Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day!!!!!!

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!!!!!! We didn't do much, just kinda hung out at the house, ran a couple errands yesterday and we can definetly tell it's summer!!!!! Something is wrong with Blogger, so rather than trying to figure it out, the pictures will just be out of order:) I decided to cut Aislynn's bangs tonight since they were so long. I don't think I did a very even job, but she still looks cute:) I might take her tomorrow to get them fixed:) She got this new bubble toy, here she is trying to figure it out...
She did it!!!!! This thing just keeps blowing bubbles-she loves it!!!!!!!
Here she is jumping up and down, one of her fave things to do-I like it too-it gets out lots of energy!
See how long her bangs are? She needed them cut!!!!!!
Taking a bubble bath:)
I got my fabulous June Freckle Friends kit and have played with it a little, hopefully I can get some more done tonight and then I will post some sneak peeks for you all tomorrow!

Oh, I have to share a cute story-we watched this show on the travel channel about Disney World (we are going in December-YAY!) and when Aislynn saw the tea cup ride she said "Look, they're riding in a coffee!" Then she said "I want to go to Disney World and give Goofy a hug and ride in the coffee." SO cute-she is going to have a blast, I cannot wait!

Okay, that's all for now!!!