Saturday, August 29, 2009

3 Months and scrappy projects...

Big Boy was 3 months old on Friday! I can't believe it already...So things about Kieran at 3 months:

  • He is definitely getting stronger...he loves to push his little feet against things or kick the mat on his play mat. When we stand him up, he gets the biggest grin and is so proud of himself:)
  • He is teething...lots of drool, I need to get some bibs because his chest is starting to get a little rash. He also wants to chomp on his hands or my knuckle a lot.
  • He is starting to get a teeny more fussy...he is not so patient now, lol. He also wants me to sit in the backseat next to him most of the time...which does not work out so well when Shaun isn't with me:)
  • He is ticklish...esp. he little feet. One day I was pretending to nibble his feet and he was smiling so much and now he holds his feet up in the air to me to do it, lol!
  • He is still in 0-3 month clothes, although can wear a few of his 3-6 month things.
  • Still a great little eater:)
  • He has started to sleep long stretches, like 6-8 hours before he wakes up to eat, but he usually goes right back to sleep after his snack:) He is a cat napper in the day...not really any long stretches of sleep. That is just how Aislynn was.

Here are the 3 month pictures:

I LOVE the above one, probably my new favorite picture;)

He is so long! And a skinny boy. But his cheeks are a little chubsy, just like Aislynn's were:)

Okay, he is not in focus in this picture, but it is still cute, love those blue eyes!

I have snuck in scrappy time here and there, and here are a few things I have gotten done the past couple weeks:

**Taking one of these off..check it out in the March 2010 issue of Scrapbook Trends***

I scraplifted this page from Cathy Blackstone's Be Yourself layout from the Feb/March SB Etc. issue.

I scraplifted this layout from Heather Bowser's e&e layout in the Feb/March SB Etc. issue.
I scraplifted this layout from Becky Novacek's So You layout from the Aug/Sept SB Etc. issue. Since I haven't really been in a groove for awhile, scraplifting helps jump start my creativity, and helped ease me back into being creative. I think being pregnant sucked all the creative juices out of me:)
This was that inspiration journal I was talking about a few posts back, finally snapped a picture.
Aislynn started ballet this past week, and she LOVES it! I am going to try to sneak in the room this week and get some pictures of her in her leotard. She is a cute little dancer. Other excitement for the week...Friday, a bank robber from Houston ended up in our area. Here is the original article about him: . He was got pulled over because the vehicle he was driving matched the description of the vehicle he used to get away from Houston. He shot at the cop and then there was a high speed chase which ended with him crashing his car into woods and escaping into the woods on foot. These woods border a neighborhood (we actually house hunted back there) and there are 2 schools, which were locked down. The woods also border a bay. They lost him and didn't find him until today, when residents of the neighborhood saw him and called the police. The story ended today with the police cornering him and he turned his gun on himself, here is a link to that story: It is so crazy because nothing like this ever happens here, and this all happened about 8 miles away from our neighborhood. It was kinda nerve racking. When we lived in Henderson, I wouldn't have been shocked if something like this happened, but here-definitely.
I am starting to feel like I am sick too...head hurts and I have a runny nose and sore throat, ugh. Hope it goes away soon. Getting ready for the September Kit Reveal for Kraft Girl Kits the next couple days, so we'll have a busy beginning of the week. Aislynn's birthday party is next weekend and my Dad will be coming in to town for that and to meet the little guy:) Looking forward to that. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fun in the Sun

One of Shaun's friends came down for a little getaway the past couple weekends and he rented a little cottage on one of the coastal lakes down here so they could fish. We went down there on Friday and Saturday to play. Friday was overcast and windy, so it actually didn't feel that hot. Yesterday we went over so late in the afternoon and with the breeze it was nice then too. The lakes are unique to this area. They are a mix of fresh water and salt water because they open up to the gulf sometimes. The boys caught bass, black drum, a red fish, and a mangrove snapper. I must have been bad luck because they didn't catch anything when I was there, lol. Here are some pictures of A playing in the lake:
I was surprised she was swimming around like this because she is pretty squeamish... I didn't bring her bathing suit-oops!!! I don't know why?
Love this one below... I wore Kieran in the sling the whole time and he slept... Hee hee, cute:) These pictures are from Saturday. Shaun took Aislynn in the ocean, but she was nervous. She didn't like the waves and she wanted to go back in the lake part because it was shallow and much calmer.I had my 50 mm lens on and I don't know why this picture looks so crazy, but I like how they are running, looking at each other. It's weird how the sky, water, and sand are all blended together.Back in the lake...I was wearing Bongo in the sling, but this time he woke up. He was happy though! Being outside calms him.We went back on the dock of the cottage so that Shaun could use up their bait.
The house had this pirate ship in the backyard. Weird, but fun for kids? Aislynn said she was a nice pirate.
Bongo propped up on my knees...
Good times:)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

12 weeks...and catching up:)

It's been a week since I last posted, so let me try to catch up on what we have been up to since then:) My Mom and James came this weekend, so Friday night Shaun and I met my sister and her boyfriend for a bottle of wine.Saturday was supposed to be rainy, so we went to see a movie, Ponyo. I saw it was rated G and got really good reviews, so we decided to go for it. It was a japanimation film, so it was a little strange (the animation was), but it was a sweet story! Afterwards, it was a little cloudy, but we let Aislynn play in the fountains. Here are Kieran and me:Aunt Brynne and Kieran:It started pouring down raining and while we were waiting for the car, it was really windy and it was making us cold. Then we all went and ate at Cracker Barrel, where it was cold (more on this later...).
Sunday was Tropical Storm Claudette, which appeared out of nowhere, but it was pretty lame. It rained while we were sleeping, so no big deal. The bottom picture is from Monday...I was feeding Kieran and Aislynn was coloring and I heard her spelling her name. Then she brought me this...she can write her name! I am so proud of her!!!! So on Sunday and Monday, Aislynn had a drippy nose and was congested. Tuesday, she was acting off and she was crying and telling me something was wrong. When I asked her what, she just kept rubbing her throat. I felt her and she felt warm, so we took her temperature and she had a fever. We took her in to a clinic b/c her pediatrician's office was busy and she had tonsillitis and one of her ears was inflamed. Motrin and amoxicillan had her feeling better pretty quick, but she is doing much much better now.
I took these pictures below on Monday, I think. Sweet sleepy boy! For you girls with the 50mm lens, I took these with that. I had my camera in A mode, ISO at 400 and the White Balance set to the lamp-not fluorescent lighting, but the other one. I am pretty happy with flash-woo hoo! I love this bottom one. It reminds me of Shaun...those long legs and big feet and long fingers...his face...he just looks like Shaun so much here to me:) My old step-sister, Jessica, who I haven't seen in 6 years found me on Facebook. She lives in the next town over from me, so Brynne and I met up with her yesterday for dinner. I cannot believe how grown up she is, she is 19 now. She is gorgeous and such a sweetheart!! It is so strange that my step-dad, step-brother, and step-sister were in our lives for 10 years and then gone. I am so glad to have reconnected with her:) I am looking for the last picture of us, but I think it's in my boxes of pictures which are in the "black hole" closet... Another sleeping picture:) I love how he has his arms... So this brings me to today. Kieran is 12 weeks now and the new things he has started doing this week are kicking and standing:) He kicks like crazy!!! He always kicks his feet when he is laying flat on his back, it is so funny because he is usually grinning like crazy when he does it!!
He also loves to stand...of course we are supporting him, but he loves to use his little legs to push and stand in our laps, or even if I put my palms to his feet, he loves to push back with his feet. He thinks this is hilarious:)
I love how he is holding his hands here:)
And I had to share this one:) I feel like it is too early, but I think he is teething. He has been drooling a lot the past couple weeks and he always wants his fist in his mouth to gnaw on. I put my knuckle in his mouth when he was fussing and he gummed that for awhile, and today when I was nursing him, he tried to gum my nipple (Ouch!). Do you think it's too early? I know kids are different, but Aislynn didn't get her first tooth until she was 7 months.
Well, that is the update around here! Hope everyone is doing well:)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

11 weeks...

today. Amazing to see how he has grown so much and developed already. This week he has starting rolling from his stomach to his back and he has also started to do this really adorable thing when he nurses. He will just look at me and start smiling and cooing, then eat some more, stop and smile and coo, repeat a few more times. It is so cute and funny! Here are a few pictures I got today...This was after he rolled over and he was just posing like this for me...I think he was holding his arm up in victory of rolling over, lol!! Theses 2 were goofing around in the room when I was taking pictures, but then Shaun got mad when I started bossing him around to take a picture:) Kieran just loves Aislynn. She dances around and laughs and acts like a lunatic and he just smiles at her and thinks she is the funniest thing ever:)
Here he was giving me some smiles. He's so cute:)
He and Aislynn had both woken up from a nap, so both kiddos were in great moods...but like usual when Aislynn takes a nap, she doesn't fall asleep until late...I actually just heard footsteps to investigate.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Bath Boy!!

Kieran is SOOOOO laid back, and I think you can totally tell from the pictures I post. He has such a sweet demeanor and hardly gets fussy (although, he doesn't like riding in the car lately). When he does get fussy, he is pretty easy to calm down. There was one incident when he had an explosive diaper in the car on our way to dinner and he fell asleep. I woke him up when we got to the restaurant so I could clean him and his car seat up, and boy...he was mad then. That was the worst time though. Here he is getting his bath tonight...content as can be:)Okay, here he looks like he is thinking, "Is this lady ever going to stop taking my picture?" This weekend I cleaned like a mad woman. I did lots of little projects that I had wanted to get done before Kieran was born. Things like thoroughly cleaning the refrigerator, cleaning under the couch cushions (which I wish I would have done before I bought A 2 new packs of barrettes...seems like I discovered her hiding place), that kinda stuff. I also made a bunch of birthday cards...lots of birthdays in August;) I made a little inspiration journal too. Before K was born, I went through all of my scrappy magazines and cut out the layouts that inspired me. They have been sitting in a big pile on my desk. I made a little journal that is divided into sections by how many pictures are on the page. Getting it done and looking at the pages really makes me want to scrap!!! Hopefully one night this week I can whip up a few pages...longing to use some of these teeny baby pictures:) I will try to remember to take a picture of the journal sometime this week, I think it came out pretty cute:) Other news...I forgot to say how Kieran's 2 month appointment went last week! He was a 10 lbs, 11 oz and was 23 inches long. He is a skinny guy and tall, just like his sister was! He screamed so much during his shots (okay another fussy time, but can you blame him-he had 3!!), poor honey. His next appointment will be the same day as Aislynn's 4 year well check. Can you believe she is going to be 4 in a month from tomorrow? Yikes!!! Having Kieran makes me wish sometimes I would have soaked up the early parts more with her. I was always saying how I couldn't wait for her to *enter the next milestone.* Maybe b/c she was my first, what do you think? I am just going to try to enjoy every little bit because I know it is going to be over so quickly! Days that I am soooo ready for bedtime and for a fresh day I just have to remind myself that I will be longing for these days when the kids are all grown up:) Today we went and looked at a preschool for Aislynn, but it was pretty sad:( We just didn't get a good vibe and knew immediately we wouldn't send her there. There is an awesome Montessori school here, but it is just so darn expensive, there is no way we could justify spending so much money to send her there. So she will just be home with us still:) We did sign her up for ballet/tap today, which starts in a couple weeks. I am really looking forward to that! I think we are going to maybe do soccer too. Which will be fun too, I think kids this age are adorable...all running all over the place, not playing by the rules, not will be good for her:) Okay, this was a totally random post, so if you made it this far, thanks to listening to me ramble! Oh, and I did use spell check this time-I noticed in one of my recent posts I had a ton of spelling errors, lol:)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Little Photographer

The other day, I was going to snap a few pictures and the battery in the slr was dead, so I grabbed the p&s and gave it to Aislynn. She got a lot of pictures with my head cut off, but she also got this, which I love:)Then I attempted to take some self-portrait type shots, which did not work out so well either...someone's head kept getting cut off and this was the best one...I like that I can tell Aislynn is smiling even though you can't see her mouth:)A smiley man...And, I know I am biased, but I think Shaun and I make pretty cute kids:)
Don't you?