Thursday, May 31, 2012

may nook projects

Before May is over, I wanted to share my projects I created with the May kit and grab bag. The kit was filled with Echo Park This or That Graceful and the grab bag was filled with This or That Charming. Here is the page I created with the grab bag:
 Clean and simple to put the focus on my silly boy:)

The projects I created with the May kit:
 The chipboard and buttons were from my stash.

I really loved that paper with the flashcards on it. I had originally planned on chopping it up, but I loved all the words, so I used it as my background:)

thickers and fabric from my stash

I created one card with the kit:
twine from my stash

And with that, can we talk about June? The kit features Simple Stories Summer Fresh, which I loooooove:) The colors and patterns are awesome:
I am itching to get some time with this kit, but I will probably have to wait until after the Mom and Step-Dad, sister and her boyfriend are coming to visit, yay!!

Pam is running an amazing special for this month: 
We only have 5 grab bags left for May. So here it is-the next five people who join will receive the May kit and a free June kit! You will also receive a free grab bag for May and June!!!! After one year paid in the club you will receive another kit for free!!!! This deals gives you $110.00 plus dollars free. This is the first time we are running this special and only have 5 May grab bags left.

Pretty sweet deal!!! You can sign up HERE!

Thanks for stopping by:) I will be sharing my American Crafts projects tomorrow!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


He turned 3 on Monday. It is hard to believe he is three already, but at the same time, it feels like he has always been a part of our family. He is such a sweet and funny little boy and is at such an awesome stage:) 
opening his presents...notice they are all things that go;)

His favorite thing to do right now is play...mostly with Thomas the Tank Engine. He is a teeny bit obsessed with Thomas...and is happy to tell any stranger he encounters about Thomas and all of his friends:)

Other favorites are Lightning McQueen and Mater from Cars and Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story.

He loves to make us laugh. Anything that results in laughs gets done over and over again...he loves getting reactions from us:)

greek yogurt beard, that especially made big sister giggle

I love the way he says certain things. Especially his l's...silly=siwee, Aislynn=Aiswynn, please=pwease, etc. I love that he still calls Aislynn "Nani" for the most part:) He has also started asking us questions about how things work, or what things mean.
his shirt he says is so siwee:)

He has a lovey, which we have had since before he was even born. His "bankwee" (blanky). He sleeps with this, sometimes he requests it when he needs comforting or he is tired. When he is really tired or about to go to sleep, he cuddles it and sucks on one of the corners.
are you kidding me with those lashes??

He is quite the picky eater. He was never like that as a baby, but everyday is a struggle to feed him. His favorite things that we know for sure he will eat are: any kinda fruit, smoothies (I sneak spinach in them a lot of the time since he is not so big on veggies), almonds, olives, pepperoni, pistachios, crackers, and bread. See...not the widest variety of foods.

oh, and he is obsessed with juice boxes...

sprinkle pancakes on his birthday

He really enjoys art projects (painting, coloring, playing with play dough) and he looooooves cooking and baking in the kitchen. He likes to dump the ingredients in and stir:)
Kieran, you are such a happy, special little boy and we love you so much. Happy Birthday little dude!!!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

hello summer

We are so glad you are here:) We ended kindergarten on Thursday. The end of the year just flew by...I don't know if it's that we were busier or what, but spring break to the last day seemed to go in the blink of an eye. 
Here is Miss A on the first day of kindergarten:
and here is a shot I got on the last day:
She looks a million yeas older to me:( She acts so much more grown up too. She really developed her personality this year and learned a lot. We are so proud of her. She received all A's and E's on her report card and at the end of the year, she tested at a 3rd-4th grade reading level. 
She was feeling a bit sad about leaving kindergarten and has requested that she have the same class next year, ha! After a couple of pool days, she has now claimed she is glad it's summer;)

Last Tuesday we visited her class for a good bye to kindergarten party, where I snapped a picture of the whole class:
Here is one of her friend, Matthew (they were in the same pre-k class and he was the only kid we knew going to her elementary school-so glad they ended up in the same class!!):
One of her and her teacher:
Aislynn is going to miss Ms. Kenner so much, she simply adored her.

After school ended on Thursday, we met some kids at an ice cream shop:
We then headed to a grassy amphitheater so the kids could burn off the sugar and the sprinklers happened to come on...perfect:
The next day we had a little pool party to kick off summer:
After all of the kids left, a certain almost 3 year old (!) took a nap and Aislynn and I hit the pool again, after a snack:
After a certain someone got up, Shaun grilled burgers and we swam pretty much the rest of the night, ending with more popsicles;)
And with that, hello summer!!! We are ready to soak up as much sunshine as we possibly can:)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

new ormolu

New Ormolu products are in the shop, hooray!! There are 2 new lines, Bungalow and Tag Sale. I have played a bit with Bungalow and I had this card up on the blog the other day:

I made this card for my sister, who just bought her first perfect are the Bungalow Dots N Spots?!

Make sure you check out the blog today and tomorrow, Kaitlin has been giving away goodies all week on the blog;)

Something else fun...all orders this summer will include this custom flair button:

 I love it! Go HERE to check out all the new pretties in the shop;)

Products Used on Card: