Thursday, July 30, 2009

2 Months!!!

Here are pictures I took of Kieran at 2 months:Here are the one month ones to compare, I can't believe how much bigger he is now:
At 2 Months, he:
  • smiles A LOT! When he just wakes up from a nap he smiles the most. Aislynn loves playing peek-a-boo with him and she gets some smiles.
  • He is starting to make this "laugh" noise when he smiles sometimes
  • grabs things, particularly the elephant on him play mat that sounds like wind chimes:)
  • holds his head up pretty good, and when he is on his tummy, he can hold it up for longer periods of time and tries to look around
  • is awake a lot more now and sleeps pretty good at night...usually a 4-6 hour stretch, wakes up and goes back down after 15-20 minutes (last night his first stretch was a 7 hour stretch-woo hoo!)
  • sucks on his hand a lot...he won't really take a pacifier for long, sometimes just to go to sleep and then he spits it out
  • kicks his feet and pushes with his feet when they are up against something

I know I am probably forgetting things so I will add them as I think of them:)

Yesterday we were in Aislynn's room playing "Memory," but she calls it "Rememberory" ha ha. I snapped these, thinking I should change them to b&w to make the toys in the background less noticeable? Here is what Kieran was up to while we played...just hanging out...Then he got cranky, so I brought him on the bed with us and he passed right out:) Thinking this needs to be black and white too....

Monday, July 27, 2009

2 down, 7 to go:)

I lost 2 lbs last week!!! Woo hoo! So my new way of eating is working. I am really only supposed to lose 1 lb a week, but the doctor said I might lose a couple lbs a week at first. When I lost weight after Aislynn (42 lbs!!!), I did that by joining Weight Watchers. While it definitely worked, I do not really have the time to go online and enter in everything I eat, plus I don't want to spend the $$ on that right now. At my 6 week post-partum check up, the doctor told me that if I eat a 1800-2000 calorie per day diet, I will lose about a lb a week, which is what I should aim for so my milk supply doesn't get affected. I came up with a plan of what I could eat most days for breakfast, a snack, lunch, and another snack and that added up to about 1150 calories. So then I just eat something sensible at dinner and maybe a little snack later, depending on what I had for dinner. So this seems to be working...when I was planning out my food, I used the Food Pyramid for Pregnant/Nursing Moms on as a guideline. Here is what I eat:
Breakfast: 1 cup of Kashi Honey Toasted Oats, 1/2 cup 1% milk, coffee
Snack: 1/2 cup baby carrots, yogurt, 5 whole wheat crackers, 1 tbsp peanut butter
Lunch: 2 cups of mixed greens, 1 cup of veggies (tomatoes, carrots, cucumber, green pepper), 2 tbsp lite vinaigrette dressing, 1/2 oz (about 12) almonds, 1 cup of fresh fruit
Snack: 1 whole wheat English muffin, 1 cheese stick, 1 cup of fruit
So for dinner, I have a cup of milk and try to get some grains, protein, and 1/2 cup veggies at least in there. Although tonight I had a cheeseburger, fries, and then a cupcake for dessert, lol! I am allowed to do that once a week...just stinks that I did it on Monday, now I have to be good the whole week:)
Anyways, that was long! Here are some pictures-those are more fun:) Here is a picture of my sling...another thing I forgot to put on my fave baby product list!! Normally Kieran falls right to sleep in this. I can't wait until cooler weather so we can go to the park and I can just wear him in this and still have both my hands to play with Aislynn!We went to dinner with Phillip and Josh, and I took this while we were waiting for them.Then some nice lady took this one of all of us:) I like how Kieran has his hand under Aislynn's chin:)I did not get any pictures of Phillip and Josh!!! They were driving back to Tallahassee after we left, so I didn't want to harass them for pics!! Next time...
They opened this new little cupcake place in Seaside that we wanted to try. They looked cute and I really don't discriminate against sweets, so I can't say they were bad...but the cupcakes we made at Valentine's Day were WAAAAAAY better.I thought this yellow chair was a cute background for a cute girl:) I have a busy week with Kraft Girl Kits this week, but hopefully I can get some 2 month pictures of Kieran tomorrow in his white onesie!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

8 weeks old...

Last night, my wonderful sister, Brynne, watched the kiddos so that Shaun and I could go do something grown up:) I have been pumping and building up a little supply so that we could do this, and it was so much fun:) I was having one of those nights, where you can't find anything to wear and you just don't feel pretty:( Cannot wait until I lose a little weight!!! But we had lots of fun and after I had a few glasses of wine, I didn't care any more:)To the left is Megan, Lillian's Mommy and to the right is Ashley, Shaun's sister.Kieran is 8 weeks old today!!! He is such a happy baby, really!!! He has got the most laid back personality, we feel so lucky!!! He is also so dang cute (not like I am biased or anything, ha!).He just started doing this thing when he smiles so big that sounds like a little laugh/ is seriously the cutest noise ever!!!He is also getting better at holding his head up for longer periods of time. This mobile should be added to my list of favorite baby products:) He grins and grins at this while I am changing his diaper? The feet make noises when you shake them, and the belly of the lion is a big mirror, so Kieran can see himself. So cute:)
We LOVE this little guy so much!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

2 days in a row:)

This must be a new record:) We went swimming today at A's friend, Lillian's house today. The girls had fun, they are both little fish:) Megan held Kieran most of the time so I could go and swim with the girls:) They wouldn't really cooperate with the camera, but here are a few pics:
What's a summer day in the pool without a popsicle?
Kieran was awake for most of the time, he fell asleep for about 15 minutes:) His outfit got wet, so that is why he has no clothes on:) Sigh. I love this picture, hard to believe he is going to be 2 months old soon. Don't you love how he wiggled his arms out of his blanket:)

Monday, July 20, 2009


Wow, I really blew it last week. This is the only picture I took:Last week just seemed to slip right out from under me...busy...not sure doing what, but the days are going by really really fast. Aislynn was kinda a little terror last week and a non-sleeper:( Anyways, the pasy couple days Kieran has been a little fussier. Maybe he is going through a growth spurt? It seems like he wants to nurse more and he wants to be held a lot. So this is what I have on my hip most of the day (it turns out that I can do a lot of things with one hand):
Cute:) Kieran...not my frumpy self:) This week I am determined to start losing the rest of the baby weight. I have 9 lbs to go, but I think I will have to lose more than that to fit in my old clothes due to the nice pouch of loose skin I've got now:) I did manage to get this layout done during one of Aislynn's "naps" last week. Naps, meaning she pretends to sleep...she stays in her bed and is quiet, so that works for me:) I made this using the June Kit from KGK. I was thinking about making a mini album about our Chicago trip last summer using what I have left of the kit, and I came across these gems taken at the Brookfield Zoo.
I love them:) They make me want to go scrap immediately...just gotta find the time, ha ha. Can you believe how itty bitty Aislynn looks in these pictures? It is hard to believe she is going to be 4 in less than 2 months:(

Friday, July 10, 2009

Still here:)

I know it has been awhile...just been busy around here!!! We had family in town for the 4th, and getting the July Kits for KGK packed and shipped, plus the 2 kiddos...the days are flying by and I just haven't had time to post to my blog! Anyways, here are some pictures from the last week. My sister took this picture of the 4 of us:Here is Uncle Phillip with Kieran: Josh and Kieran:Just within the past week, Kieran has started smiling at us, it is seriously the cutest thing:) He was handing out smiles left and right until Shaun tried to catch it on camera, lol!
The hair on the top of his head is falling out, but not on the sides or little old man:) Kieran LOVES this play gym:) He loves looking at everything, and he bats around the elephant and the hippo (the purple thing at the top right). He does like th emat, I promise:) I just opened the curtains to use natural light, so he was checking out the window then:) Can you believe he is 6 weeks old? Time is going by so fast!!!
Some of his nicknames at 6 weeks: Mister Man, Little Mister, Baby Bobo, Baby Bongo, Handsome Man, Mister Wide Awake, and Baby Brother:) Aislynn has been saying he is "morning cute." Not sure why she says it, but it is funny!
Here's a little smile:)
This has got to be one of my favorite pictures the way he is looking at her: Here are a few scrappy pages I have managed to get done, this one is with the July kit from KGK: This one is Kieran's first scrapbook page:) The journaling is basically my blog post with his birth story, one reason I love this blog is that I can look back and see what I wrote about the pictures that day:) Took this picture tonight before we put Aislynn to bed. They were all sitting in the rocker so I had to snap a picture...this one was by far the best, so that should tell you what the other ones looked like, lol!
Well, I should go get some chores done so I can get some sleep! I can't promise to post more next week, but I will certainly try! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

July Kit...

I dug into the July Kit from Kraft Girl Kits and made these projects:
Here is just a detail shot. I used my fingernails to fold of the scallops on the strip of blue paper and I didn't press the letter stickers all the way down so that there would be some dimension on the layout. A little card:
Love this picture of Shaun:)
After taking pictures of those layouts, Aislynn and I took a few pics of ourselves. This one was with the remote... And this was the good old stick your arm in front of you method:) My friend Louisa is posting 10 things about herself on her blog everyday for 10 days, so I thought I would *try* to play along. I think I will do it in a list format, so for the first day I will do my top 10 baby-related products:)
1) Bravado Nursing Tanktop-I actually feel cute when I wear this:) And talk about support!! I love it!
2) Bravado Nursing Bra-I have never found a bra that I just love...until now. I read all kinds of reviews on nursing bras, and this was one of the top ones, and I am SO happy with it! All I have to sy is thank goodness for ebay...the Bravado products are $$$ from their web-site!
3) Tiny Love Gymini Musical Kick and Discover Play Mat-Kieran LOVES this! (Actually, Aislynn does too!) He is content to lay and look at himself in the mirror and he bats around the little animals hanging down. I think we will get so much use out of this as he grows.
4) Kiddopotamus SwaddleME wraps-Shaun calls these Kieran's straight jackets, but he sleeps SO good in them! So good that I only put him in them at night because he was sleeping too much in the day wearing them, lol!
5) Lanolin-Kieran's butt was turning red because he poops so much, so the lactation consultant at the hospital suggested I use that everytime I change him. I was using diaper rash cream, but this stuff works WAAAAAY better and no red booty anymore!
6) Gerber Cloth Diapers-These rock as burp cloths! Also to throw over Kieran during diaper changes, so if he doesn't go everywhere:)
7) Onesies-It is so hot outside and these are easy for diaper changes, so Kieran is wearing a lot of these right now!
8) Gerber Thermal Blankets-These are light and a little bigger then receiving blankets, so we have been using these during the day to swaddle.
9) Our rocker-I love rocking him in this, and Aislynn loves to climb in my lap while I am feeding him. It is such a sweet moment to have both kids in my lap:)
10) These stamps...I can't wait to use them on a layout:) Come on, you knew there had to be something scrappy on here, lol!
Wow, that was tough...I don't know how many days I will be able to do this Louisa!!!