Monday, February 28, 2011

weekend recap

We went to Tallahassee this past weekend to see my brother Phillip off. He is moving to Washington D.C. which will make it even more difficult for all of us siblings to get together so it was nice to see everyone before they left. I am so super excited for him though and cannot wait to visit!! We went to Bainbridge after Tallahassee so we could see Shaun's parents. It was a nice weekend and I (of course) didn't take as many pictures as I wanted to, but here are some:
 1. both kids fell asleep on the drive 2. Kieran in heaven in my Mom's backyard-there was a huge rock pile 3. the girls all went to Lake Ella and while Mom, Jessica, and Brynne went into a shop, Aislynn and I got some ice cream 4. the whole crew at Sonny's bbq 5. K and Daddy 6. A hoarding my Mom's iPhone...she loves playing games on it 7. me and Brynne 8. Phillip and Mom 9. Phillip and Josh 10. Andrew and Jessica 11. Sean and Brynne 12. Mom and James 13. our crew 14. Grandma and A 15. my siblings and my Mom 16. Mimi and Papa playing with Aislynn and Kieran 17. feeding animals at a park 18. Kieran was sooooo disinterested in the animals he was all about #19 19. the "choo choo"-K loved it 20. K handing rocks to Daddy
 I came home to this box of beautiful scrappy goodness!!! I participated in a swap at My Scrapbook Nook and my super sweet secret scrapper was so fast in sending me my goodies! Can't wait to crack into them!
And here is a layout I did last week for a sketch challenge on Crate Paper's blog.
I won last night's Oscar picks:) I had 12 picks right and Shaun had 8. Boo yah!!! Ha ha, just kiddin' hon;)
So now I get some scrappy goodies:)
Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

oscar picks

For the past 3 years, Shaun and I have picked who we thought should/would win the Oscars. I have won all times:) Mainly because I got lucky on the categories that we were both totally guessing on. This year we decided to change it up a bit and only do the categories we knew about. What's also different about this year is that this is the year we are probably most informed about since we have seen a good bit of the movies that were nominated. Sooo, just for fun, here are our picks:

Best Picture
Shaun: The Social Network (but wants Inception to win)
Pam: The King's Speech (but wants The Fighter to win)

Best Actor
Shaun: Colin Firth
Pam: Colin Firth
**my honorable mention is James Franco in 127 Hours

Best Actress
Shaun: Natalie Portman
Pam: Annette Bening

Best Supporting Actor
Shaun: Christian Bale
Pam: Christian Bale
**honorable mention goes to John Hawkes in Winter's Bone (even though I really didn't like the movie...he was great in it)

Best Supporting Actress
Shaun: Amy Adams
Pam: Amy Adams
**honorable mention goes to Melissa Leo for The Fighter

Best Documentary
Shaun: Exit Through the Gift Shop
Pam: Inside Job (I want Exit Through the Gift Shop to win though!!!)
**See both of these, they are great-also see Gasland, another nominee.

Best Animated
Shaun: Toy Story 3
Pam: Toy Story 3

Best Direction
Shaun: The Social Network
Pam: The Social Network

Art Direction
Pam-Alice in Wonderland

Sound Mixing, Sound Editing, Visual Effects, Best Original Screenplay, and Best Original Score
Shaun: Inception
Pam: Inception
5 different award categories but the same winner pick for all of them. That movie has to win something, right?!

Best Adapted Screenplay
Shaun: The Social Network
Pam: The Social Network

Shaun: Black Swan (wants Inception to win)
Pam: Inception

Costume Design
Shaun: True Grit
Pam: Alice in Wonderland

Film Editing
Shaun: 127 Hours
Pam: Black Swan

So there we are...what did you think about this year's movies?

Friday, February 25, 2011

how to add a white border on photos+more

I have had a few people ask me how I get the white mat of my pictures (which I *might* be a tad obsessed with right now), so I am sharing a tutorial here:)

First I will talk about resizing your pictures and getting them on one sheet. If you have PSE or Photoshop, I am assuming you know how to do this. You can add all of your little prints onto 4x6 documents and get them printed, just make sure there is about a .25" space between the pictures so you can cut and have the border. I do this through photoshop, but I will explain next how to do it in a word document.

You may need to do a little planning ahead or have an design idea in mind when you are going to order prints for this particular way. Before I had photoshop, this is how I would print my pictures. I used Picasa (which is a free download and I simply can't say enough good things about it!) to edit my pictures. When cropping the pictures, you can use the preset sizes (keep in mind that a 2x3 has the same proportions as a 4x6) or to make your picture a square, set the crop size to a cd cover. After you have cropped your photos, export them to a folder and MAKE SURE you export them in the original size. 
Open up a word document and change the margins to .25 all around. This allows you to add more pictures on the page.  Go to insert, picture, from file and choose the picture you want. It will be gigantic when it places it on your document. Right click and choose format or picture and this will allow you to change the size. Make sure you have the keep proportions box checked and then just change either the width or height to your desired size. You can put as many pictures as will fit on your sheet, just make sure to leave enough room in between the pictures for the border. If you want to use smaller sized pictures and get them printed on 4x6, just make sure you change the paper size the same way you change the paper margins. I usually do 2 2x3 so I can still get the border.
Okay, hopefully that all made sense;) Once you have your sheet of pictures printed (at home or from a printer) this is what it looks like (remember the 4x6 is basically the same concept).

 I put the sheet in my trimmer and line up the end of the pictures with the inside of the trimmer, this allows for approximately 1/8" around.
 Flip the pictures and line it up and trim the other side.
 Rotate, line you see where this is going? :)
 Do this with all the pictures on the sheet and...
 Viola! You have teeny pictures with a white mat to scrap. Now, this all makes sense to me, BUT if any part of it is unclear, please ASK!!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

wacky wednesday

just a few pictures before we head out of town this weekend...
 Someone got a haircut. The first time I took him, he was fine...this time he started crying as soon as I sat him in the chair, so I held him the whole time. Once he got a sucker...he was fine;)
 At Aislynn's school they had Wacky Wednesday where they dressed crazy:) Aislynn picked out the whole outfit herself:)
and today...this is the boy we carpool with, Matthew. These 2 have such a funny relationship. They remind me soooooooo much of brother and sister. They are either getting on each other's nerves big time or the best of friends:) Kieran adores Matthew too, he calls him "Ma-mew."
We are off to Tallahassee this weekend, but I have some posts scheduled, including how I print my pictures and add that white border:) Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

some scrappiness to share

I have a couple more projects that need to be photographed, but here are some from last week/the weekend:
 This was for this challenge over at the nook.
 A silly page about K and him not liking green beans..some of you may remember the blog post with these pictures:)
 This was done using a sketch for My Mind's Eye blog challenge #20.

 a card for this challenge at the nook...
and a card for this challenge at the nook...totally loving the card challenges. Getting back in the habit of making cards and using up my stash, yippee!!!

Other cool things...
One of my layouts was on Echo Park's blog last week HERE and one of my layouts was a featured photo on the Webster's Pages InspireMe site HERE. Kinda fun:)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

weekend snapshots

Just some pictures from the weekend:
 went to the Farmer's Market this weekend in Seaside and after wards got grilled cheese sandwiches at Meltdown...
 I got the triple grilled cheese...with cheddar, gruyere, and gouda.
 after our snack, we wandered over to the little play house they have there...

 the million dollar view out of the playhouse windows;)
 our goodies from the "super market" as A calls it...I made fresh whipped cream to go with the strawberries, they didn't last very long:)
 went to the playground in Alys Beach...

 she said she was queen of the hill, and that this was a "queen pose" ha ha:)
 He didn't want to be in the swing until Daddy was swinging too:)

 He was all about collecting rocks:)
 having a "book" picnic:)
 napping...note the cars in hands:)
 She wanted me to take a picture of this:)
 and this...she dressed up like a butterfly...
Love the missing sock and the typical K:)
Hope your weekend was beautiful!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

creative scrappers is looking for some guest designers

We have a Creative Opportunity for you!
Creative Scrappers is looking for a few featured designers for the month of March, April and May!

Send in your request to be a guest and maybe you'll be the one featured on the CS blog!

Send Kristine an email !!! (
title of email "CS Featured Designer "
your full name
blog address / or gallery address
2 of your Latest Layouts

Deadline for submission is March 1 2011
Those selected will be emailed on or before March 3
Come Create with Us!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

not too cold

It's beautiful here. The weather has been amazing this week, it totally feels like spring-yet it's only February? I took the kids down to the beach yesterday afternoon. This is so relaxing...they pretty much entertain themselves. They get sooooo sandy and wet (according to Aislynn-it's not too cold to go in the water...funny how when you are a kid the water is never too cold to swim in, ha ha!), but they have so much fun! I just need to come up with a system to not get so much sand in the house. I, of course, took sooooooo many pictures, but I can't narrow it down ever so here they are:

Totally thinking we need to do this again today...looooove this weather!!
Have a HAPPY weekend!!