Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

By now most of you who read my blog know that Aislynn broke her arm on Tuesday. I took her to the playground and she was climbing up the ladder to go down the slide, where she fell off of the top of the ladder. From the angle I was standing (towards the bottom of the slide), I didn't see how she fell. When I got to her, she was saying her arm hurt and when I felt it under her jacket, I could feel something bulging out, which I assumed was her bone. She couldn't lift her arm or move her fingers really, so I got her in the car and called Shaun and headed for the emergency room. I had just kinda shoved Kieran at Megan, and she got him in his car seat and got him in the car for me. At the ER, when we took off her jacket and shirt, the ER doctor said that by looking at her arm, he was like 90% sure it was broken. Poor honey, the bone didn't break through the skin, but there was a bulge out of her arm right under her elbow. They took x-rays and it was broken bad. They were going to have to do surgery to fix it because of where and how it was broken. We had to wait until after 7 (we got the the ER at about 3:30) because of when she had last eaten. About 6ish, we headed over to Pre-Op. We met the anesthesiologist, who was a weirdo, but oh well. We met the orthopedic surgeon, who was awesome! He explained the surgery to us and then they took her back. He didn't know if he was going to have to make an incision or not, and he did have to. When they brought her back, she was asleep, but they said everything went perfectly. We had to wait until she woke up, and then got her some juice and a Popsicle. Once it seemed like she could keep that down, they decided to go ahead and let her come home. We got home a little after 11. Right now she had a splint/wrap, so we will go back Tuesday and they will take the stitches out and then put on a hard cast. She will wear that for about 3-4 weeks and then we will go back and they will take the pins out. Then, depending on how her arm has healed , she may have to get another hard cast, it all just depends.
She was SO brave through out the whole ordeal, we were so proud of her! She got a little upset whenever they touched her arm and when they put the i.v. in. When we were driving to the ER, she told me she shouldn't play on playgrounds anymore:( We'll see how long that will last though, after a few days, and she is done hanging out of the couch:) Her pain has subsided a lot, she really hasn't complained about it too much, so we are thankful for that. She is a tough girlie:) I will keep everyone updated on how she is doing.
I totally meant to have a Happy New Year post done earlier in the week, but I got a little busy! I ended up taking approximately 4,182 pictures in 2009. These are my favorites (there are a lot-SORRY!!): I think this one is self-explanatory, what a beautiful girl she is:)
I just love this one too, my sweet boy!
I like this one because I love her expression, and I think that bathing suit is really cute:)
I love how he is holding his hands and the expression on his face.
Just love the sibling interaction here, can't wait to see how this love/relationship grows as they do:)
I love this one, not really for any specific reason...I just do!
One of our first family of four pictures:)
Love the way Kieran is looking at Aislynn here. So sweet!
I love the colors here and this is right about the time Kieran started smiling, so this is one of the first smiles caught on camera:)
I love the colors here and that sweet smile/face. I think this looks like a professional portrait almost...
Love how she is sitting and her expression. That room (Kieran's) gets the BEST light!
This is just a sweet picture. Still so newbornish here:)
This is def. in the top 3 fave pics of the year. It makes me happy just looking at it, love the moment it captures. (Sorry for being so cheesy!).
I love baby feet:) I also love the depth of field on this picture.
This is just sweet. This is the first time Aislynn wanted to hold Kieran after we got home. I think I had to bribe her with a sucker, actually:) She loved him fiercely since he was born, but she was kinda scared of him too:)
Love how this picture is framed and I love that little hand:)
Kieran's first bath at home. Still has that swollen, red, squishy newborn face:)
I really don't like this picture of me, but I picked this as one of my faves because it is one of the few we took at the hospital and it reminds me of the day Kieran was born. The crazy fast moment of it all and the feeling I had after he was born.
This isn't really a favorite picture, I just never posted it here because I went into labor a few hours later:) This was my last (38 week) belly picture.
Swimming classes. I cannot believe the improvement Aislynn made from the first to the last class. I like this action shot.
Love this little father-daughter moment captured.
I love how we are looking at each other here:)
Just like the depth of field in this picture:)
Man, that was a good cake:) Made from scratch red velvet cake. I love that Shaun always lets Aislynn help him blow the candles out.
This looks like a postcard to me. Maybe in the top 3 fave pics this year too.
Love this little phase of bath time, when she would line up everyone and feed them bubbles:)
Hee, love Kieran's face in this picture. I know he will love his Daddy reading stories to him just as much as Aislynn does:)
Love this action shot. It was fun watching her and Shaun play soccer together. She loves it and I think we will maybe put her in it next year? I also love that she is wearing a skirt and playing soccer. She is the perfect mix of girlie girl and tom boy:)
How could this picture not be in my faves? He is seriously one happy dude and I love his hair:)
The cutest dino EVER:)
Love the boots, the way she is holding the umbrella, love HOW MUCH FUN she had on this day, splashing around and getting wet!
I think this is my most fave pic of the year...I think. I love it. Love how it looks like she is showing him is just so precious to me:)
Love the framing and the angle here...and that beautiful fairy:)
No specific reason why this is a fave, other than I just like it...a lot:)
Funny faces. I love the whole series of pictures we took this day, but this one is my favorite.
She loved having this tree in her room:) I love the glow in this picture...
Love her face and the framing of this picture. The light was beautiful that day too.
Love this little moment:) Aislynn loves when Shaun tickles her!
Love the colors, smile, big blue eyes. We are gong to be in serious trouble when she is a teenager.
My two handsome boys. Smiling at me. Love this pic:)
This picture will always make me smile. Grumpy faces...I love that Shaun totally embraced the fact that Aislynn was being grumpy and turned it into making grumpy faces on purpose.
Cute little pumpkin:) Love that little tongue sticking out at me. Also love that he can't complain about making him pose in goofy ways, ha!
There aren't that many pictures of me with the kids, so I like this one of Aislynn and me.
I love this one of Shaun and Aislynn:)
I think this one is cool:)
Sweet. Look at those lashes. I think I will never get tired of sleeping kid pictures.
Love this picture of interaction here:) She makes him smile like no one else.
Love the feet, the mouth, the super cute baby:)
Love this phase of getting his feet in his hands and then not knowing what to do next. It didn't take long to figure out that eating them would be good to do:)
Another one that gives me the warm fuzzy feelings:) Love how K is looking at Shaun here.
Aislynn took this one, so that is why it's one of my faves, and I love the colors here:)
She looks awfully cute in hats:)
This one just makes me smile, so that's why it's included here.
She looks so cute all wrapped up after a bath. This was in January 2009. Cannot believe how much older she looks now:(
Love that happy face. Kinda weird angle, but there is something about this picture that I jsut love. The baby, maybe? ;)
Love those little hands. I just love this picture so much:)
Another picture by Aislynn. I love how Kieran's foot in under my chin.
One of the few whole family pictures and we are all smiling:) This was one at Epcot that a Disney photographer took.
So here is to a happy and healthy and prosperous 2010 for everyone! I am excited to see what this year has in store for us.