Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Big Girl Aislynn Ush Princess Ensen...

The title of the post is what Aislynn calls herself lately. If you say she is a baby, she says, "No, I'm Big Girl Aislynn Ush Princess Ensen." I have NO idea where she came up with that, but she is creative!!!
We took her to see Santa on Saturday, she was kinda shy...all her answers were one word, and she told him she wanted a dollhouse. The best thing about seeing him to her was that she got a candy cane, lol.Yesterday we made Russian Tea Cakes and it was fun! I love baking with Aislynn she is so enthusiastic about it, lol!Today I am 15 weeks. We had a doctor's appointment on Monday,and everything looks good! I have gained 1 lb and we were able to hear the baby's heartbeat-nice and strong! My next appointment is Jan. 12th and that is when we will be able to find out the sex...can't wait!!! I have 1 pair of drawstring maternity pants, but for the most part, I am still in normal pants, but the belly is definitely getting a little bigger!!!
Aislynn snuggling my belly... and "baby sister," formerly known as Ba Ba.
Christmas is in a week-YAY! Aislynn is so excited! Is it just me or has December gone by super fast?


Unknown said...

gorgeous light in that last pic! Doesn't time fly between those first moments w/ Santa (being all scared to go) and the ones where they hop up in his lap! This will probably be Brandan's last year! :(

rcprncss said...

December HAS gone by fast! Love the Santa picture! I know kids enjoying getting that candy cane.
The picture of A hugging your belly is so sweet!