Monday, September 29, 2008


Aislynn and I are both feeling yucky. I have been for the past couple days and she was today. We both have allergy type symptoms-runny noses (every time Aislynn's nose drips she cries and says "There's something in my nose."), congestion, itchy throats, watery eyes:(
Aislynn has been acting like a little terror too, which isn't the best when I feel bad as well.
I took this today-can you see the snot dripping out of her nose? And I know you might not be able to tell, but I can tell from her eyes that she doesn't feel good...even if she is smiling:)

Here is a card I made yesterday... Here is a layout I made Saturday-I think?We are leaving for Tallahassee on Thursday because my Mom and James are getting married on Saturday. It should be much fun!!! I am looking forward to everyone being together and seeing Aislynn all dressed up in her little flower girl dress:)

In other news, Kraft Girl Kits will be starting on Wednesday!!!!!!!! Yay!!! I am excited and nervous all at the same time, and I cannot wait to reveal the full October kit and show what the designers did with it. It is pretty cool seeing what people made with products you put together!!!

That's all for now...just send us get well vibes!!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Another layout...

Here is another layout I made this week, using Sketches! {by Tamara} Sketch #63. I am officially obsessed with Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist, now that I know how well it works with the Maya Road chipboard. I want every color:) And more Maya Road chipboard:) Fun stuff! This is what was under me when I was taking the picture of this layout! Have a great weekend everyone!!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Some new pictures....

Here is a new layout I made last night,using Pencil Lines Sketch #103.Here is a detailed close-up of the big tree... Here is the little tree.... Here is that yellow dress again! Aislynn kept making faces and talking to herself in the mirror:) This one cracks me up!
I don't know what is up with this picture, the light looks weird to me, and I had it on Auto. But I LOVE this picture, what a giggly little girl! This was Aislynn when I was taking the pictures of my layout. Then we tried on her halloween costume! She decided on this witch costume so she could "wear a hat on my head and have a sparkly wand." Those were her words:) She keeps asking me if it's Halloween yet so she can go trick-or-treating:)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Beach pictures...

We went to my in-laws beach house today for a little birthday celebration for Aislynn with them, and we took a walk on the beach. It really made me miss when we were living there last summer and could walk across the street to the beach and then jump in the pool!Anyways, Aislynn has such fun with her binoculars, she kept "taking pictures," as she called it;) She kept sneaking up on this bird, but he was totally oblivious to her. She was more scared of getting close to it then it was scared of her, lol.
Family picture... This one makes me laugh... This picture below is one of my faves ever I think! Goofs-Shaun and his sister, Ashley. Isn't this wasp, or whatever it is, weird colors? *Reminder to self-this is why you should have your camera with you at all times* Back at home...Aislynn loves this little playground and little horse family Mimi and Papa got her:) She likes pushing the little horse in the swing and says "Wheee!"
Hope everything is going well with everyone and that you had a great weekend! If you are a scrapper reading my blog, check out my kit site, Kraft Girl Kits, for some fun giveaways until October 1st.

Friday, September 19, 2008

A new layout...

I made this using sketch #62 from Sketches by Tamara. Nothing much else going on here, hopefully I will take some pictures this weekend! My photography class has come to an end, so I need to keep reminding myself to pull out the camera! I am going to have some fun things going on starting tomorrow on the kit blog, so make sure you check that out if you want a chance for some free scrappy goodies!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I'm free...

This is what Aislynn says for "I'm three." And holding up 3 fingers is tough, but she can kind of do it. I thought a cool picture would be her holding up 3 fingers and looking up at the camera, not so easy to relay my vision to her though. Here are my attempts... This one looks like a peace sign kinda:) I was standing on a chair taking these...For this one, I was holding a skittle above the lens so she would look at it, and I was laughing a very silly laugh to get her to smile. Our neighbors probably think I am crazy. Our grass is looking very rough in the backyard:( Just pretend it is green and lush;)
Aislynn's 3 year well check was yesterday and she is 40 lbs and 40.5", she is in the 95th percentile for height and weight. She is doing perfect and didn't cry at all for her shot!
I have a layout to share, but I have to replace the picture first. When I was stamping on the page, the stamp pulled off a patch of the picture so it looks like I have a big chunk of skin missing from my face-yuck!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Birthday Party Recap!

Aislynn had a great time at her birthday party! It was small, but fun and she LOVES having all the attention, lol. Here she is trying to figure out how to hold up 3 fingers... She was all about the silly hats:) She has a book, Happy Birthday Thomas, where Thomas wants ckae, balloons, and silly hats, so that is what she wanted for her birthday:) She was super excited about the hats!! Everyone had to wear one! Instead of a cake, I made cupcakes and we decorated them. Aislynn put a few sprinkles on the first one and then took a big bite out of it:) Then we had to explain that after they were all decorated, we would sing "Happy Birthday" and she could blow the candles out and THEN eat one. She liked A LOT of sprinkles on her cupcakes;) Maybe they won't see just one little taste...
Aren't they pretty? She blew them out one at a time! She was so happy when she finally got that last one out!Finally, she can eat a cupcake!!! Present time!!!!!!! Thanks to everyone who sent a card/gift who couldn't make it to the party! We will be sending out cards, but I wanted to go ahead and say thanks!!!!!! Aislynn made out like a bandit!
Everytime she opened a gift, she would say, "Let's play another game," which meant: let's open another present. Then she would say "This one looks exciting," before she opened it. A Little People Castle, when she wants to play with this she says, "Let's figure out the castle." Here is Katrina, from Grandma P.-she is a big hit with Aislynn:) Time to play with some of her gifts....A tricycle...still working on the peddling...
This picture cracks me up....she looks like a little pro to me:) Thanks Grandma and James!!!!!! Thanks Aunt Brynne and Sean for the soccer goal!!! That is our Mom and James watched Aislynn so we could go see a movie...we saw Burn After Reading-2 thumbs up!!!!!!!!! Love the Coen Brothers, they are just so clever.
Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!!