Monday, August 10, 2009

Bath Boy!!

Kieran is SOOOOO laid back, and I think you can totally tell from the pictures I post. He has such a sweet demeanor and hardly gets fussy (although, he doesn't like riding in the car lately). When he does get fussy, he is pretty easy to calm down. There was one incident when he had an explosive diaper in the car on our way to dinner and he fell asleep. I woke him up when we got to the restaurant so I could clean him and his car seat up, and boy...he was mad then. That was the worst time though. Here he is getting his bath tonight...content as can be:)Okay, here he looks like he is thinking, "Is this lady ever going to stop taking my picture?" This weekend I cleaned like a mad woman. I did lots of little projects that I had wanted to get done before Kieran was born. Things like thoroughly cleaning the refrigerator, cleaning under the couch cushions (which I wish I would have done before I bought A 2 new packs of barrettes...seems like I discovered her hiding place), that kinda stuff. I also made a bunch of birthday cards...lots of birthdays in August;) I made a little inspiration journal too. Before K was born, I went through all of my scrappy magazines and cut out the layouts that inspired me. They have been sitting in a big pile on my desk. I made a little journal that is divided into sections by how many pictures are on the page. Getting it done and looking at the pages really makes me want to scrap!!! Hopefully one night this week I can whip up a few pages...longing to use some of these teeny baby pictures:) I will try to remember to take a picture of the journal sometime this week, I think it came out pretty cute:) Other news...I forgot to say how Kieran's 2 month appointment went last week! He was a 10 lbs, 11 oz and was 23 inches long. He is a skinny guy and tall, just like his sister was! He screamed so much during his shots (okay another fussy time, but can you blame him-he had 3!!), poor honey. His next appointment will be the same day as Aislynn's 4 year well check. Can you believe she is going to be 4 in a month from tomorrow? Yikes!!! Having Kieran makes me wish sometimes I would have soaked up the early parts more with her. I was always saying how I couldn't wait for her to *enter the next milestone.* Maybe b/c she was my first, what do you think? I am just going to try to enjoy every little bit because I know it is going to be over so quickly! Days that I am soooo ready for bedtime and for a fresh day I just have to remind myself that I will be longing for these days when the kids are all grown up:) Today we went and looked at a preschool for Aislynn, but it was pretty sad:( We just didn't get a good vibe and knew immediately we wouldn't send her there. There is an awesome Montessori school here, but it is just so darn expensive, there is no way we could justify spending so much money to send her there. So she will just be home with us still:) We did sign her up for ballet/tap today, which starts in a couple weeks. I am really looking forward to that! I think we are going to maybe do soccer too. Which will be fun too, I think kids this age are adorable...all running all over the place, not playing by the rules, not will be good for her:) Okay, this was a totally random post, so if you made it this far, thanks to listening to me ramble! Oh, and I did use spell check this time-I noticed in one of my recent posts I had a ton of spelling errors, lol:)


Shelstan said...

There's a spellcheck on blogger? Get out!

OK...Kieran looks so tiny in that little baby tub! Zoey is such a chunker compared to him. Granted, she is several months older, but she sits in the big ol' tub now and seems so big!

I agree...the first one flew by and the second (and third) need to be savored a bit more.

Cherish every moment. They are so sweet!

Scrap Candy said...

Life is is so precious (we really understand this lately here!) and I love how you have it recorded to a "t". Pam , I hope one of your new project ideas can include a way to get your blog printed in book form for your beautiful kids! I really believe it would be SO cherished by them for years to come!

Rileysmom said...

Your latest pictures are so darn adorable!!! Your journalling makes me sad that we aren't having another one, as i totally relate to your wanting to enjoy it more this time! Too bad about the preschool, but trust your instincts! There aren't anymore in the area???