Monday, July 28, 2008

Sorry for being neglectful...

The last time I posted was last Wednesday afternoon and that night we ended up taking Aislynn to urgent care. She had a fever of 102.4 degrees and was just being really clingy all day and wouldn't eat:( She had tonsillitis. Poor sugar. The fever was gone by Thursday morning and she was much better that day. We are almost done with the antibiotics but she has been well since Friday. Friday we took Aislynn to spend the weekend with Papa and Mimi (Shaun's Dad and Step-Mom) and we drove in to Tallahassee. We saw the Dark Knight-it was really good!!! I highly recommend it!! Saturday morning I helped my Mom with a garage sale (I made $61 of scrapbook $$!) and then went to Scrapbook Market and scrapped with Becky for about 5 hours-I think we shopped and talked more than we scrapped though, lol. I made some cards, I will try to post them tomorrow. Saturday night Shaun and I just ate dinner and went to the bookstore-it was nice to do that without Aislynn!! We came home Sunday and are getting back int he routine today.
Here is what I did Thursday night-went through all my scraps-yikes! I had a ton-I threw some away (gasp!) and organized them by color. I found this little toy in my Mom's garage-it it Jesse from Toy Story 2 and Aislynn LOVES it! If you ask her if she likes it she says...Yes, it's my favorite toy! There is a little wheel on the back that makes her twirl her rope, so Shaun was showing her how to use it here.
She carries her around everywhere and wants her to sleep in the bed with her:)
Tonight we played outside-I took these pictures on P mode with the ISO set at 800 b/c it was getting dark and it was cloudy outside. Aislynn put on her own shoes...
on the wrong feet:)We got this jump rope today from Target. I know it looks like she can jump rope, but she is really just jumping up and down while holding the jump rope:)
Blowing bubbles...this picture I took on A mode.

And my goodies for coming in third for the Making Memories contest came!!! I was so happy that I don't have any of this stuff, LOL. I love this embellishment storage box too-fun! I already started putting things in it!

This quiz I found from the Freckle Friends blog, it is to see what kind of scrapbook product you are. I was paper!! You can see what product you are here.

I will try to post some more sneak peeks for the August Freckle Friends kit tomorrow, plus all the cards I made over the weekend!!

It is a work week for the photography class I am in, so I am hoping to take LOTS of pictures this week! If you want to come pose for me...come on over!


Scrap Candy said...

I adore the pics of A putting on her shoes and the result!! Your MM stuff is perfect for you! Those little flowers and buttons fit you to a tee! I can't wait to see more sneaky peeks and what you accomplished at your crop!!! hurry, hurry!

Shelstan said...

I am paper too!

rcprncss said...

I love the pictures too! A putting on her shoes and jumproping! Great pictures!