Friday, May 29, 2009

Introducing Kieran Campbell...

Here he is, 2 weeks early!!! He was born yesterday, May 28, 2009 at 6:16 a.m. and was 7 lbs 10 oz and 19.5 inches long. He is a sweet little guy:D He looks a lot like Aislynn when she was born, especially their mouths, and he has Daddy's feet and hands for sure:) I'll share pictures first and then tell you his crazy birth story!! Dad and son...
Aunt Brynne and her new nephew...
Mommy and her new little man...
So ever since Tuesday night I had been feeling contractions, but they were really sporadic and inconsistent. Thursday morning at 2 a.m. I woke up because they started to get more intense, so I went downstairs to chat with Shaun and than I took a bath. They ranged from 8-12 minutes apart. I still wasn't sure that I was in labor at that point, but after my bath, I decided to pack my hospital bag...just in case. Once I was standing up and moving around, they started to come more frequently and intense. At about 4:45, I called Brynne (super sister AND super aunt!) to come over and than when A woke up, they could come to the hospital. I woke up Shaun and told him...yeah I am definitely in labor. The contractions were really really intense and about 3-4 minutes apart. I was going to try and attempt this with no pain medication, but at that point I told him I didn't think I could do it without drugs. Then I threw up (sorry, I know that's gross!), and I remembered that happens in transition and when I was almost ready to push with A, I kept throwing up, so I told Shaun, we need to go now to the hospital. I called Brynne back and told her I couldn't wait, and we would bring A with us, so just meet us at the hospital. We arrived at the hospital at about 5:45 a.m. and the nurse wanted me to leave a urine sample and change into the gown. I could barely get the gown on b/c the next contractions were soooo unbearable. She checked me and ran out of the room saying they were getting me in a room ASAP. At that point I really felt the urge to push, which I yelled as she was running out, and then about 5 nurses ran in and were telling me not to and frantically getting everything ready. Brynne arrived and took Aislynn out in the waiting room (poor honey was a little freaked out by crazy Mommy!). They got me in another room and I kept feeling the need to push soooo bad, the doctor arrived and broke my water and told me on the next contraction I could push. Maybe 3-4 pushes and he was out at 6:16 a.m!! He came out SO mad too! He wouldn't stop crying, lol!
Everything happened so fast!!! I am glad we didn't wait for Brynne to get to our house, other wise we would have barely made it to the hospital! It was very surreal, and with Aislynn I had an epidural, so I had no idea what the contractions would be like towards the end. Anyways, so glad he is here and healthy and that I am no longer pregnant, lol! He is a good little nurser and sleeper, and I am still trying to get used to pee coming out of something every time his diaper gets opened, lol.
Aislynn is a little scared...she doesn't want to hold him or barely touch him. I think his crying made her scared and I scared her too when I was in labor:( I had the i.v. and a bunch of boo-boos on my arm from where they tried to get the i.v in me and she was really concerned about that. She does love him already though...when I was taking a shower this morning, I heard her tell Shaun, "I love you, Dad," and then she said, "I love baby brother too." Kieran started sucking on his hand and Shaun told her he was hungry and she said, "Are you going to feed him with your chest?" and He told her no, that only girls could do that, and then she offered to feed him with her chest, lol. Then he explained that:)
That is all for now...lunch got here and then I am going to sneak in some sleep hopefully:) We get to come home tomorrow morning, really looking forward to that!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Aislynn, right now....

  • is obsessed with dresses, particularly this one because it is the perfect "twirl" dress:) If this is clean, that is what she wants to wear.other things that are so her right now...
  • Anything in that past (after about a week) is "last year" and anything in the past that happened within the last week is "last night"
  • Anything in the future is "tomorrow night"
  • She calls tomatoes "potatoes" and pronounces napkin as "mapkin"
  • She wants me to sing her "Silent Night" every night when we tuck her in
  • Likes to call Shaun and I different names besides Mom and Dad...usually she is the princess from her current fave movie, Shaun is the hero, and I am the evil person:(
  • Likes to "scrapbook," which consists of cutting papers, gluing a bunch of my old foam embellishments to paper, sticking down letter stickers and playing with glitter glue
  • likes to play with her teeny Princess figurines and My Little Pony figures
  • LOVES to watch Curious George...thank goodness for DVR:)
  • Is sooooooo super excited to meet her baby brother...talks about him a lot and asks me all the time when he is coming out:)

I had a doctor's appointment today and the doctor checked my cervix...I was 3-4 cm (she said more like a 4) dilated and 70% thinned out...WHOA! She also said the baby's head was very low and that she thinks he is already bigger than Aislynn was (8lbs 6 oz)...hope she is a little off on the weight estimate:) I feel pretty ready to meet this little guy...just hopes he can hold out until Grandma (my Mom) gets back from Costa Rica this weekend!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

37 weeks, swimming class, and new scrappy stuff...

Here is my gigantic 37 week belly:) I *think* I want to be done, but one night last week, I was feeling contractions and was excited because I do not expect to have this baby early...but also scared because I am not ready yet! We did the hospital tour on Monday and Aislynn thought we were going to get the baby:) She asks me almost everyday if the baby is coming out today.I finally brought my camera with me to swimming class and took a few pictures: I love how much she loves swimming class:) We have 2 more weeks...I will be sad when it's over b/c she likes it so much, but then we will have another big adventure to take on;) Floating on her SOON as the teacher lets go of her head, she gets scared and stops floating. I am super impressed with how far she has come since we first started-this was one of the things she hated the most. Blowing bubbles...she practices this in the bath tub all the time-cute!They put a ring on the bottom of the shallow end and the kids go down and get it...I am really impressed that Aislynn does this!!
Waiting her turn... The kids all love this little bridge...they run across it and jump into the water, then swim to the wall. This was the last snap I caught before she climbed out of the pool and asked me if I saw her:) Here are some pages I have done recently (in the past month). It has been hard to be creative lately because I have so many other things on my mind. Here are 3 pages using the April kit from Kraft Girl Kits:
And another page that I started almost 2 months ago and just finished: This is a bad picture of it, but the background is supposed to be kinda looks navy here to me.

Friday, May 15, 2009


I really did not feel like cooking and we had a 50% coupon for our favorite pizza place that expired today, so that's where we went:) After dinner, we stopped to walk around and I took a few pictures...So I am not a big fan of this one, but still thought I would share... I do love this one below though:)
Aislynn posing... Then being fake mad: Then happy:) Even though she is fake mad in that picture...that pretty much sums up her mood lately....she can turn her moods in a second...being really naughty or really sweet...we would be happy with a constant in between:)
Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

36 weeks...

Here is my 36 week (9 Months!!!) belly: BIG!! I am so ready to not be pregnant:) I am sure Shaun is ready too, I have been complaining a lot lately;) We have been slowly getting the room together, well, at least the crib is up! I will post pictures when it is all set up.
That's all there really is to say right now...Aislynn still hasn't fallen asleep and it is 10:15, so off to go see what she is doing now (besides going to sleep)...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Long Catch up Post:)

I haven't posted in awhile, but we have had a busy week! Wednesday was Brynne and Sean's birthday, so we met them for dinner (didn't take any pictures though!!). We went to Borders afterwards, and the sunset was so pretty, I HAD to stop and take a picture. The pictures of that didn't come out, but I did get this sweet shot:)Friday morning, my friend Becky and her daughter Riley came in town, so we headed to the beach:) The girls had SO much fun together, they play together really well!
Riley is such a little model, look how cute she is posing!!! Aislynn, take notes!!! Aislynn wouldn't go stand by her.
This picture is probably my favorite one I took the whole day! What a happy face! (Becky-I will send these tomorrow!)
Playing in the sand... Saturday, Brynne had a baby shower for me and that was SUPER fun! I am so excited to finish getting everything and start setting up the room now! Here are some of the pictures from that...
Brynne, my Mom, and me (can you tell we are related?)
Brynne, Me, and Jessica (my brother Andrew's SUPER SWEET girlfriend)
One of the games we played...They had to cut a ribbon they thought was the length around my belly...this is my sister-in-law comparing her ribbon to my belly. Everyone's was too big except for Cathy (in the pink)-I liked hers the best, LOL! And Becky got it just right!!
Aislynn LOVED it because she got to hang with her 2 best pals, Lillian and Riley. This is such a sweet picture to me:)
I hope all the Mommies had a Happy Mother's Day!!! We had an awesome brunch cooked by James and after all our company left, we went out to run some errands, which I love when Shaun comes with, fun!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

35 weeks...and Tony the Baker

Monday was rainy, so we did what we normally do when it rains...bake:) We made banana bread and here is Aislynn mashing the bananas, love how serious she is:D
Tasting the bananas... Last night we made a pizza for dinner, and I would like to introduce to you Tony the Baker:
Aislynn has this book, Curious George and the Pizza, and there is a character in it named Tony. Well, when Shaun reads it, Tony has this really horrible Italian accent and eventually Tony just became another character that Shaun does to entertain Aislynn. It is really cute and funny:) We got the idea to make a pizza because we thought Aislynn would love it and of course she did and of course Shaun had to wear her chef's hat so he could really be Tony the Baker:) This isn't the best quality picture by any means, but can you see how much Aislynn loves Tony? We made the dough from scratch, which was a huge mess and a huge pain, but kinda fun for us and really fun for Aislynn:) Aislynn and Tony:)

Here is my 35 week belly picture. I had a doctor's appointment on Monday, and everything looked good. I have gained 32 lbs so far. I go back in 2 weeks, and then my appointments will be every week, yikes! Brynne is having a little baby shower for me on Saturday, so that should be fun:) Aislynn is excited about the "baby party" with her friends as she says:)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Pictures to share...

Brynne (my sis) and I went to Eden State Gardens, along with a quite unwilling subject to play with our cameras. Aislynn will not look at the camera...hardly ever! I think Brynne's pictures may have more looking because she stuck a giant leaf in her ponytail and Aislynn kept calling her Coco (an Indian from Pocahontas), lol. Here are the best ones... Not the greatest picture of me, but that's not what matters, right Candi;)This one is cute...gotta love the hand on her hip:)
This was when she was most content...running around the beautiful grounds there.
I love this one below:) Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!