Monday, September 28, 2009

4 Months

**Before I talk about baby boy being 4 months today (sniff!), I have to brag on Aislynn:) She has been asking every couple days if she can just wear panties at night, but we tried this back in July and it didn't quite work out (I didn't have the patience for all the laundry-bad Mommy I know!). I was at Target yesterday and I decided to not buy anymore pull-ups. Aislynn was super excited about this and she didn't have any accidents last night! This was a shock to me because her pull-up was always soaked in the morning. Shaun woke her up around 1 to go potty and she did then. We are so proud of her! Hopefully it wasn't a fluke and this is a continuing thing:0) We also started a phonics program, and she is doing great with that too! We started it yesterday and she is loving that, little smarty:)
So Kieran turned 4 months today:( I was doing something today and I was walking around nursing him, holding him with 1 arm and his poor little legs were just hanging down. JUST as I was thinking this, Shaun said how big he was getting and how we used to easily be able to hold him in one arm and now he is too long! He is really getting to the fun stage (Jakki-the non-blog stage, ha ha!). He LOVES watching Aislynn doing silly antics, esp. peek-a-boo or she just laughs really loud an obnoxiously and he finds this hilarious. Here she is with him:
Other things about him right now:
  • He loves looking in the mirror, wondering just who that baby is:)
  • He puts EVERYTHING he can get his hands on straight into his mouth...he has just started trying to get his piggies in his mouth, but doesn't quite have the coordination to keep them there
  • He "talks" a lot (especially to that baby in the mirror!), lots of gurgles and coos-LOVE those sounds so much:)
  • He has rolled over a few times from his tummy to back, and he scoots himself around when he is on his back, and wants to try to roll over soooo bad from back to tummy, but he just can't get there yet!
  • He is ticklish...under his chin and on his sides...this gets him to laugh...real laughs:) He has the cutest giggle ever!
  • He WAS a good sleeper, but the past week he has been waking up 2-3 times a night? What's up with that? He's a little cat napper during the long naps, usually an hour max.

I know I am probably forgetting something right now!!! We go to the doctor on Oct. 13th for his next check up:)See, hands in the mouth:) Shaun serenading Kieran while I cleaned up after dinner and Aislynn was still eating her dinner (it takes her like an hour to eat if we are at home!). One funny thing...Kieran is pretty much in onesies all the time because they are easy and it's hot. Aislynn calls them shirts. The other day I had pants on him and she told me he doesn't wear pants. just shirts, lol. Then I had him in overalls a different day and she told me to take his dress off, ha!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Last Week Recap

  • Beginning of the week spent getting Aislynn back into our routine after being out of town-not easy
  • Kieran going through a growth spurt or something-waking up a lot for like 3 nights in a row to eat
  • Story time at the library-each week a parent sponsors a craft-ours is this coming Thursday...any ideas?
  • Aislynn and I made a wreath on the first day of Fall...she said it was the best fall day ever:) I was trying to teach her about seasons. She did not want to color any of the fall activity sheets I printed out for her though
  • Wanted to make this pumpkin bread on the first day of fall, but apparently the pumpkin patches didn't produce many pumpkins last year and no grocery stores around here have canned pumpkin:( They don't even know if they will have it before Thanksgiving:(
  • Playing in the fountains...I guess that is one good thing about it still being super hot around here?
  • A delicious dinner with Brynne and Sean:)
  • After days of Aislynn waking up before 7 a.m., putting an alarm clock in her room and telling her she has to play in her room or stay in bed until 8:30 a.m.-Big thumbs up to this-it is working beautifully:D
  • And that's about it...I was pretty much sleep deprived this whole week, so I was pretty zombie-ish most of the week:(

Here are some pictures from the week:

The photo taking attempt was pretty lame this week, so I hope to do better this week:)

I hope everyone has a great week!!

Monday, September 21, 2009


Aislynn watching her new movie, Pooh's Heffalump Halloween and K zonked out for pretty much the only time today. He did fall asleep for a little bit in the car, but he has been Mr. Wide Awake for the most part...still awake now...
If you'll notice Aislynn's get up (as if you wouldn't, ha ha), she came back from this weekend to little uncompleted projects I had started but never got around to finishing. One of them was cleaning out her closet and she found this box of dress up clothes. Gotta love when old stuff gets rediscovered:)
Most of my family and friends that read this blog know by now that Kraft Girl Kits is closing. Between the economy taking its toll in kgk and the addition of K (who wasn't even in the picture during the planning last summer), I think that is the best thing right now. So I am busy having a HUGE kit sale and wrapping things up with that. Really kinda looking forward to having more time:) Maybe I will even start blogging more;) Or I could start exercising...I really want to be able to wear my old jeans when cooler weather comes around (which does not feel like it's going to happen any time soon)!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

One sweet pea and lots of craftiness...

Aislynn is going to get home any minute...yay! It has been eerily quiet around the house without her and grocery shopping today without her was quiet boring:( She had a blast...swimming, beach, a children's museum, the zoo, visiting with Jessica (Andrew's girlfriend) and she got to see Uncle Phillip and Josh today. She was so cute on the phone whenever we talked to her...she would always ask me, "Can I call my Daddy now?" I guess he was more fun to talk to, ha! I didn't really accomplish much while she was gone, but I relaxed and I feel totally recharged, which was what I needed. We saw District 9 last night (K slept the whole time!), and that was really good...great social commentary. I listed some things on ebay, which I have been wanting to do, scrapped a little, and cleaned the floors. That was about it:) Here are a few pictures of little sweet pea from the past couple days:Now here is where the craftiness comes in: This was based on a sketch from Emilie Ahern's blog. This was based on a sketch from 52 Weeks...52 Sketches.And this was my own creation:) Here is a close up of the journaling:
I finished up this mini album from our Chicago trip from last year...sorry some of the pictures are blurry:(I punched holes in tickets/journaling spots so I could include them in the album...
That's all for now! I am going to *try* to take A on a "date" this week, just us girls, and then I will see if I can sneak in some 4 year pictures of her! I will be glad to have her back...I have all kinds of fun things planned for next week:)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cool Site

Just wanted to share this cool site where you can turn your pictures into polaroids: It's free:)
P.S. That picture was when K was about 2 weeks old, seems like forever ago!
Aislynn is with my Mom in Jacksonville and is coming back Saturday. Things are so quiet around here! So far, I have done a little scrapping and went through Aislynn's closet to pull out all the things that are too small. Hope to accomplish some more things while she is gone. It's rainy and dark outside right now though...kinda thinking about a nap?

Friday, September 11, 2009


My Dad was still in town after Aislynn's birthday party, so here are a few pictures from that...
Grandpa and his grandkids:) Aunt Brynne and her niece and nephew...Wednesday we went over to Brynne's house to go swimming, here is the man posing for us on her couch:)The pool at their condo is AWESOME! There are waterfalls and a graduated entry... Aislynn loves it! She has been there a few times before, but this was the first time I had seen it. I am not sure what Aislynn is doing in this picture, but my Dad kept calling her Shorty and she thought he was saying when he got close, she would flee out of the water:) My Dad, Brynne, and Aislynn
Aunt Brynne and Aislynn...this is a cute, funny story. After ballet on Tuesday, A really had to pee, so we stopped at Cracker Barrel just to use the bathroom. She wanted to eat there and she wanted Aunt Brynne to come. I told her that Aunt Brynne couldn't and she said "But I haven't seen her today," and I told her that we didn't see Aunt Brynne everyday. To this she replied, "But I want to see her everyday because I love her so much." So thanks Aunt are an awesome Aunt (and sister!) and we love you very very much!!!
Kieran slept the whole time we were at the pool:)
So today is the big day when Aislynn turns 4:( She has really been driving me crazy lately, just being jealous of Kieran and all, but we had a GREAT day today:) I took her to the fountains to play, and came home and had lunch, and then she took a nap (I truly think this was the key to such a good day, lol!).
Her hair is getting long. We are *trying* to grow her bangs out for real this time...
We let her pick out the restaurant and she picked Great Southern Cafe in Seaside. She wanted to go there to get a cheeseburger:) Also, she likes the ice cream place in Seaside. She didn't want cake, but I really wanted to have cake and candles so we just walked to the market in Seaside and when she saw the rainbow cake and I told her she could have ice cream still, but at home, she was totally cool with that:) The rainbow cake had 5 layers and the layers were flavored like the color (strawberry, orange, lemon, lime, and grape). She was happy with her choice:)
Then we watched old videos of her and taped a new one. It is amazing how much older she seems than one from last October. Hard to imagine just how grown up she will be at 5:) Hope everyone has a great weekend...we plan to go see a Thomas the Train movie and just hang out:)

Monday, September 7, 2009

A Ballerina, Birthday, and a Baby

We've had a busy last week! I had the beginning of the month KGK stuff to do and we were getting ready for Miss A's birthday party:) Time has really been flying this year...can't believe it's September already. This is my favorite part of the year. After Labor Day, we get our beaches back and the weather gets nicer, then comes fall and Halloween, then Thanksgiving and Christmas! I love Sept-Dec!!! Anyways, here is the ONE picture that came out from A's ballet class last week. I had a very short time to get pics, and just had my prime lens, with the manual focus. So combine that with a little dancer who won't be still, and you get lots of blurry pictures:)I took these pictures Friday:
This one below is so him with that drool!! Aislynn hardly ever drooled...I guess it's true what they say...Girls rule, boys drool, ha ha!
He's so sweet:)
I've never thought to open the big window by the stairs to see how the light is until's what I got: I think it's safe to say that I will be doing that again:) Gotta love natural light...and a natural beauty:)
I haven't got all the pictures from A's birthday party, but here is a little collage of some of them: She had a princess themed party, so they decorated crowns (that was a hit!) and played put Cinderella in her castle window (like pin the tail on the donkey). Aislynn had so much fun at her party:) I wanted to make the cake myself and I had major frosting issues. The frosting kept dripping down the sides and there was a pool around the base of the cake, but it was still yummy:) And Aislynn was impressed with it:) I think my favorite thing from her party was when she opened up a present from Shaun and I. We always check out the book, Fancy Nancy: Bonjour Butterfly from the library, so finally we got it for her. When she opened it, she said "Dad, you clean up and Mom will read this to me." She even had a ton of presents left to open, but she wanted to read it right then. She did open the rest, and then she wanted me to read it to her right after. Her friends were playing with some of her toys, but she wanted to read that book:) We have read it quite often since then:)
After 3 granddaughters, my Dad finally got his grandson:) After the party, Kieran passed out with his new cuddly friend from Mimi and Papa:)
After A's party, Aunt Brynne headed up to A's room to help her play with her new loot.
Those are all the pictures for now. I hope everyone had/is having a great holiday weekend!!