Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Here are a few pictures we got tonight. Haven't been taking out the camera out much this week, so I made up for it tonight:)
Could not get Aislynn to look at me, I finally got her to smile-but she wouldn't look at the camera!! Here we go-a look AND a sort-of smile:) The sunset from tonight! Love this picture! There was a fountain with a marlin and dolphins at the plaza where we ate dinner (that is what Aislynn is loooking at). When we were leaving-Aislynn said "Bye dolphins, bye fishy marlin!" Hope everyone's week is going well!!


Scrap Candy said...

THese are so beautiful! I think I see a tilt in there! Love the way you capture A with her back to you and included the cobblestone...worth so many words!