Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hardly any pictures:(

So I hardly took any pictures this weekend-AUGHHH! We were just busy having fun! We had a good 4th-good food, spent the day at the beach, tried to see some fireworks, but we had sleepy girls and got there late, then we couldn't really see them, oh well! Here are a few pictures that I got...
This is Aislynn's bud, Riley-isn't she a cutie?? Aislynn adores her, she kept follwoing her around trying to give her hugs and kisses:)

Cute girls!!!
Here are a couple pages I made featuring the Luxe flip-flop collection for Freckle Friends.

If you like what you see, you can purchase the collection here.

With my Luxe goodies, Debbie and Susan threw in a BUNCH of other goodies that I will be making stuff with and posting them within this week, so keep checking back!!! There were some Crate Paper and Basic Grey-good stuff!!!


Shelstan said...

I love-love-love the pic of the girls hugging! You must blow that one up and use it as a main focal point of a layout! It is tooooooo cute!!! It could or SHOULD be on the cover of a magazine!

Kathy said...

what cutiepies these two gals are! So cool that they like each other so much... great pics!

rcprncss said...

Yes, those pictures are so cute. Love the hugging one...I agree with Shel. It looks like an ad or something! Great pages too!