Wednesday, September 1, 2010


The last few pictures I have taken seem to have a recurring theme, food:) So that's where I got the name for this blog post:)
Here is a box of fresh fruits and vegetables from Off the Vine. Searching for a way to get produce that is more fresh then the store, we stumbled across this. There are different options but we got the mixed box. Every week they take the most fresh veggies and fruit from FL and the surrounding states and you can order a mixed box, all fruit box, etc. Everything is organic and they have different offerings each week. Our box had green leaf lettuce, okra, fennel, green beans, carrots, celery, gold potatoes, yellow tomatoes, kale, cucumbers, black plums, gingergold apples, cantaloupe, red grapes, and an avocado. What was so great about it was that we tried different things. I would have never probably bought fennel, but we made a delicious pork roast and roasted veggies with it. You can sign up on a recurring basis or do as needed, which is what we will do. This week"s box didn't sound all that appealing to us so we didn't get it. I am so excited that we found this now! We haven't been to the farmers market here in awhile, but with fall on the brink, hopefully some more vendors will be showing up. It was pretty slow during the summer. Here is A eating the cheesecake she made in cooking class last week. The school she goes to has elective classes that she can stay at for after the preschool part ends. So Tuesdays are cooking class and art class is about to begin 2 times a week-fun! She loves cooking class. This week they made pizza macaroni and cheese and she told me she tasted pepperoni and that she does like it so now she will get it on pizza:) We have fallen into some sort of routine now. When we get back from dropping A off, K has a snack and I get their lunch made so when we get back from picking her up, it is all ready and there are no cranky hungry kids:) I bought some little cookie cutters and have been making fun lunches. This has gotten A to try some new foods like green peppers, cucumbers, and avocado that she normally would have turned her nose down on before. I guess when they are in fun shapes, they are harder to resist, lol. I just have her try them and she doesn't have to eat it if she doesn't like it (getting her to try new foods was the hardest part!). Here is an example from one day last week: cheese, ranch dressing for the veggies, cantaloupe, carrots with heart shaped cucumbers for the tops, and turkey, avocado and mustard sandwiches.
Another thing we started doing is making our own popcorn on the stove. It is sooooooo yummy and we are trying to season it different ways, plus, A thinks the popping sounds are totally fun:)
Okay, now I'm hungry, lol!
The other night, Shaun and I painted. We decided to do sunsets since we saw a lot of them last week. I love how we interpreted them differently and no, we aren't super duper artists or anything. But it was nice to have another creative release, drink wine and do something together besides watch tv:)
Shaun's is the top and mine is the bottom. A thinks they are masterpieces:)
I have got some layouts to share and am almost done with a sewing project, so maybe when I take pictures of that, I will take pictures of the other ones I have done:)


Scrap Candy said...

Foods!!! How appropriate that I am eating dinner and catching up on your blog at the same time!! I have some quick meals planned fir this week since heading back to work is always such an ordeal to get back in the swing of. Tonite was easy arachera (steak) tacos. Everyone has ditched me at this point and the dishes need to be done ...ugh. I'm glad you finally found your new schedule. Now I need to get mine in place!! I adore your sunsets!! How cool! What is it painted on, canvas?

Brynne said...

Those veggies look scrumptious! I love both of your paintings maybe I could paint with yall sometime & drink some wine, ha!