Saturday, April 30, 2011

creative scrappers birthday blog hop

Good Morning Creative Scrappers!
Welcome to Birthday Blog Hop!
We are celebrating 3 years of creativity at Creative Scrappers this weekend and are glad you could join us. Our creative team members each have a unique sketch from our sketch designers to showcase on their blogs. Visit their blogs for inspiration and please visit our Creative Scrappers blog and add your name to our Mr. Linky list to be entered to win great prizes from our blog hop sponsors.

Here is the fabulous sketch I was given:
and my interpretation:
I totally ran with the birthday theme:)
and some detail shots:
Now on to more fun...
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Thank you for supporting Creative Scrappers
and we hope to inspire you for more years to come!

Friday, April 29, 2011

photo friday

I am getting this up much later than I wanted to, but I was having some major blogger issues. Remember how I was saying some of my images looked blurry? Well, when I uploaded this whole batch looked blurry and I had enough, lol! I googled the problem and it appears this affects certain bloggers, why? They don't know. But one of the solutions to try was to use a photo sharing site, such as photobucket. So I did that and while I am a little irritated that I will have to do this extra step, I am happy that my images are fairly sharp. Phew. Now if only I could figure out how to change the link and labels (in the post footer) color from that awful purple. Oh, and what do you think of the new bloggy look? I think it looks a bit cleaner?

Sooooo, moving on, it's Photo Friday!!!
K holding an egg...he proved pretty quickly to us that he couldn't be in charge of dropping the eggs gently into the cup of dye;) But he was content with holding an egg (until he squeezed it and yolk oozed out...then he lost those privileges too).
We *should* have done this on the table. But I wanted K to "help" and also, the light stinks in this new place so I wanted them in an optimal no flash necessary spot. That is one of the biggest things I miss about the old place...great natural light for pretty much the whole time the sun was out.
She's a pro by now. She opted for the pastel way this year. I kinda missed that vinegary smell...
Meeting the Easter Bunny...
His wife (?) two will run up to any person dressed in an animal suit:)
We went for a little ride on the carousel and Kieran was SOOOOO excited they had a car! This was the first time I had seen a car on a carousel, but man...he was so stoked!
She named her horse Sarah:)
There was music playing, so they danced it up...
and I unsuccessfully attempted to get a picture of the 2 of them both looking happily at the camera. Kieran could see the Easter Bunny from here and was trying to make a run for him;)
YEAH, Easter candy, score!!! Kieran had his first taste of jelly beans, and kept asking for "candy, candy?"
another unsuccessful attempt...
one happy boy on the way to the lake/beach...

looking for minnows...Shaun got some fishing gear together and they tried to catch some fish. They caught one pin fish, but that was it. We'll try again:)
Monday was picture day at school and A wanted to wear this dress. I snapped this of her after she got back from school. When I dropped her off, I had a glance at the order forms and saw a package for $99. Um...I just take my own, thanks:)
Tuesday "Aunt Bwin" and Sean came over for dinner and cake:) Yeah...that cake was good. I totally made them take what was left and yes, I did regret that decision;)
long, long eyelashes. and hair. I took him yesterday to get his haircut and he was very uncooperative until there was a sucker involved:)
He missed his nap that day and was falling asleep while eating dinner. Aislynn found this totally amusing:) I will have to dig up some of the pictures of her asleep at the table;)

I have 2 fun Creative Scrappers posts scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, so come check it out!! 
Then Monday will be my 400th I am doing a giveaway:)
Happy weekend!!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

scrappy thursday

I haven't shared any scrapbook creations in awhile, so here we go:
First I want to talk about My Scrapbook Nook's April kit. This kit is filled with Echo Park's For the Record collection and it is lovely...even lovelier when it is in your hands. I haven't gotten to play with it too much, but here is what I have made so far:
 This was a card made for a sketch challenge a few weekends ago on the Nook.

I have big plans for a mini album for the rest of the kit, but there is so much paper goodness that I can probably squeeze some more pages too.
 I used some of Amy Matte's Designs clip art on this page about Aislynn and her new build-a-bear friend, Daisy. The flowers from this collection just matched the bunny perfectly!
 These next 2 cards, along with one of the MSN April kit one's above, were for a challenge on the nook to use the same design to make different cards...oh, and you had to use doilies as well;)
 The next group of cards were for various challenges on the nook. I love love love these challenges because they get me making cards and I am slowly building a stash back up. To be honest, I am kinda in a more card making mood than layouts right now.

 This page was made for the April Crate Paper sketch challenge. I used the March My Scrapbook Nook kit for this:)
Some detailed shots:

This was for a sketch challenge on the Nook's site...see? They always have some kinda fun going on over there;)
Detailed shots:
I used some of Echo Park's Playground line here. I also used these circle photo clusters.
So latest projects. 
Happy Thursday, friends!