Monday, October 6, 2008

Back home again....

We are back home and we had a great time!!! The wedding was beautiful and the reception was so much fun!!! It was so nice seeing my brothers and sister together for a weekend, that is a rare occurrence, and it was nice to see family and friends too!!! Aislynn had so much fun-she loves being around lots of people!
The place they got married at was Myrtlewood Plantation in Thomasville, GA and it was so pretty! Here is Aislynn at the rehearsal on Friday night. The lodge and the gazebo where the ceremony took place overlooked this lake, and the sun set over it...gorgeous.
(Yup, it's that yellow dress again!) These kids cracked me up running around, where do they get all that energy? Aislynn called the dance floor "the square." I loved our dresses and the flowers came out SO PRETTY! My Mom looked SOOOOOOO beautiful. My Grandpa is very sick, so my Grandparents weren't able to come to the wedding. My brothers walked her down the aisle...they look mighty handsome! Saying their vows... Aislynn just kind of wandered around during the ceremony. She would hang out with me, then go see Shaun...when she got down the aisle she said "Look Mom, there's Dad!!"Here is Brynne (my sister) and her boyfriend, Sean, aren't they so cute?Here are Luke, Aislynn, and Sean (we have A LOT of Sean/Shauns, lol) the day after the wedding on the deck of the lodge we stayed in, which was so pretty and peaceful!

Those are a good sample of the pictures that I had. Shaun took most of them since I was in the wedding. I will post more pictures as I get them from other people. I know there is one of Shaun (he looked sooooo handsome!), Aislynn, and me somewhere.

In other news...a picture frame I made for Aislynn's room will be in the February/March issue of Handmade, which was Paper Trends, but they changed the name. YAY! So I will have 2 things out in February:)

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!!!


Scrap Candy said...

pam, Your mom is gorgeous! What beautiful bride (with beautiful bridesmaids to boot!) on a beautiful weather day! I am glad everything worked out just so! Now, get to scrappin some of those stunning pics!

Anonymous said...

I think i have some of those exact It was a beautiful wedding! I can't wait to see the professional pics and the ones from the cameras on the tables!!!

Rileysmom said...

ok, didn't mean to make that anynomous!