Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy Day!!!

My first publication!!!! I haven't received my box with my magazines yet, but we went to Barnes and Noble and there was my card in Card Trends on page 100:)
So exciting!!! This was before we left...I cannot resist this girl in hats...she looks adorable:)
These pictures are from yesterday...
Aislynn and Aunt Ashley
Aislynn and Mommy
Aislynn and Daddy....LOVE this picture:)
A VERY sleepy girl...note the drool:)
Hope everyone had a great weekend!


rcprncss said...

Pam, congratulations on your FIRST publication! That is awesome!'s only the beginning! Cute pictures of Aislynn too! She is growing up so fast!

brigid16 said...


Pam you are the coolest!!!!!! I am soooo happy for you!!! You rock girlfriend! I am totally going in search of this!
I love that hat on A too!!! Where ever did you find it!?!

Scrap Candy said...

YAY!! This is only the beinning PAM! You got the right stuff girlie! I am so glad to see you in this top notch mag! I can't wait to see more all the time!!!

As for hats - I have to agree - nothing makes my smile brighter that a little girls in a cute hat! I am going to have snap a pic of my fav of Aly's - you just gave me a great idea!!! as always; thank you!

Shelstan said...

Yay! Congrats to you! What an achievement! YOu should be so proud of yourself!

Kathy said...

Congrats on the pub! You so deserve it, Pam! Awesomely cute pics of Aislynn, too!