Thursday, July 2, 2009

July Kit...

I dug into the July Kit from Kraft Girl Kits and made these projects:
Here is just a detail shot. I used my fingernails to fold of the scallops on the strip of blue paper and I didn't press the letter stickers all the way down so that there would be some dimension on the layout. A little card:
Love this picture of Shaun:)
After taking pictures of those layouts, Aislynn and I took a few pics of ourselves. This one was with the remote... And this was the good old stick your arm in front of you method:) My friend Louisa is posting 10 things about herself on her blog everyday for 10 days, so I thought I would *try* to play along. I think I will do it in a list format, so for the first day I will do my top 10 baby-related products:)
1) Bravado Nursing Tanktop-I actually feel cute when I wear this:) And talk about support!! I love it!
2) Bravado Nursing Bra-I have never found a bra that I just love...until now. I read all kinds of reviews on nursing bras, and this was one of the top ones, and I am SO happy with it! All I have to sy is thank goodness for ebay...the Bravado products are $$$ from their web-site!
3) Tiny Love Gymini Musical Kick and Discover Play Mat-Kieran LOVES this! (Actually, Aislynn does too!) He is content to lay and look at himself in the mirror and he bats around the little animals hanging down. I think we will get so much use out of this as he grows.
4) Kiddopotamus SwaddleME wraps-Shaun calls these Kieran's straight jackets, but he sleeps SO good in them! So good that I only put him in them at night because he was sleeping too much in the day wearing them, lol!
5) Lanolin-Kieran's butt was turning red because he poops so much, so the lactation consultant at the hospital suggested I use that everytime I change him. I was using diaper rash cream, but this stuff works WAAAAAY better and no red booty anymore!
6) Gerber Cloth Diapers-These rock as burp cloths! Also to throw over Kieran during diaper changes, so if he doesn't go everywhere:)
7) Onesies-It is so hot outside and these are easy for diaper changes, so Kieran is wearing a lot of these right now!
8) Gerber Thermal Blankets-These are light and a little bigger then receiving blankets, so we have been using these during the day to swaddle.
9) Our rocker-I love rocking him in this, and Aislynn loves to climb in my lap while I am feeding him. It is such a sweet moment to have both kids in my lap:)
10) These stamps...I can't wait to use them on a layout:) Come on, you knew there had to be something scrappy on here, lol!
Wow, that was tough...I don't know how many days I will be able to do this Louisa!!!


rcprncss said...

Yippie! You started your list! That is cool! I love all your baby related products! That is bound to help someone! Love the layouts and those two pictures of you and A. She is darling and is growing so fast! Thanks for playing! :)

Scrap Candy said...

Oh, brave favorite enabling friends! Love the lists and all the products.

THose are some excellent snaps of you and A! Now go get that remote out and take a family shot! I wanna see you guys all together!

Rileysmom said...

Ummm, have you been doing some 12 x 12 LOs lately????? What's up with that? I remember you saying you were thinking of moving to 9x9 or Oh and i will so come and help with getting next month's kit if you need me...that means i get to go home with mine!

Shelstan said...

Love the list!! Cloth diapers are the best for burp cloths!! Love them!

And I agree with Candi...where is the pic of the foursome?

Brynne said...

Nice pages, I had fun this weekend!

Douglas A. Perry, Sr. said...

I love the "grandpa time" scrap page. Send me a good picture of it so I can print it and put it on my wall.

Also the wording as I can't read it (oops! I mean I am unable to read it at this time -- I can't use the word "can't"). LOL

Phillip Perry said...

I really like the layout with Dad in it too. That was very thoughtful.

That's a good list of baby products. You should send that to anyone you know who has a new baby. Even though I don't have one, I found it informative. :)