Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sneak Peeks...

Here are some sneak peeks for the June Freckle Friends kit...

Can't wait to share them all with you! The kit was super fun to work with!!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day!!!!!!

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!!!!!! We didn't do much, just kinda hung out at the house, ran a couple errands yesterday and we can definetly tell it's summer!!!!! Something is wrong with Blogger, so rather than trying to figure it out, the pictures will just be out of order:) I decided to cut Aislynn's bangs tonight since they were so long. I don't think I did a very even job, but she still looks cute:) I might take her tomorrow to get them fixed:) She got this new bubble toy, here she is trying to figure it out...
She did it!!!!! This thing just keeps blowing bubbles-she loves it!!!!!!!
Here she is jumping up and down, one of her fave things to do-I like it too-it gets out lots of energy!
See how long her bangs are? She needed them cut!!!!!!
Taking a bubble bath:)
I got my fabulous June Freckle Friends kit and have played with it a little, hopefully I can get some more done tonight and then I will post some sneak peeks for you all tomorrow!

Oh, I have to share a cute story-we watched this show on the travel channel about Disney World (we are going in December-YAY!) and when Aislynn saw the tea cup ride she said "Look, they're riding in a coffee!" Then she said "I want to go to Disney World and give Goofy a hug and ride in the coffee." SO cute-she is going to have a blast, I cannot wait!

Okay, that's all for now!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

In 2 weeks...

We will be headed to Chicago!!!! Woo hoo, can't wait!!! But it will be June!!! Seriously-where is time going? 2008 is going by sooooooo fast! Nothing much going on here, you can tell the tourists are starting to trickle in, traffic is getting yucky here, and after this weekend it will be bad through August. Man!!! Aislynn went to the bathroom on the potty 5 times today-and she told us when she had to go!!! I am so proud of her! She told me everytime she went potty in her diaper that she went, and she is repeating lines from some of her books/videos, so maybe she is on her way-YAY!
Here are some pictures from yesterday-this one is just blowing bubbles-her FAVORITE thing to do outside right now! We made Orange Cranberry muffins and she was a big help! Her favorite part was licking the bowl-just like Mama!

Thanks Grandma0she loves her green apron:)
Tonight after her bath, Aislynn decided to dress up like a "princess." What a goof-I need to get her a wand and a feather boa-she would have so much fun:) Oh, maybe a tutu too:) Here is my latest page...
Off for now, hope everyone is doing well!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Some cute pictures...and some annoucements!!!!!!!!!

For the announcement, one of my layouts won a contest!!! It was for using Pink Paislee products (a brand new company) and the contest was held by Just Let Me Scrapbook, you can see my page here. I got a $25 gift card to their online store. Woo hoo!!!
Nothing super special to report, I took these 2 pictures of Aislynn after she "helped" me make our bed yesterday, and by helped I mean she kept trying to tuck her huge Elmo doll in. Finally I said he wants to sleep in the crib and she put him in there with Baba (her little lovie who goes to sleep with her), turned on the fan and turned off the light:) What a good little Mommy. Anyways, I just LOVE this picture, what a sweetheart!This one is blurry, but still cute!!!This next set is from tonight, there is this really cool neighborhood by us that is being developed, there are only about 3 house being built so far, and it is gorgeous! They have this little lake and we decided to take some pics there because it was so nice outside! This one was my favorite!!! Gotta love the action setting! Love this one too!
This one is kind of funky b/c of the sun, but I still like it:)
She's so cute running all over!

I KNOW you just want to kiss those cheeks!
Here is another one with the funky sunlight, but I like her expression. She looks so old, lol.
Giving Daddy a hug!!!!!!!
Even though she is not looking at the camera, I still love this picture!!!!!!!!
Here is my latest page, it is my week to host the DT challenge at Freckle Friends and this is my example page. The challenge is to use a photo that stretches the entire width or length of the page.
Also, Freckle Friends is having a HUGE Memorial Day sale going on right now, so check that out here.

If you want to see the June Collection Sneak Peek, click here. I love the colors!!! I cannot wait to play with it!!!!!!!

Okay, that is all for now, at least I was good about blogging and playing outside-but eating? We ate at Cracker Barrel for dinner, but I got a salad, so maybe I did okay, that was the only boo-boo I made:)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Summer is coming...

It has been SUPER hot, then rainy all day for 2 days, then just beautiful today! We went to the beach today and Aislynn had a blast of course. She met 2 little girls who were 2 and 3, so she fit right in! She shared her buckets and beach toys SO nicely and yesterday she was such a good sharer when we were at Barnes and Noble playing with the Thomas trains. I think she was making up for the days it rained and she couldn't go outside-she was a little terror!!!! I got a sewing machine this week-notreally to sew clothing, but to sew on my scrapbook pages and projects. Sewing on paper? I know, but it is fun! And threading the sewing machine reminds me of Home Ec. in 7th grade. Anyways, here are the projects I have been working on this week...
Here are some pictures we took yesterday:
Aislynn is lovin' dresses right now-it is so cute too b/c she picks up the skirt and starts twirling around!Not really sure what she is looking at, but I like the water in the background! What a happy girl she is!!!!!!! Love her smile-irrestible!She is so freakin' adorable sometimes I can't stand it! The above and below pictures just make me smile:) I cannot believe how big she is getting-she has pretty much grown out of 3t and is in a 4t now-the girl is not even 3 years old!!!!!! She is just so tall!These are the pictures from today-I didn't bring the good camera, so they aren't the best, but you can gt the idea of what beautiful weather we were having today!
I thought this picture was kinda cool-she is in the air, and I love how the birds are flying by. With the other camera it would have been so clear, grrr...Oh well...
Shaun took her in the water-I am too much of a wimp. She had so much fun! I thought the water was cold, but she didn't mind at all!
Here she is with her beach toys-I couldn't get her to look at me at all. The toys were much more interesting than Mommy, lol.
That is all for now! I am going to try to be better at blogging this coming week, and we are going to try to eat healthier and play outside more. Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend!

Monday, May 12, 2008


We are back home, drove back last night. Aislynn WOULD NOT go to bed last night, finally around midnight I put the side back up on the crib so she couldn't keep getting out.
Here are some pictures from the weekend. Saturday morning I met a friend, Becky and her little girl, Riley (she is 6 months younger then Aislynn) at the Tallahassee Museum. Here are the girls going on the slide...They were so cute together...Aislynn calls Riley "Baby Riley," it is so cute:)It amazes me how much bigger Aislynn is and there is just a 6 month difference in their age!Here are some family pics we got yesterday... Aislynn and Aunt Brynne!
The girls...we were not all looking at the camera at the same time, and this was my favorite, even though I don't know what we were laughing at!

My Mom and me...
My sister and me...

Love this picture...

Aislynn was obsessed with the basketball...

She was so funny eating the corn on the cob-it was her "special" corn, as she called it.
She pulled all the toilet paper off the roll, then wanted Grandma to put another roll on...
Here are some goodies I got before we went out of town, I got all this stuff for $47-pretty good deal! There is a place here called Scrapbook Clearance and it's all older stuff, but it was 50% off the entire store.
Here is stuff I got from Scrapbook Market in Tallahassee!! It is a good thing we don't live close to that store! Anyways, I picked up the new Making Memories Noteworthy Collection-love it!!!
That's all for now, hope everyone had a fun weekend and a Happy Mother's Day!