints. Above that (you can see in a couple pictures up) is another part of the rail system, and that holds glitter, mists, and other random embellishments. Next to the lamp is my sewing machine and my paper holder. Whew! I know that was boring to you non-scrappers...sorry!!! Hopefully you skipped all that:)
Yesterday was Shaun's 31st birthday, Aislynn and I made him red velvet cake from scratch and YUM! It was so good, I LOVE the frosting! I wish I would have made more of it just for me, lol! Anyways, just a little note...Shaun and I went on our first date 10 years ago...2 days before his 21st birthday. Crazy how time sure does fly!