Thursday, July 23, 2009

8 weeks old...

Last night, my wonderful sister, Brynne, watched the kiddos so that Shaun and I could go do something grown up:) I have been pumping and building up a little supply so that we could do this, and it was so much fun:) I was having one of those nights, where you can't find anything to wear and you just don't feel pretty:( Cannot wait until I lose a little weight!!! But we had lots of fun and after I had a few glasses of wine, I didn't care any more:)To the left is Megan, Lillian's Mommy and to the right is Ashley, Shaun's sister.Kieran is 8 weeks old today!!! He is such a happy baby, really!!! He has got the most laid back personality, we feel so lucky!!! He is also so dang cute (not like I am biased or anything, ha!).He just started doing this thing when he smiles so big that sounds like a little laugh/ is seriously the cutest noise ever!!!He is also getting better at holding his head up for longer periods of time. This mobile should be added to my list of favorite baby products:) He grins and grins at this while I am changing his diaper? The feet make noises when you shake them, and the belly of the lion is a big mirror, so Kieran can see himself. So cute:)
We LOVE this little guy so much!!!


rcprncss said...

Oh my gosh! He is so dang cute! I love his big smile!!!! His personality is really showing now!
I look forward to more pictures and watching him grow like Aislynn! I remember when she was tiny too!

Scrap Candy said...

WOW...He is such a big boy with a fantastic personality! It has to be true - your heart is beating outside of you when you see that precious face!

I wanna date night! It looks like you had so much fun hanging out! Good for you!

Brynne said...

I love his little outfit! I had a nice time watching him the other night, I could just stare at him for hours becasue he is so dang cute and I love that he smiles a lot now! Cute pics

Shelstan said...

Good for you, getting a grown-up night out!!

And, he is such a cutie pie! I love the pic of him holding his head up! What a strong little bugger!

Isn't this the best, when they start to smile and recognize things?

sarah said...

awwwwww what a cutie he is!! love those photos, pam! :) can't wait to see you scrap those.


Douglas A. Perry, Sr. said...

Pamella: you always look pretty so don't say those things! I;m glad you were able to go out and have some adult fun.

Great photos and the ones with A' in the pool in previous blog.

Love Ya...Dad