Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A new toy...

A new lens!!! Woo hoo!!! We got a 55-200mm lens and I immediately wanted to play with it, so I took A to the beach. I can't wait to play with it more, but I am so happy thinking about the possibility of getting great shots of Aislynn b/c I won't be in her face with the camera:) Here are my favorites from the group I took tonight...
I like this one, even though you can't see her face, I just like that she is totally oblivious to me:) And that she is a get-your-hands-dirty kinda girl:) I really like the composition on this shot as well. This one might be my favorite.Oh wait...these might be my favorites-she was just dancing along:)

More getting her hands dirty...
I so wish I would've got her smiling here, but I still like the picture:) It was windy and I live the clarity and the blurred background. I was on A mode here.
More of the same, but a sweet face-no sass:)
Hmmm, this one could be a fave contender too...
Or this one:)

So tell me what you think? I was shooting on A mode with the ISO set at 400 b/c it was kinda overcast. Hopefully the weather will cooperate tomorrow (I was SOOO happy it stopped raining!) so we can go play some more:)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Some sneak peeks and cards...

Here are some more sneak peeks for the August Freckle Friends kit, enjoy!Here are some cards I made over the weekend...
This one I made using the Fiskars Stamp Press-LOVE that thing!!!I used the Doodlebug Flocking here and it worked great with the Doodlebug double-sided stickers.
This was a card sketch from Sketches by Tamara.

I used the Doodlebug double-sided stickers here with the Doodlebug glitter.

That's all for now!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Sorry for being neglectful...

The last time I posted was last Wednesday afternoon and that night we ended up taking Aislynn to urgent care. She had a fever of 102.4 degrees and was just being really clingy all day and wouldn't eat:( She had tonsillitis. Poor sugar. The fever was gone by Thursday morning and she was much better that day. We are almost done with the antibiotics but she has been well since Friday. Friday we took Aislynn to spend the weekend with Papa and Mimi (Shaun's Dad and Step-Mom) and we drove in to Tallahassee. We saw the Dark Knight-it was really good!!! I highly recommend it!! Saturday morning I helped my Mom with a garage sale (I made $61 of scrapbook $$!) and then went to Scrapbook Market and scrapped with Becky for about 5 hours-I think we shopped and talked more than we scrapped though, lol. I made some cards, I will try to post them tomorrow. Saturday night Shaun and I just ate dinner and went to the bookstore-it was nice to do that without Aislynn!! We came home Sunday and are getting back int he routine today.
Here is what I did Thursday night-went through all my scraps-yikes! I had a ton-I threw some away (gasp!) and organized them by color. I found this little toy in my Mom's garage-it it Jesse from Toy Story 2 and Aislynn LOVES it! If you ask her if she likes it she says...Yes, it's my favorite toy! There is a little wheel on the back that makes her twirl her rope, so Shaun was showing her how to use it here.
She carries her around everywhere and wants her to sleep in the bed with her:)
Tonight we played outside-I took these pictures on P mode with the ISO set at 800 b/c it was getting dark and it was cloudy outside. Aislynn put on her own shoes...
on the wrong feet:)We got this jump rope today from Target. I know it looks like she can jump rope, but she is really just jumping up and down while holding the jump rope:)
Blowing bubbles...this picture I took on A mode.

And my goodies for coming in third for the Making Memories contest came!!! I was so happy that I don't have any of this stuff, LOL. I love this embellishment storage box too-fun! I already started putting things in it!

This quiz I found from the Freckle Friends blog, it is to see what kind of scrapbook product you are. I was paper!! You can see what product you are here.

I will try to post some more sneak peeks for the August Freckle Friends kit tomorrow, plus all the cards I made over the weekend!!

It is a work week for the photography class I am in, so I am hoping to take LOTS of pictures this week! If you want to come pose for me...come on over!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sneak Peeks...

Well, this isn't a sneak peek, but an example of what Aislynn likes to do when playing in the sprinklers....drinking the water. Silly!Here are some sneak peek of the August Freckle Friends kit. Not quite done playing with it, but I thought I better post something for you to look at, lol!

Stay tuned for more...

Monday, July 21, 2008

WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wondering about all the exclamation points?? Well, after dinner and running errands, Shaun was giving Aislynn a bath and I hopped on the computer to check e-mails and see what was happening on my fave scrappy sites. I had an e-mail from, one of my pages made 3rd place in a contest-YAY!!!! I get $25 of Making Memories Noteworthy products, which is just one of my favorite lines ever!!!! You can see my page and the other winners here!
And I had an e-mail from Cards Magazine requesting one of my cards for their December issue!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!! It will be sooooooo cool to go into the bookstore and open up a magazine with something I have created in there-woo hoo!!!!!
Here are the 3 layouts I managed to get done this weekend:

That's all for to go work on my August Freckle Friends kit so I can get some sneak peeks posted for you all!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Weekend recap...

Becky and Riley came over this weekend...we took them to the beach, but the water was SO nasty-lots of algae and the girls were not cooperating with us taking pictures:( But they did like going out for pizza and ice cream!!! Last night Becky and I attempted to scrap but we didn't get much done!!! I have to add some finishing touches to 2 pages and will try to get them posted soon! I think we are grilling our yummy pork tenderloin with the mango salsa for dinner tonight-yum!!!
Here are the few good pictures I got:

Becky-Here's your crazy-curly-headed girl!!!

Here's the HUG picture:)Here some scrappy things...this was made based on a Pencil Lines sketch #91.

This was made based on a sketch by Lydia.

The sneak peek for the August Freckle Friends kit is up here, it is so fun!!! I am going to try to play with it tonight and get some in-action sneak peeks for you!!!

That's all that's going on here, hope everyone had a great weekend!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Off point-and-shoot mode...

Finally got the camera off point-and-shoot mode-woo hoo!!! And the weather forecast has been it didn't even rain-yay! We went to the beach today and the water was kinda yucky, and Aislynn threw a huge fit when we left...she was kinda high maintenance so no pictures from the beach.
Here are some pictures I took yesterday, this one was inside, next to a window. This one was taken on auto, without the flash. These pictures from outside I took on A mode (Aperture-priority auto) so I could increase the aperture(give the background that fuzzy look) and I increased the ISO to 400 b/c it was dusk and the light was bad in our backyard. Not sure if that all was "right," but I like how these pictures look:)Can you tell Aislynn is not cooperative with the camera, lol.But here is someone who is cooperative with the camera! Look-he's handsome too:)
I took these pictures tonight after dinner. I took them with the same settings as the previous set. This picture below I think is sweet because of Shaun's face, and I love that she has her hand on his knee and his arm around her back:)This one I like too, just b/c I love pictures from behind, especially of Shaun and Aislynn holding hands:)


I can't pick a favorite one!!! That's why I posted so many, lol!

Here are my latest layouts/cards...
These 2 are using the Luxe Flip Flop collection, which you can purchase here.

Here is just a fun little birthday card!
This was for a challenge on Freckle Friends, to scrap a page with a title "I remember..."-I journaled random memories from my childhood.
Hoping to scrap tomorrow. I've got an almost finished page sitting on my desk, and some of those pictures I took of Aislynn tonight are screaming "Please scrap me!!!"