Monday, June 22, 2009

Hello there!

It has been awhile!! We have been hanging in there, just busy:) Aislynn was up and down last week...some days she was really really good and others...not so much. Hoping for more good days this week:) She LOVES Mister Baby (his newest name to add to the list!) though. So much that she ALWAYS wants him to be awake so she can see his eyes and kiss on him! He really doesn't seem to mind how in his face she gets too, so that's good!
Here is a picture I took of him some day last week...what a sweet guy:)Here is a layout that I had started before Kieran arrived and I finished it up last week:Just some detail shots...
I used the June Kit from Kraft Girl Kits!
Yesterday we were playing a game on and after Aislynn finished, we printed out the crown and she after she put it on she went to get some accessories, lol. I was feeding Kieran while I took this...whenever I feed him in the rocker in his room, she like to sit on the ottoman part and hang out. Sometimes we have "tea" or read, but yesterday I was a horse and she was sitting on my legs riding the horse. Then she called me "horsie" for the rest of the night. Yesterday for Father's Day, Aislynn made Shaun the CUTEST card ever:) I should take a picture of it. She actually made it Saturday and gave it to him then because she was so excited. I asked her what she wanted it to say, and this is what she said:
Dear Dad, I love you.
Playing is fun.
You're so funny Dad.
I love to be happy.
I like nice things Dad.
Dad, when you tickle me, I like it.
The end.
Love, Aislynn
She cracks me up! We also made him a little canvas with both of the kids footprints made into hearts and their pictures. I will try and get a picture of that too. Anyways, Aislynn did start gymnastics last week and she LOVES it! She won't stop doing somersaults at home now, lol! She loves that Lillian is taking it with her too! Sometime I will bring my camera to get some pictures. It has been miserably hot here, so we have pulled out Aislynn's little inflatable pool wCheck Spellinge got last year. She spent the night with Mimi and Aunt Ashley one night last week and had a blast, and Aunt Brynne came over and snuggled Kieran so I could clean up a little! If the house is somewhat clean and my legs are shaved, I am feeling pretty caught up, lol! Okay...enough babbling!!!


Scrap Candy said...

So sweet. These days are so important; breathe in these little moments - even the ones where you are not quite "caught up" - I miss them so much seeing your pictures.

Douglas A. Perry, Sr. said...

What a great Fathers Day card. I love the open and honest thoughts of children.

Great colerful scrap book

Joshfsu123 said...

Really cute pictures as usual!

Phil and I are coming over for the 4th of July weekend (I guess it is next weekend now) so we can't wait to meet the little one then and see Aislynn!

Miss ya!

Brynne said...

I love the pic of A with all her jewelry, what a goof ball. I also like the one of the little sweet pea. Hope things are going well!

Rileysmom said...

I love the pic with A and her crown and cute! Her card for daddy is adorable, your mom told me about it! Hope you are having a good week.

rcprncss said...

Kieren looks so sweet! He has a darling little face! I love that Aislynn has started gymastics! How Fun! The Father's Day card is just adorable! I look forward to seeing that and the canvas you made! What a great gift!

Shelstan said...

Precious! Lily does the same thing that you describe - getting up close to Zoey and not wanting her to sleep, so she can see her eyes. Zoey is just now starting to get annoyed when people are in her personal space, at age 7 months, so you have awhile to teach A about boundaries! LOL