Sunday, September 5, 2010

15 months

Mr. K turned 15 months a week ago, so I decided to do a little update:)At 15 months, he:
  • NEVER stops moving when awake and is quite clumsy (the boo boo on his nose occurred after falling over his little push bike toy and getting a bad rug burn)
  • if you try to pick him up while he is walking around, he gets very mad at you
  • he is starting the going boneless (KnuffleBunny, anyone?) fits...screams and cries, sometimes hits and flails about when you are holding him and he doesn't want you too or sometimes when you are trying to put him in the car seat:(
  • when you put pause during Goodnight Moon at this part: the quiet old lady was whispering...he whispers hush:) We also have a book called "What Should We Do With the Boo Hoo Baby?" and when you say "the baby says..." he fills in boo hoo hoo.
  • is TOTALLY a Daddy's boy:) Shaun has been getting him in the morning for the past couple weeks so when he wakes up, I hear "da da....da da...da da" on the monitor. Whenever he wakes up from his nap, he knows that Shaun will be up and he can't wait to see him:) If he hears Shaun from another room, he has to go find him. I looooooove watching my boys together;)
  • his idea of playing is picking up a toy (usually a block or book) in each hand and carrying it around...sometimes he will take them to another room, find other things, and then carry them back to the living room.
  • says "no" a lot. He and A have a game in the backseat where one says no in a sing songy voice, then the other one will and then they laugh. Repeat again and again and again:)
  • used to b a good eater, now? Not so much. He is pretty picky, and it seems like his tastes change from day to day. One day he will eat cheese, the next day he won't, etc. He still looooooves bananas (well, all fruit really). The other day while grocery shopping, we walked by the bananas and he started saying "na na na."
  • sleeps with his blanky...really need to find another one on ebay or something. When you lay him down for a nap or bedtime, he pulls it around his face and starts chewing/sucking on it.
  • loves Thomas the Train. He gets all excited when he sees Thomas and squeals "ta" "ta" "ta".
  • Also loves dogs (or "da). Has no fear whatsoever and gets super excited when he sees them.
  • likes to bring us blocks and says "bla" for them.
  • likes to get Shaun's hat ("ha") off of his head.

and one of my favorite things he does is holds a phone (toy, one of our cells, my mp3 player, or a remote will do) to his ear and says "ho" and proceeds to babble like he is talking on it. Sometimes he starts doing this just when he hears the phone cute:) He is definitely acting more like a toddler then a baby:( But this is a super fun age, just tiring chasing him around, ha ha;)

In other news, A is turning 5 (seriously cannot believe how fast time has gone by, yikes!) this Saturday, and we are going to Disney to celebrate! I think we are leaving Wednesday and coming back Sunday, so we'll do parks Thursday-Saturday. Should be tons of fun, can't wait!!! :)


Jakki said...

he's SO BIG! i know because Logan is so the same way. the phone thing is cute. and now because i swear all i do is copy you i'm going to have to do the whole 15 month post now too.... but i have a few days. lol

my mom is in the collage, and yeah we look alike, but im taller ... okay lame i know but i had to say it anyway.

and i am totally giving away a sheet of all i got of the show and tell line. so you better get in on the challenge.

i might as well just write up a public email here. lol

Scrap Candy said...

oh poor boo boo boy! They are all a part of growing up and learning, right?

I love the BONELESS knuffle bunny bit! I forgot all about those days! Aren't they the best? Especially in public?! :)

I can't wait to see A's smiling face at WDW next week!

Shel said...

We love the book What Should We Do With the Boo Hoo Baby? One of our faves too!!!

Do you have the board book, "I Love You, Stinky Face."?? That's a great one for his age too!

Brynne said...

Poor little guy's nose! I cannot believe that A is going to be 5, they are both growing up way too fast. I wish I could go with yall to Disney, poopy work always takes its course. I'm so sad that I will not get to see A on her birthday this year but I will def see yall first weekend of October when Dad is there!Have a blast!