Sunday, January 3, 2010

Back to Normal

Aislynn is feeling much better now, hence the stinkery face above when I tried to take her picture:) She is sleeping back in her bed now and she wants to play a lot more now. She is also back to being a little stinker, so I know that the pain must've subsided, lol! She was trying to color a picture yesterday and she was getting frustrated trying to write letters. When I looked, they looked great, I couldn't believe how well she writes with her left hand.
In other news, Kieran is about ready to take off crawling any day now. He gets on his hands and knees and rocks back and forth, but can't figure out what to do next. He has really been doing this a lot the last few days, so we'll see. I am not really ready for him to be crawling, lol! I don't want that milestone to come just quite yet! He also does the "plank" pose, hee hee, where he gets on his hands and toes:0)
Poor guy on the tile floor. I try to keep him on his little play mat, but he moves right off. And ignore the trash and pile of shoes in the background:) Normally I try to make sure the background is pretty free of clutter, but in this case, I just wanted to get the shot:)


Scrap Candy said...

Oh, poor sugar...her face is totally acceptable here. I took pics of B when he had his EEG and he rolled his eyes at me!!

And look at K HE IS SO BIG - you can just see his energy building! Watch out!!

Shelstan said...

Awww...sweetie! This too shall pass! What a crappy way to start the year, though!

WOW! I cannot believe how big Kieran is! Time flies!

Brynne said...

I can't believe he will crawl soon, going by too fast already. Cute pics

Rileysmom said...

I told Riley about A's arm...and twice she's told me that her's is broken too!