Wednesday, January 28, 2009


This is the story of Goofy: After we went to Disney World, Shaun did an impression (a very convincing one, I might add!) of Goofy one Aislynn started calling him Goofy instead of all the time, even in public:) So on our way to Atlanta after Christmas, we stopped at a gas station and I went in to use the bathroom. Right when you walked in, there was one of those machines with the claw and a bunch of Disney character stuffed animals...including Goofy. I was all excited so when I got back to the car I told Shaun...and it took him 3 (so $3) times, but he got it! He was hiding it behind his back and when he pulled it out Aislynn was SO SO SO excited! She was like "I love Goofy!" "Look at his floppy ears!" "He's wearing his green hat, that's his favorite!" It was really really cute, and Shaun felt like Super Dad:)
Anyways, finally got some pictures of Aislynn, "Goofy," and Goofy. Here's my 21 weeks belly:) It seems like as my belly gets butt looks flatter and flatter. My pal Susan gave me this award:) I have to list 5 of my addictions in order to accept the award:) *Sweet Tea *Cheese *Sweets-pretty much anything will do:) Let's see if I can think of anything besides food... *Chapstick-particularly the Burt's Bees Pomegranate kind * and scrapbooking:) So now I need to nominate 5 people, so I nominate: Candi Louisa Jakki Shel Brigid Copy and paste the picture in your blog and tell me 5 things you are addicted to...then pass it on!


Unknown said...

What a sweet story! Love that growing belly - it won't be much longer! THANK YOU for the honor of nomination! I will try to get to accepting the award this afternoon.

rcprncss said...

Awh, I just saw this! Thanks Pam! I feel so special! I gladly accept this award!

Phillip Perry said...

That is a cute story about Shaun winning Goofy from the claw.

I agree - this blog is fabulous! Here are my addictions:

- Cheese (must run in the family)
- Beer
- Facebook
- Laptop
- BlackBerry