Wednesday, December 3, 2008

13 weeks, a dinosaur, and a mini-Christmas tree

We started pulling out the Christmas decorations last night, and we did this little tree for Aislynn's room. She loves it. I tried to convince her to pick out different colored ornaments at Target, but she wanted purple. We got silver for another little tree we have and when it came to decorating her tree, she decided she needed both colors:)Aislynn got this dinosaur from one of the workers at Epcot. We were going to go on one of the rides and Shaun warned her there might be dinosaurs and she freaked out. The guy gave her this little dinosaur in hopes to show her they weren't scary...but we didn't end up going on the ride:( But A treasures this little guy:) I just like this picture, she looks so grown up here! For some reason it looked so much better in black and white.
Here is my 13 week belly: You can see my battle scars (stretch marks) from Aislynn:( Hopefully I don't get anymore, but we'll see. I have been feeling pretty good, clothes still fit if I unbutton my pants and I haven't gained any weight yet. Aislynn is convinced we are having a baby brother and my snack before I go to bed is cheddar cheese and cashews...yummy!


rcprncss said...

Sweet pictures! Aislynn is such a beauty!Have a great weekend!