Wednesday, April 28, 2010

11 Months...

It is so crazy to me that he is 11 months already. In a month he will be considered a toddler, WHAT???! So, be prepared for a sappy post in a month:) Here are the pics and then I will share what my big boy is up to nowadays... A skinny, long-legged boy. A little Conan hair going on here:)
This is a RARE sight...more commonly we see him chomping on the book spine! He likes to look at the babies in this book though. A would sit through a few board books at this age, but Kieran will get through about half of Goodnight Moon and that's it...he is such a busy, wriggly guy!
Love those beautiful eyelashes-both kiddos have them!
At this point, Aislynn came in the room and wanted her picture with him, but he was done!
At 11 months, Kieran:
  • has 8 teeth, 4 on the bottom and 4 on the top. A new one is coming in, hence the crankiness the past couple days. It is a back bottom tooth and there is a little swollen bump where it wants to pop through. Poor guy:(
  • Tries to blow kisses (only when he feels like it though!) by patting his mouth
  • Starting to point, sometimes he uses his finger and sometimes he just sticks his hand out towards what he wants
  • is still in size 3 diapers and 6-12 month clothes
  • says "ba" for ball, at least I think it means ball, although sometimes it refers to any toy:)
  • tries to mimic the sounds we make...yesterday Shaun said "All gone" and K said "ah gah" after him:) If you blow raspberries, he does that; if A makes a screechy sound, he follows, etc.
  • loves to play "tag" with Aislynn. She runs around the bottom floor, giggling all the way and he crawls as fast as he can after her, screeching/laughing all the way. It is so freakin' cute to watch:)
  • He is such a good eater...the only things he really wouldn't eat were beans. I've tried pinto and cannelloni but he is not a fan. Everything else is pretty much a go and he loves to drink through straws. If you have a drink with a straw and don't want to share, keep it out of this guy's line of sight.
  • He LOVES the water. The little inflatable pool, fountains, the bath...he loves it. He definitely lets me know he is not ready to get out yet;) Can't wait to get him in a pool!
  • Stands by himself for short (like 2-3 seconds) periods of time, cruises around on anything he can pull up on.

That's all I can think of right now!

A peek...

into my Week of the Life album. I decided to use Ali Edwards digital templates that she created for this project, and I will add a baseball card holder with more pictures, journaling, and odds and ends for each day. Each day will have an opening page, like below:And each day will have a photo spread. Here are 2 examples below: Where the yellow blocks are, I will add patterned paper from my scraps and then I will maybe choose one picture to highlight with a stitched border or embellies of some sort. It felt weird to not be taking pictures of everything on Monday, lol. I think I am going to pick a day each month, maybe the 15th and do this. That would also be a cool approach to this, I think. Anyone up for that?

Monday, April 26, 2010

A Week in the Life: Sunday

Had NO accidents in her pull up the night before, so she got a tootsie pop. Still struggling with staying dry the whole night...we've tried numerous incentives and tricks, but after a few days she goes back to wetting her pull up. We picked out some Fancy Nancy and Princess and the Frog underwear at Target yesterday that she can't wear until she stays dry more at night, so we'll see how that works. Any ideas? I know she can do it, so is it just laziness? I don't know... A typical outfit for me...shorts/capris+tanktop+flip flops
What's going on out there?
During K's nap, the tile floors got cleaned.
And books got read.
We then went outside to play, where we had Popsicles first.
Then she put on a circus show for she is walking the tight rope.
And being a lion trainer...the ferocious lion is jumping through the hoop:) I love how she has her hand on her hip;)
A salad for me for lunch: romaine+spinach+green pepper+shredded carrots+bacon+cranberries+hard boiled egg
Making Target and grocery store lists.
A entertaining K.
Laundry. We always get fresh sheets and clean towels on Sundays. Then we headed to eat dinner (Jersey Mike's Subs) and did a Target run.
Came home and he got A's bath done while I put K to sleep. Then she went to bed. I wanted to snap this picture because when they say good night, they do all kinds of different hugs (a bear hug, a princess hug, a barbie hug, a pony hug, and then A usually makes up some). Then Shaun leaves and I tell her a story, and I better not start before Shaun is out of the room-I guess he isn't allowed to hear them, ha ha!
Target goods. Me messing around on the computer and S talking to his Mom on the phone. Then we watched a a House Hunters episode we had dvr'd and chatted some and it was off to bed for me.
This is what I take every night before I go to bed: birth control pill+vitamin+4 Fenugreek capsules (these help with milk production).
I also pull out K's food from the freezer so it can thaw in the fridge overnight. Awhile ago, I started making his pureed food instead of buying the jars (which I still get a few for when we are out and about). We are almost through what I have made, and once we go through them, I won't make anymore because he is pretty good at eating finger foods now.
*A few notes about this project*
  • Taking the pictures was a lot of work and keeping up with taking them was, but I am so glad that I did. I think it will be fun to look back and see all of the little details at this point in time in our lives.
  • I like that the pictures aren't perfect. A lot of them are cropped weird, out of focus, bad lighting, etc. and would not have normally made it on to my blog, but I embraced this project and decided to just go with the flow in capturing.
  • I saved a lot of receipts, scanned the pictures A drew, and kept other little things I might have normally threw away to go in the album. I think this will be neat to go back and look at to see how much things cost.
  • Overall, I think that this was a lot of fun and I am glad I did it...Friday I was getting kinda over it, but I had made it that far, so I pushed through.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Week in the Life: Saturday

Reading some of her new books before breakfast. What to play with??
Off to get pictures at her dance studio.
When I sprayed her hair with hairspray, she said it smelled delicious:) She kept fidgeting the whole time I was doing her hair and make up (cringe:make up on a 4 year old? Needless to say, it was very very light!) and I asked her if she was glad she wasn't a princess because they have to do this everyday...she said yeah:)
After pictures (which were a REAL pain...the lobby is tiny and there were SO MANY students, plus they were running about an hour behind, plus I had to wake Kieran up from a nap to go there!), she took her bath early to wash the goop off.
K entertained himself by watching her and watching his refection in the mirror.
The boy would not take a nap in the afternoon-I was trying for over an hour to get him to go to sleep. He went to bed at around 6:30 and didn't wake up until 6:15 this morning. Here he is hanging out with Shaun while us girls made dinner.
Man, I look weird in this picture, ha ha!
Pancakes, scrambled eggs, and bacon for dinner:) I love that we are all (except Kieran) wearing our jammies too;)
Brushing her teeth.
After the kids went to bed, I made my salad for my lunches this week;) Then cleaned potties...
The only thing about breakfast for dinner, is that I get hungry late at night. Shaun was hungry too, so he picked us up some Whataburger. Then it was off to bed for horrible to 1) Eat Whataburger and 2) Go to sleep right after it! Oh well, sometimes you just gotta do those things;)
Today was a rough day, Kieran was cranky because he hardly napped, Aislynn was cranky and kinda naughty, and I was cranky due to lack of sleep. But today is a fresh day, thank goodness:)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Week in the Life: Friday

Coloring (this is def. what she loves to do!!!!) Sleepyhead...he ended up taking a really long morning nap since he did not sleep so good the night before. I think he is teething (might explain all the biting lately...).
The picture she was coloring earlier...
Coloring again!
Laundry and watching Curious George. And if you're wondering about the pj pants...I am usually wearing comfy pants until we go somewhere, and as soon as we get back home, I change into them:)
A morning snack.
Replaced the batteries in the bubble maker and she had fun chasing the bubbles.
After lunch, we went to pick up a check from a consignment shop, went to Good Will (got 8 books+a coloring book for less than $6!), and then to the library (if you look close, you can see that Stanley came with us).
He just likes to pull all the books off of the shelf.
After the library, we headed to our health foods store (I am really loving this store!) and got smoothies and picked up some bacon so we could have breakfast for dinner. Then K took a nap, A watched her new Pony movie from the library, and I was reading a new magazine that came in the mail.
Fresh clean sheets after an accident last night.
One of many diaper changes during the day, lol!
Spending some time together after dinner (we ended up having leftover enchiladas).
Starbucks run (coffee for S, chai for me, and shortbread cookies for all), then Publix for a few things. After the kids went to bed (no baths tonight!), I sewed Aislynn's straps because she has to get her ballet pictures taken today. Planned on cleaning bathrooms and going to bed early, but then Shaun and I ended up watching something about Timothy McVeigh on msnbc and then got into a long conversation about politics, religion, etc:) So going to bed early didn't quite pan out, but there's always tonight:)