Saturday, January 10, 2009

More crafty things...

I stayed up WAAAAAY too late last night, and am totally regretting it today, especially since A got up at about 7:20. But I did get a lot of things feels so good to play! I feel like I am in a groove lately! Here is a page I did to recap 2008.

I got 28 pictures on that-1.5" squares I made this with the December kit from Kraft Girl Kits. And a few cards...these were fun to make.
Did this one with the leftovers from the January kit from Kraft Girl Kits.
Yesterday we played in the backyard and Aislynn's latest thing is to dig with sticks as her shovel:)
I promise I will stop talking about my new lens...soon...but getting the lens made me read my instruction manual for the camera again and that refreshed me on how to change the white balance. It was really gray and overcast outside, so I changed the white balance to that setting and the colors looked so much better after I did that!
We got a big box from Grandma P. yesterday and there were some goodies for Aislynn in love love this picture... She LOVES her pink guitar-thanks so much Deb!!!! What a rock star:)


Scrap Candy said...

Now, you know I love your NEW LOs, but those new snaps of A playing are cute. What a wonderful new present too!

Phillip Perry said...

Awww, I can't wait for my niece to play me a guitar song in the future!

rcprncss said...

How cute that pink guitar is!!! Love that 2008 page! I needed that reminder to get mine started!