Wednesday, October 28, 2009

5 Months and Pumpkins

Today, the little guy is 5 months, I can't believe it!!! As you can see from these pics, he is a total joy and happy guy. So cannot picture life without him:)Some of the things at 5 months:
  • eating cereal...and loving it:)
  • rolling over...all over the place...really not ready for him to be moving around this much!
  • "talking" all the time:) He just started making this "aaaaaah" noise, but growling kinda when he says it? His face turns red, and he does it really really loud...he's a little monster:)
  • we call him "Grumplestiltskin" when he is fussy
  • loves his Dad. A lot. When he gets up in the morning he always starts jabbering and looking at Shaun sleeping, and he gives Shaun the biggest smiles.
  • loves his sissy:) Is finally able to kinda let her know when she is to in his personal bubble. loves when she plays peek-a-boo.
  • just started wearing size 2 diapers
  • favorite toy is his little giraffe teether. It squeaks and when he hears it, he immediately starts smiling
  • gets up twice a night *usually*
  • really really really likes to play/eat his feet:)
Tonight we carved pumpkins. One for each of us...not sure we are going to do that again:) Here is Kieran with his pumpkin, I carved this one and Shaun did all the other ones.
About as long as it took to snap this was about as long as Aislynn "helped." The guts were too slimy for her:) Know how annoying "are we there yet?" can be? Just replace that with "Can we put the candles in and turn off the lights now?" Yup, pretty annoying.
Our pumpkins:) From left to right: Aislynn, Kieran, me, and Shaun:)
Used the remote and the tripod for this:)
We are off to Tallahassee tomorrow to spend the weekend with my Mom and trick-or-treat with Riley-Aislynn is so excited about Halloween this year. I think for the past 2 weeks she has asked me everyday if it is Halloween, lol! Hope everyone has a safe and spooky Halloween! Can't wait to share pics of my little dinosaur and princess!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Fairy

This one is my favorite:)
Megan and I took the girls to a carnival tonight and they had a blast!! They had all kinds of games and a clown. The clown made them flower hats and heart wands from balloons. Their favorite thing was getting their faces painted:)
Tomorrow K is 5 months, eek! This just might be my lucky week if I get a chance to post pics of him's been awhile since I have updated the blog this frequently;)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Warning-Picture Heavy:)

Lots of things going on , so sorry for not posting for awhile:) The laptop is getting fixed right now and the desktop started acting up this week, so Shaun got a new one because we HAVE to have a computer! So let's see if I can fill you in... At Kieran's last doctor's appointment, the doctor asked if he was sleeping through the night, which he isn't, and she suggested starting him on cereal. These were taken this past Monday, the first day we gave it to him.
Smiling at Dad...he is to the easily distracted phase:)
Funny faces:)
The first 2 days he wasn't into it, I think because he was learning the ropes of eating:) but now he loves it. He leans forward after each bite looking for more. He isn't eating much, but it is helping him sleep. I was thinking of giving up after the first couple days, because it wasn't helping him sleep, but now that he isn't just spitting it out and is actually ingesting it, it seems to be helping. Plus, he is a small little guy, in the 10th percentile for weight, so I figured a little more food couldn't hurt him. He still gets up twice (once around 2-3 and then at 6) though, so I think it is mainly that he doesn't know how to put himself back to sleep.
Aislynn playing in the empty lots across the street. She picked a flower for each of us:) I tried to get some posed pictures of her, but this is the best I got.
Thursday, Aunt Brynne came over and helped Aislynn make a Haunted House.
Aislynn mostly wanted to eat the candy.
I think finally getting to eat a little piece was Aislynn's favorite part. It tasted gross to me, Brynne and I decided we are going to do something different for a gingerbread house at Christmas so we can have better tasting stuff, lol.
Not being satisfied with the shots I got the other day, I tried to get some more...
I love this:)
The color is kinda wacky on these because I had my white balance set for overcast for the pics above because it was shady/dark where I took those. But the sun was shining on the porch, and it was setting, so there is this golden look to them and I forgot to change the white balance! But it looks kinda cool with the pumpkin for some fall pics?
Her hair is getting long! Hope everyone is doing well. I have lots of layouts to share, just gotta get pics of them sometime! I did lots of scrapping since the computers were out of commission!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Pumpkin Patch

We made caramel apples yesterday. Shaun found a delicious caramel sauce recipe that he made a few months ago, so we used that. I bought some granny smith apples and took a melon baller to it...that really didn't work so well because the apples are much harder than melons, lol! Then the caramel just dripped into a big puddle. So it didn't quite work out like I had hoped, but they were still yummy:) Aislynn was SO serious about dipping the apples in caramel:) Today we went to the pumpkin patch. The past 2 years we have gone to a teeny farm, but some stables 3 miles down the road had one this year, so we went there. Here are the best pictures:
Aislynn was excited all day to go...she kept asking if we were going now, pretty much every 5 minutes, ha ha!
We ended up getting 4 pumpkins, per Aislynn's request:) One for each of us. We got 1 little orange one, 1 big orange one, and 2 little white ones.
A family pic:) You can barely see Kieran!!
While Aislynn jumped on some of the big bouncy things, I tortured Kieran a bit:)
Love this one below:) Even if it does look like he has a stem coming out of his head:)
Love this blue sky! We had the best weather today! In the mid-60's, sunny, and windy! It actually felt like fall! Aislynn thought it was winter when we walked outside, lol!
These pictures didn't really come out, but Aislynn rode one of the horses. I didn't think she would actually do it because she is wimpy (like me!). In fact, she almost fell off the hayride because she saw a dog. She is scared of frogs, bugs, etc. But she LOVED riding the horse. She had the biggest smile on her face the whole time!
Here are some of the pictures from the hayride:
Our friends, Chad, Megan, and Lillian ended up meeting us there. Here are the girls on the hayride:)
When we left, we got Aislynn some cotton candy. She has never had it before so when Shaun gave it to her, she told him it wasn't cotton candy, lol! When we put her to bed, I asked her if she had a good day and she said "it was quite fun, but I wish the cotton candy didn't make my hands so sticky!" She cracks me up:)
**I have some scrappy news. I got 2 layouts picked up by Scrapbook Trends. So in March 2010, I will have a layout of Kieran at 1 week and a layout of Aislynn dying eggs in that issue! I am excited because I have never had a layout published before, just cards. Yay!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Been awhile...

Okay, blogger is giving me problems, so the pictures will be a little out of order. We have had a crazy last week here! I took both kids to the doctor yesterday for well checks and they are doing great. Kieran weighed in at 12 lbs and 3 oz and was 24 inches long and Aislynn was 49.5 lbs and 43 1/4 inches tall. They both had to get vaccinations. Last night I was about to go to bed when I hear coughing from Aislynn's room and then she started crying. She had thrown up ALL over her bed:( She has never thrown up before, so she was a little freaked out. She was running a teeny fever, so we gave her some Tylenol and a bath. She did throw up again this morning, but her fever has stayed away. I am pretty sure this was a side effect of getting the vaccines, but I am keeping an eye on her. I didn't take her to ballet today just in case. She wanted to play doctor a lot today and she drew lots of pictures:) Here is one of them...I drew the dragonfly and the flower per her request:) I love her people:) Yep, she did wear her jammies all day!! This picture is one I took Friday morning of Kieran. He seemed fine in the morning, but he pretty much slept the whole afternoon. When he woke up, he seemed pale and very out of it. He wasn't really responding to anything and he felt really hot, so I took his temperature, which was 102 degrees. Since the doctor's office was already closed, I took him in to the emergency room. Soon after we got there, he started vomiting:( The doctor took a urine sample (through a catheter-terrible to watch this) and drew blood and that seemed to bother him WAAAY worse, I could barely keep myself composed:( but they came back with no infection. All the doctor could figure out was he must have some mild virus. By the time we left the ER, his fever was pretty much gone. The next day he still seemed sleepy and out of it, so Mimi and Papa came to pick up Aislynn and spend the day with her so that Kieran could rest. He is fine now and he did run a little fever today after his vaccines yesterday, which again, is a common side effect of vaccines. Aislynn and I have been doing lots of little craft projects, here is a pumpkin we made:) We even made our own homemade play dough!
Aside from taking Kieran to the emergency room, Friday was mine and Shaun's 5th wedding anniversary! He sent me flowers:) The note was sweet and I love that he picked these particular one's for me because I am not a fancy person, so these were just so me:) I was really touched that he sent me these:) I love you Browny:)
One day last week, Aislynn wanted to practice trick or treating, so she dressed up and gave me dominoes to put in her treat bag. I snuck a sucker in the bag, so she was happy about that:) Here she is eating it in the little tent Aunt Brynne got her for her birthday!
Here she is practicing trick or treating:)
I also have a bunch of scrapbook projects to share, but this week has been kinda hectic, so I am not sure when I can get them updated! We are going to try to go to the pumpkin patch this weekend because we are going to get some beautiful fall weather! Finally, it has been ridiculously hot the last week:( Hope everyone is doing great!!