Sunday, June 28, 2009

One Month...

Here is my big boy, a month old already!!! I can't believe it!!!Some things about Kieran at one month old:

  • he has such a laid back, sweet demeanor...he hardly ever cries, and when he does-he is so easy to calm down:)
  • he is starting to be awake and alert a lot more, and he likes to be talked to and he is content to lay on his little play may and look at himself in the mirror:)
  • wakes up twice a night to eat and goes right back to sleep
  • he has really good neck strength for his age, I think, especially when he is chest to chest with Shaun or I
  • starting to follow things with his eyes, and he turns his head when he hears familiar voices
  • has the SWEETEST smile ever...can't wait until we can make him smile all the time:)
  • has us all totally smitten with him...even though the month has gone by fast, it seems like he has always been a part of our family!!!What a happy boy!!!Kieran looked like a little peanut, taking a nap next to Shaun and when I went to take a picture, Aislynn had to be in it:) Aislynn and I made these puppets today out of brown bags. The one of the left was supposed to be a cow, but I had no idea how to make a cow face, so he ended up looking like a dog, lol! Aislynn insisted that it was still a cow though:)

Hope everyone had a great weekend:)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Look alikes...and some sneak peeks!

Last night, after we got home from dinner (pizza-yum!), Kieran was sitting in his seat on the floor, and we were looking at him and I thought, man, that looks familiar!!!Then I searched for this picture of Aislynn at almost the same age!!! She had more hair, and her eyebrows and eyelashes were darker, but the resemblance is there!!! Hard to believe she is so grown up now!!!Being pregnant must have sucked the creative juices right out of me, because I hardly ever felt like scrapping. Now I am feeling the urge again, but having trouble finding the time:) I did scrap the other night using the July kit from Kraft Girl Kits. Here are some sneak peeks of the kit:) Candi-When are you going to pull out your sewing machine:D I feel awesome today!!! I went to bed right after the kiddos and actually got some sleep-yay! It is hard for me to go to bed early, b/c before Kieran was born, I would go to sleep around 1 or 2 a.m. I also feel like I should use the time they are asleep to get things done, but feeling well rested is worth the floor being messy and the bathrooms not being up to my standards:) Anyways, I cannot believe Kieran will be a month old tomorrow!!! More on that tomorrow...hopefully, hard to get much computer time these days;)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Hello there!

It has been awhile!! We have been hanging in there, just busy:) Aislynn was up and down last week...some days she was really really good and others...not so much. Hoping for more good days this week:) She LOVES Mister Baby (his newest name to add to the list!) though. So much that she ALWAYS wants him to be awake so she can see his eyes and kiss on him! He really doesn't seem to mind how in his face she gets too, so that's good!
Here is a picture I took of him some day last week...what a sweet guy:)Here is a layout that I had started before Kieran arrived and I finished it up last week:Just some detail shots...
I used the June Kit from Kraft Girl Kits!
Yesterday we were playing a game on and after Aislynn finished, we printed out the crown and she after she put it on she went to get some accessories, lol. I was feeding Kieran while I took this...whenever I feed him in the rocker in his room, she like to sit on the ottoman part and hang out. Sometimes we have "tea" or read, but yesterday I was a horse and she was sitting on my legs riding the horse. Then she called me "horsie" for the rest of the night. Yesterday for Father's Day, Aislynn made Shaun the CUTEST card ever:) I should take a picture of it. She actually made it Saturday and gave it to him then because she was so excited. I asked her what she wanted it to say, and this is what she said:
Dear Dad, I love you.
Playing is fun.
You're so funny Dad.
I love to be happy.
I like nice things Dad.
Dad, when you tickle me, I like it.
The end.
Love, Aislynn
She cracks me up! We also made him a little canvas with both of the kids footprints made into hearts and their pictures. I will try and get a picture of that too. Anyways, Aislynn did start gymnastics last week and she LOVES it! She won't stop doing somersaults at home now, lol! She loves that Lillian is taking it with her too! Sometime I will bring my camera to get some pictures. It has been miserably hot here, so we have pulled out Aislynn's little inflatable pool wCheck Spellinge got last year. She spent the night with Mimi and Aunt Ashley one night last week and had a blast, and Aunt Brynne came over and snuggled Kieran so I could clean up a little! If the house is somewhat clean and my legs are shaved, I am feeling pretty caught up, lol! Okay...enough babbling!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

While Kieran did this...

Aislynn was making a big mud mess...
At first, I was irritated that I would have to clean her up, but then I thought, are supposed to play in the mud, and she was entertaining herself for about 45 minutes, so I decided not to care. She did have fun after all:)
I took these pictures below today...this one will be the perfect picture to scrap about his nicknames...I call him Mister Man, and Aislynn calls him Little Mister:) This girl gets in his face SO much, but he doesn't care at all:) Just wait until he can pull hair though;) I had her little dinosaur sitting on top of my lens, and I was making her tell Aislynn jokes for this picture:)

Hope everyone had a good weekend! Aislynn is starting gymnastics class with her friend, Lillian this Wednesday, so that should be fun!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

2 weeks...

have gone by soooo fast! It seems like this little guy has just seamlessly entered our lives. He fits so well, like he has always been here:) At his doctor's appt. yesterday, he weighed 8 lbs 3 oz and was 20.75 inches long, so he is growing good:) I can tell his little cheekies are getting fuller!I got some pictures of Miss A today, there are a lot, but I couldn't leave any of these out:) This first one is a teeny bit out of focus, but I love it:) This one below is my fave I think...I LOVE her new haircut:)
And the obligatory cheese ball smile:
And some pictures of the little man...
I kinda got a smile here:)
And here:
Sweeter... She is lovin' being a big sister. She hears what I say to him, and I have been calling him Mister Man, and she has started calling him Little Mister:) She also says "Hi Handsome" to him, after hearing me say it to him. She always wants to kiss his head and see his eyes open, and when he is awake she wants to "tell him stuff." Whether it's about her friend, Lillian, or movies she likes, she likes talking to him and that makes me happy:)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Really tired, but here are some pictures!

This past weekend flew by! Friday, Shaun's family came over and met the new little addition, and then my Mom and James came over Saturday and Sunday. They took Aislynn to Brynne's house to swim yesterday, and my Mom cooked a bunch of meals for us...which we appreciate SOOOO much:) All we had to do tonight was warm things up...that's the kind of cooking I am liking right now:) While Aislynn was away yesterday, I tried to get some pictures of Kieran, but didn't really like how they turned out...except for this one:) Love little wrinkly baby feet!!

Today, Aislynn really wanted to play hopscotch outside, so I drew her a little...hopscotch thing (what is that called?) and she jumped all around it for the longest time!You can see here, she was even putting a rock on each square and then she would jump on it:)Not the best picture technically, but you can see Aislynn's cute little smile, and her new haircut, which is also very cute!Here are a few more pictures...(Love the one above!!!) Last night was a long night...Kieran was good, I just went to bed later than I should have, and I felt it today. Off to go to bed now...

Friday, June 5, 2009

Big Sister and 1st Doctor's Appt...

Here are a couple pictures I got yesterday, hard to believe it's been a week already!!! This little guy is the sweetest baby! He hardly cries and he sleeps and eats so good:) We had a doctor's appointment yesterday and he is doing great! He has surpassed his birth weight already, which the doctor was pleased with since she said most babies do that in their 2nd week. We saw the lactation consultant that we saw at the hospital yesterday too, and she was very happy with his weight too. We weighed him before and after a feeding, and he ate about 4 ozs. Finally got pictures of A holding baby brother:) She is so in love with him. Today, when he was awake, she was telling him about space ("There's rocket ships and stars and the moon!") and about all the characters on Sesame Street. She loves to stroke his cheek, kiss his head, and hold his hand:)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Some more pictures...

Here are some more pictures of the little guy...this was his first bath at home:) Doesn't he look handsome the way his hair looks here? Love little baby hands...
and feet:) He definitely has Shaun's feet and hands! Finally got her to sorta hold him, with Shaun's help... Everything is going well for the most part. The day we got back from the hospital, Aislynn was acting up a little, which is normal for the situation, I know. She kept wanting to wear her night time pull-ups instead of panties and she was calling herself a baby. Before he was born, she was is total I'll-do-it-myself mode, but that has changed a little:) She always wants to know what he is doing and wants him to be awake all the time. She said she likes when his eyes are open:) She also always says he is so cute:)
So that is the update!! I am feeling the need to get out of the house already, so maybe today we will try to venture out somewhere, with the help of Shaun!