Wednesday, April 8, 2009

31 weeks...

We had a doctor's appointment Monday and everything looked good:) The doctor was telling Aislynn about a class she can take to learn things she can do as a big sister, which she of course wants to do! I think we will do that in about a month. Here is my 31 week belly picture:Here is a little sneak into the nursery. My Mom came over and helped me paint this weekend, the wall is the top blue, and that is just a little peek of what the bedding looks like. Different then what I originally had in mind, but I got an AWESOME deal on this from eBay, so I am happy:) Here is my newly organized scrap space. We moved it out of the closet in the baby's room to the downstairs bedroom, which was Shaun's office, but now we are sharing:)
You can't tell in the above picture really, but there are 2 of those clear plastic containers with drawers under/by the desk. The one to the right of the chair (under the desk) holds chipboard, stamps, scraps, and the top drawer is my junk drawer:) The one to the left of the desk (under those brown albums) holds adhesive, tools, alterable things (mini-albums and such), and card making supplies.
In the above picture, I got the shelves from Home Depot. The top shelf has a jar with my ribbon in it. I have another way to organize my ribbon, but since I hardly use ribbon, I haven't done it yet. Then I have magazines, and in between the 2 mag. holders are chipboard embellies. The bottom shelf holds a basket I found in the dollar spot at Target with embellies and then I have one of the Making Memories Embellishment holder with brads and small embellishments. The little purple thing with drawers holds acrylic embellishments and bling. I used a lot of the Lisa and Becky Rail system here. The shelf under the white shelves holds flowers, which again, are things I hardly use on my layouts? Under that are 2 magnetic boards I got from Target that are made to hold spices, but I use them for my buttons and other small embellishments. To the right of those is the large sticker bin from the Cropper Hopper Shelve-it series which holds all of my stickers. The green binder next to that holds my rub-ons. To the right of that is another one of the $1 baskets from Target with journaling spots/tags, and to the right of that is a desktop stamp pad holder with my most used inks. Then to the right of that is that little bucket which holds, tools, pens, adhesive, etc. It spins, and it holds most of what I use a lot. Above that is another part of the rail system which holds more stamp pads and my paints. Above that (you can see in a couple pictures up) is another part of the rail system, and that holds glitter, mists, and other random embellishments. Next to the lamp is my sewing machine and my paper holder. Whew! I know that was boring to you non-scrappers...sorry!!! Hopefully you skipped all that:)
Yesterday was Shaun's 31st birthday, Aislynn and I made him red velvet cake from scratch and YUM! It was so good, I LOVE the frosting! I wish I would have made more of it just for me, lol! Anyways, just a little note...Shaun and I went on our first date 10 years ago...2 days before his 21st birthday. Crazy how time sure does fly!


Scrap Candy said...

WOW! girl!! You have really been making some progress - all around! :)

I love, love, love what you have accomplished in your scrap space - now get to using that April kit!

A very belated birthday to Shaun - time flies once you live in a two kid house!

Congrats on the date anniversary too! Isn't it crazy how those things sneak up on you - esp. when it feels like yesterday?

Douglas A. Perry, Sr. said...

Growing and Growing. You are a very good organizer, I need you to organize my office!

Congrats on 10-years. Happy B-Day Shaun.

Phillip Perry said...

Aww, I can't wait to see the nursery and my new nephew when I get back to FL.

I'm glad to hear that you're getting organized and the KGK is doing well. I'm not very organized with my office - I think I got that from Dad. :)

Happy belated Birthday to Shaun, and congrats on the 10 year mark. I can't believe it's been that long either.

Shelstan said...

I don't know how I missed this post, Pam! I love your new space. It's so much fun and way to organized!!! LOL