Thursday, July 29, 2010


Kieran is pretty much officially walking now. All morning, he was walking across the living room, then turning and going back across. Funny how one day they just get it:) Here is a picture...totally loving the arms and proud sissy in the background:)I got a video (again, sorry for the shaky cam!) of him walking HERE. I love the proud look on his face! I have been wanting to snap a picture of K in his float for awhile now...there is a canopy that snaps on for sunny days, but this was after dinner (which after dinner swims totally count as baths, right?!).
And I finally got his silly face on camera! He not only makes this face, but he breathes heavily in and out his nose while he does it, big goof! It is really really funny to see:)
Well, gotta go get packing for the big easy! Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

crafty post

I promised a crafty post, so here we go:) Here are my latest layouts: For this one, I used a free template from SB Etc. The rest kinda just fell together.
I used a SB Etc. sketch for this one.
Another SB Etc. sketch here and Jakki-this was totally inspired by your hopscotch page!
Yup, another SB Etc. sketch here. This one might be my fave of the group.
And ANOTHER SB Etc. sketch:)
And now for my challenge:) I did another page based on this ad:
This is the page: And now I just want you to try! I finally got my box from Scrapbook Trends that had my layouts that were in their March issue. They sent me some product and some of the stuff I already have, so I want to send one of my scrappy friends this: I'll give you a week and randomly pick someone next Thursday to send this to;)
And now my scrap space tour: here. I decided to do a video so I could explain things, but it is kinda boring and I really do not like the way my voice sounds. The camera is kinda shaky too, but I am too lazy to take pics now, so this will have to do:)

Also in crafty news, I am taking a sewing class that starts in August and I am SO super excited about it! Lots of projects and each one will teach a new technique/skill. I figure maybe I should learn to sew on something besides paper;)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

broadway baby and box baby

Last week Aislynn had Broadway Babies camp at the studio she took dance at. They did lots of fun crafts and learned some new dances. On Friday, they did 2 of the dances for the parents...they were soooooo cute! They did a tap dance to "I wanna be a Broadway Baby" and a ballet dance to the Lion King's "I just can't wait to be king." Here are some of the pictures of their performance:
A kept looking at Shaun and smiling, it was cute:) She gave him a thumbs up in the middle of one of the dances. Kieran kept trying to get off of Shaun's lap and go see his na-na!
My. K is quite the curious one. I love that everything is brand new and he just wants to take it all in (even if it is exhausting, lol!). We had to get a new dvd player because ours broke, and he thought the box was the best thing. He literally pushed it around the living room and sat on it for about an hour.
I started bringing his little blanket he sleeps with out with us during the day. When he gets sleepy, he will go over and get it and start chewing on it and snuggling it. Then I put him down for a nap-it is working good!!
I love the sleep-with-your-butt-in-the-air stage:) So cute!
P.S. Sorry the pic is grainy-working with low light there;)
I have a few posts planned for this week-one is to show the house and then a crafty post with pics of my new space and some layouts to share! Off to go to Aislynn's orientation for school later today and then this weekend, my Mom and James are coming over to watch the kids and Shaun and I are headed to New Orleans-so super excited about that!!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

week in photos

Just some pictures from last week:) Tried to stay off the computer, but I did hop on to edit pictures and print some...have some scrapbook pages I need to post. So here is what we were up to: Beach time. Unfortunately I think this will be limited to just taking walks on the beach for awhile. There weren't that many tar balls Monday, but Tuesday there were more (plus yucky seaweed). The thing that has me worried though are the dispersments used. There are now oil impact signs up warning against small children and pregnant woman going near the areas impacted by oil. The thing is, you can't see the dispersments used, so we are taking caution and not letting our small children in the water anymore:(
Which is a shame, because we have been loving living so close to the beach.
This picture above just might be my favorite right the way both buckets behind the kiddos are both facing out, so didn't plan that, but it frames the picture nice?
Standing up, now what? He either takes a few wobbly steps, falls on his kness and crawls, or falls on his butt.
Miss Fishy. The last time we went to the pool, she swam the whole length of the pool. To think that just a couple weeks ago, she was terrified of going to where she couldn't stand in the pool. Shel-this shot was totally inspired by your pool pics of your sweeties:)
We are big Fancy Nancy fans over here and the latest book is Fancy Nancy and the Spectacular Spectacles. Aislynn wanted to make some of her own, so I let her use some of my scrapbook supplies and this is what we came up with:) She decided she needed her boa and wand:) Then she needed to have a dance party:)
Caught red-handed. He loves going into this drawer in the entertainment stand and pulling out all the movies. Such a stinker, this one. Good thing he is cute;)
A on her first day of Broadway Dance camp. It's 3 hours a day and she is totally loving it! On Friday, they are going to put on a little show for us;) Oh, and don't you love her outfit? She picked it out for the first day:)
We went to Seaside last night for an outdoor play of Charlotte's Web. We just finished reading this book last week (we were doing a chapter each night). A enjoyed the play, but she said she liked the book better.
Blue eyes:)
Aislynn took this picture of us. I didn't crop it at all, I like it:) Watching the play, but then he got a better view on Daddy's shoulders;)Just a shot of the play.
And a shot of us watching it:)
Now to catch up on blogs, e-mails, and all that stuff...but enjoying the rest of our summer. A starts school on August 9th, so going to try to make the most of lazy pool days and sunshine.

Monday, July 12, 2010

taking a break

from technology this week, well at least the computer. Sometimes I feel as if time is just sucked away while I browse on the internet, so just want to not turn it on for a week. Maybe I will actually make something, ha ha:)
See ya'll next week:)

Friday, July 9, 2010

a clean beach

Walked down to the beach after dinner last night, and like last week, the sand was free of tar. And a pleasant surprise to us...the water was mostly (there was one teeny tiny patch pretty far from where we were at) clear. Sooooo happy about that. We had been hearing rumors that the current and the storms we had last week had been pushing the oil away from the shore and that seemed to be true-the beach was gorgeous! The yucky June seaweed was gone too:)
We brought a soccer ball down,but mostly Kieran wanted to play with it. When he saw Aislynn and Shaun kicking it around, he kept pointing to it saying "ba" "ba" "ba" and was getting all excited:)
Once she figured we were going to let her in the water, she pretty much lost all interest in the ball.
Eventually he started to head for the water too.
Came home, jumped in the pool, then tried some more popsicles:) This was early yesterday morning at the pool, before my camera battery died...was planning to take some pictures of Miss Swimmy, but will do that soon:)