Sunday, October 26, 2008


We had the nicest weather yesterday so we decided to drive to Seaside. We walked around the shops, let Aislynn play on the beach a little, ate it there. I so WISH we could afford to live there, it is such a cute little community:) We had to get a picture of us somehow:) That little tower in the back is where we came down onto the beach.
So I LOVE how the sun is in the above shot.
And this one.
Aislynn showing us how dirty her hands were.
Love the sun in this one too.
These 2 pics are from almost the same spot...Aislynn was 4 months old in the picture below.
What a sweet face!!!
This was right before a lady walking her dog walked behind me. Aislynn is going through this phase where she is terrified of dogs:(
Hope everyone is having a good weekend!


Scrap Candy said...

these are glorious sunset pics, Pam! I adore the sand, sea, and sunlight! Can't wait to take some beach pics just like these! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

Shelstan said...

WOW! Very pretty pics! Love the colors, the position of the sun and your smiles!!