Thursday, October 28, 2010

17 months

He is 17 months today, so may as well do a current K-list too:)
"Ho?" He says this even when he hears a phone ring...
Oh, it's for me:)
He loves playing with cars, trains, or anything with wheels and says "voo voo" as he pushes them. Sometimes he looks out the window on the door and says "voo voo" when a "ca" drives by.
He loves "bla" or blocks too. He leaves quite a trail from his room to the living room. Other things:
  • He's got 13 teeth and working on some others
  • When you stop him from doing something he wants to do...he goes boneless...and sometimes lays down and cries (yep, he's that kid).
  • He looooooooves to bring you shoes and says "sh" when he gives them to you.
  • If I say shhhh and put my finger to my mouth, he says "ssss" and puts his finger in his nose.
  • He knows just where the snack cabinet is in the kitchen and points to it and says "ch" for cheerios or "cra" for crackers.
  • Aislynn asks me to spell words a lot, so now, when I am spelling one, Kieran helps by saying "o" or "a."
  • Loves to play peek-a-boo...but more advanced. Now he hides behind something (blanket, door, etc.) or we do, and he yells "boo!"
  • calls Curious George "ooh ooh ah ah"
  • His favorite books right now include: Moo Ba La La La, Brown Bear Brown Bear ("Bow Bow Bow Bow"), Horns to Toes, I Kissed the Baby, The Boo Hoo Baby, and The Foot Book.
  • He really is good at entertaining himself, it is so fun to watch him and see what he will do next.
  • Him and Aislynn play pretty good together, they like to play tag, or sometimes she puts his sock on her hand and sings him silly songs.
  • He doesn't like socks on his feet at all...I always just wait until we get somewhere, then put them on, then his shoes. Sometimes they stay on then.
  • When we are eating out, every time a new person walks into the restaurant, he says Hi and waves.
  • Gives Mama kisses about 95% of the time I request them...sometimes he even comes up to me and says "Mmmmmwah" and gives me one:) I love that:)
That's all I can think of right now! A has got her Halloween party at school tomorrow, so that will be fun! Kieran and I are going to join the festivities!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A-right now

snapped this one before school today and thought I would post the current A-list:)
  • She eats salad now and claims it is her favorite veggie (ranch dressing is a must though!). She calls the cucumbers in the salad zucchini.
  • She has some pink tennis shoes that she calls her lucky shoes and she wants to wear them everyday. According to her, they are lucky because they help her run fast and jump high.
  • Whenever we tuck her in at night, and I am walking out the door, she says "Cozy tight!" instead of sleep tight.
  • Her and her friends at school like to draw each other pictures. Everyday one of them is bringing the other pictures. So cute!
  • She has decided she doesn't want to do ballet anymore. I am totally bummed. I think it's because she is tired of the long drive into Destin everyday for school and she wants the weekends free. I don't blame her and we aren't going to make her do it. She did say she wants to take piano instead.
  • She is quite the social butterfly. When I drop them off, she is greeted by her friends and gets hugs from them. She has made friends in the other preschool class too...when I picked her up from art class yesterday, she had to introduce me to some new pals:)
  • She is definitely more into specific gender traits. She gets mad if Kieran holds something pink because it is too girly. Working on this one...her friend Matthew said he would have pink frosting on his cake at his Batman birthday party for her (I think he has a crush on her, hee hee).
  • Yesterday she said she loves Kieran so so so so much and that she has him in her heart:)
  • When we carved pumpkins, she was waiting patiently for Shaun to get a candle and she patted one of them and said "Don't worry pumpkin, you'll be a jack-o-lantern soon."
  • On October 1st, I made a paper chain with Halloween scrapbook paper and everyday she cuts a link off. She is always very excited to tell Shaun and I how many days are left until Halloween:)
  • She would rather have a ham, cheese, and mustard sandwich now then pbj.Carved our pumpkins last night, this was the map of what she wanted Shaun to carve on the "fat" one. She decided the circle mouth wasn't necessary.I used a pattern for the one on the left. Aislynn picked that one because it looked "princess-y."After we carved them. Kieran was in bed waaaay early yesterday because I couldn't ever get him to take a nap, but it was fun hanging out just the 3 of us. I could tell it meant a lot to Aislynn too:)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

picking the perfect pumpkin

does not result in the perfect pictures. Especially when you have one kid who just wants to climb on the pallets the pumpkins are stacked on and one is who is search of the fattest pumpkin. I quickly gave up with the pictures, but here are some I got when we went to the local elementary school to snag a few pumpkins to carve.
This one cracks me up. Not only is A closing her eyes, but my scarecrow wouldn't look through the least you can see the back of his head;)I have a lot like this:)
This was a winner, plus one that she couldn't carry.
And the 2 pumpkins this morning before A went to school. Yes, they are in Curious George trance, but I like this picture all the same:) I think they are both getting sick:( They have both had runny noses for 2+ weeks. A's snot isn't clear anymore so I am guessing sinus infection. Kieran is cutting a tooth+is congested, so he is cranky and has decided that a new wake-up time falling between 5-5:30 is good. Hoping this blows over very quickly:)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

300th post

This is my 300th post, wow! I added a new widget (well, new to me~totally copying some friends here!)) that at the bottom of my post it says you might like...and then lists 3 other posts. I love this. I love going back and reading through old posts...this is basically my online journal/scrapbook combined. Thinking that at the end of 3 years, I will print this into a book. Anyways, our fall-ish weather is gone, and now it's hot again...although it looks like cooler temps (for FL!) are in the 10 day forecast. This weekend Aislynn and I made this little graham cracker spooky house. She had soooooo much fun making it...and lots of fun eating candy (that's what it's really all about, ha ha).
She wanted to make a scary face when I was taking her picture with the house:)
Aislynn was sitting on one of these pillows and Kieran plopped down next to her, and she read him a story. It was so cute and I can't wait until he gets a teeny tiny bit more patient and wants her to read to him all the time...right now he is mainly go-go-go.
She is reading him "Moo, Ba, La La La" by Sandra Boynton. We discovered her when A was a baby, and it is so much fun to read these books again with K. And now the books have the chewed spines from Aislynn AND Kieran, lol. This book ends like "What do you say?" and Kieran always says "la la la," so that is what he is saying in the above picture;) Today was lazy day, but Friday night Brynne and Sean came over for dinner and to hang out. It was fun! Aislynn went to the circus with her friend from school, so she was really surprised when she got home and Aunt Brynne was there!!! I have lots of projects I want to do this week+A's Halloween party at school and then Halloween! I can't wait to show the pics of the kids in their costumes, they are so cute!!!
Oh, I also wanted to share a cute story...when I went to pick up Aislynn on Friday, she pulled a button out of her pocket that she had found on the playground and she said "Mom, I found a button and I saved it for you to scrapbook with. You can put it in your button jar." Hee hee, that made me smile so big:)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

bath boy

This guy looooves his baths. Usually we are crunched for time to get the kids into bed before bedtime so he usually just gets a quick one. Aislynn and Shaun were running errands in the afternoon, so I decided to give him his bath early and let him play. He loved it:)
Man, that kid is cute and has an awesome personality:) P.S. In the kid's bathroom we have a big window, and I opened the blinds to let in the beautiful light (that room has the best natural light in the house!) to take these. Yay for no harsh bathroom lighting!

Monday, October 18, 2010

at the patch

We went to the same pumpkin patch as last year this past Sunday. Strange, thinking that last year I had to prop Kieran up against the pumpkins:) And this year he is drumming on them and yelling "BOO!" Man, she looks old. Aislynn, not me;) Kieran loooooooved the horses! He would giggle every time he touched it, it is the cutest thing. This kid has no fear of animals (well, no fear of anything really). There was a runaway goat and K so badly wanted to get down and chase it:) on the hayride: You might think from these pictures that it was great fun, and parts of it were. We weren't there for very long because there wasn't much to do and we weren't getting a pumpkin there because they were ridiculously overpriced. The hayride was the best part for all of us and Kieran loved running around and looking at the horses and pumpkins. We were about to paint a pumpkin, but then a little girl (about 2), got bit by a horse and her fingers were all mangled and broken:( I felt so bad for her and the reaction (or lack there of) of the people who own the stables kinda disgusted me, so we left with A throwing a fit:( But then we headed off to dinner and painted pumpkins at home, which worked out much better:)
I am sure you notice changes on the blog. More on that later...
Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

hee hee or ci ci

What he calls Aislynn for Sissy:) Makes me smile and warms my heart every time we pull into the parking lot of her school and he says this:)
Just because this blog is perfect for documenting things that may never make it into the scrapbook, I wanted to list all of the words Kieran says right now:
  • Mama
  • Dada
  • Na na (Aislynn)
  • mm mmm (what he says when he eats something tasty)
  • nigh nigh (night night)
  • da (dog)
  • wu wu (woof woof-says this when he sees a dog)
  • no (nose or to say no)
  • eye
  • boo
  • ta (Thomas the Train)
  • pee pee (peep peep-what Thomas says)
  • ho (hello)
  • ju (juice)
  • eee (eat)
  • ball
  • bla (block
  • toes
  • uh oh
  • voo voo (vroom vroom)
  • bye
  • hi
  • wa (water)
  • bee (beach)
  • ha (hat)
  • be (belly)
  • tee (teeth)
  • pee pa (pizza)
  • ha ha (says this when someone laughs)
I think that's all of them! I love his little pronunciations-they are soooo cute, but my favorite is hee hee/ci ci:)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Red is no longer the favorite color of this one. It is pink. This makes me a bit sad. One of the things I've noticed since Aislynn has been in school is that she is conforming a bit. She recognizes gender roles more so now and wants everything to do with girly. No boy toys, colors, etc. allowed. Other little things/changes too. I suppose this couldn't be related, and it probably is a phase and part of being around other kids. But I want her to be her own person. Not just like pink because all of the other girls do. Sometimes this parenting thing....sigh. Really wish they came with instructions, hee hee;)
She picked out this outfit herself, all pink! In other news, I have decided to set up another blog, Sew Craft Bake. It will be primarily a craft blog and this one will be mostly personal, but I will tell you when I update that one if you read my blog for craft purposes:) Go check it out and tell me what you think!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

well hello there

It's been awhile. I blame it on the monster that arrived at our house, but thankfully left as soon as Kieran recovered from the sickies. Seriously, that kid was sooooo irritable and cranky when he was sick, which left me irritable and cranky too. So what have we been up to? Last week my Mom came to spend the day with us and brought Aislynn her birthday present, which was a new bike! Here she is trying it out:
Aislynn and Grandma: Then last Saturday, my Dad brought his RV down and camped out. That night we went over for a fire and smores. Aunt Brynne also was there:)
The cracker in his hand makes me smile.
A was scared to get too close to the fire, which worked out for her because while Brynne roasted marshmallows, A snacked on chocolate and marshmallows.
The next day, we went over to the campsite to hang out. This guy couldn't resist the bowl of water to play in:)
She was all excited because I told her we could hike on a trail. She packed a backpack and put on her "explorer" hat.
Using a magnifying glass from her bag to examine a monarch butterfly.
About to hike. I loooooooooove this baby carrier, it is so comfy. I wish I had gotten it when K was a newborn!
Aislynn took this one, I didn't even crop it! She did good!
Now she has her binoculars. She told me that instead of being Dora the Explorer, she was Aislynn the Explorer. Oh, and nature called while we we hiking and when she was done going in the woods she said "I feel like an animal!" Ha ha!
This was the back of my Dad's campsite:
My brother Andrew and his girlfriend came, and then everyone came over to our house Monday night for dinner but I didn't take any pictures-shame on me! It was great seeing everyone, and I wish we could get together more often. And here are a couple of the man:
This one totally cracks me up...goofy boy:)
So glad to have my sweet boy back! I will *try* to be a better blogger. BUT, our laptop died (boo hoo) and that was the main computer I used. So I am getting used to Shaun's old desktop, which has a keyboard where the "m" "c" and "y" keys don't like to work...very annoying. I will say that it is sort of refreshing not going on the computer so much:) Hope everyone is doing well:)