Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fun in the Sun

One of Shaun's friends came down for a little getaway the past couple weekends and he rented a little cottage on one of the coastal lakes down here so they could fish. We went down there on Friday and Saturday to play. Friday was overcast and windy, so it actually didn't feel that hot. Yesterday we went over so late in the afternoon and with the breeze it was nice then too. The lakes are unique to this area. They are a mix of fresh water and salt water because they open up to the gulf sometimes. The boys caught bass, black drum, a red fish, and a mangrove snapper. I must have been bad luck because they didn't catch anything when I was there, lol. Here are some pictures of A playing in the lake:
I was surprised she was swimming around like this because she is pretty squeamish... I didn't bring her bathing suit-oops!!! I don't know why?
Love this one below... I wore Kieran in the sling the whole time and he slept... Hee hee, cute:) These pictures are from Saturday. Shaun took Aislynn in the ocean, but she was nervous. She didn't like the waves and she wanted to go back in the lake part because it was shallow and much calmer.I had my 50 mm lens on and I don't know why this picture looks so crazy, but I like how they are running, looking at each other. It's weird how the sky, water, and sand are all blended together.Back in the lake...I was wearing Bongo in the sling, but this time he woke up. He was happy though! Being outside calms him.We went back on the dock of the cottage so that Shaun could use up their bait.
The house had this pirate ship in the backyard. Weird, but fun for kids? Aislynn said she was a nice pirate.
Bongo propped up on my knees...
Good times:)


Brynne said...

I love the ones of A in her pink suit. Also the one of the sky, sand and water blended looks pretty cool, I like it, they look like ponyo running on the waves ha ha.

Shelstan said...

How cute is it that you call him Bongo?

I love the pic of Shaun and A running. That would be so pretty on a layout if you blew it up and wrote your journaling right on the pic between the two of them.

Scrap Candy said...

such great shots.

I can almost feel the wind sweep salty air across these faces. Beautiful!