Monday, December 1, 2008

Back from Disney...

We are back! We had such a good time! Seeing Aislynn be SOOOOO excited over everything was such a special feeling. She was really good too, we only had one potty accident and she was well-behaved even when she was so exhausted. It was tiring being at the parks all day and standing, but we still had so much fun. We hope we can go back in Feb. maybe when it is not so busy! Anyways, here are the pictures....and blogger is not being my friend today, so they are out of order.

This was at Hollywood Studios-Aislynn was not a fan of Buzz and Woody, they were a lot bigger than she thought they were going to be! She wouldn't even give them high fives, and she was sad that Jessie (from Toy Story 2) wasn't there.

Aunt Ashley and Aislynn...I tried so hard to get Aislynn to want mouse ears, but she settled for these sunglasses instead.The whole group at Hollywood Studios.We went on the back lot tour at Hollywood Studios and at the end they had this display of famous movie villains. Aislynn liked Darth Vader, but she was looking at Darth Maul...not a fan of him. She saw the alien from Alien and said, "Let's get out of here." In front of the Great Movie Ride at Hollywood Studios...This was BY FAR, my favorite part of the trip...meeting the characters, especially the princesses. Aislynn LOVED meeting them and we had been waiting in line for a long time to meet only Cinderella, we thought. We were so surprised and Aislynn was so happy when we saw we got to meet Belle and Princess Aurora (Aislynn's fave!).

The castle all lit up at night...every time Aislynn could see the castle, she would point it out in an excited voice:)
This was Aislynn's treat after going on Snow White's Scary Adventure at Magic Kingdom. She saw the witch and had her eyes closed the whole time, I felt so bad, so I gave her this giant lollipop to hopefully erase any scary thoughts. It must have worked because she didn't say anything about it!
Aislynn loved meeting Ariel too! She kept saying "Ariel was so pretty and nice." She did wonder where Prince Eric was and all the water, lol.
Aislynn wasn't the biggest fan of the Fairy Godmother, but she was who told us where Cinderella was.
When we first got to Magic Kingdom, there was a show going on at Cinderella's castle and we watched it. A got to see all of her favorites!
She was sooooo excited she got to see Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty. She wanted too, but we weren't sure if she would see her or not. When A saw her she said "Dad, there's Maleficent-she's mean!"
She was excited about Captain Hook and Peter Pan too!
This is her watching the show:
Prince Phillip and Princess Aurora are her favorites, so we got to see them right off the bat and that was cool.
Prince Charming and Cinderella...
The castle in the day:
Pinocchio...he looked creepy to me, but A wasn't scared of him.
This was at Epcot at the Character Spot, we were worried she would be scared to meet them b/c they don't look like people. She was giving them hugs, high fives, and kisses, it was soooo cute. The line was really long, but it was so worth it to see that smile on her face!!!!!
She wondered where the "she duck" was:)
She kept calling Minnie "the heart". We were thinking b/c of her ears?
The Genie from Aladdin was the first character we met, and A was not impressed. She wouldn't talk to him or even look at him, lol.
This was in Italy in the World Showcase at Epcot.
Aunt Ashley and Shaun and Aislynn
A loved seeing all of the friends from Nemo!
This was the first ride we went on and she loved it! She loved seeing all of the things/characters she recognized from Finding Nemo.
I took this sometime at Epcot, it's just a cute picture:)
This was when we first got to Epcot:
Here is the big ball at Epcot (or "ebcot" as A says), when we were on the bus and she saw it, she said "That is a really big, heavy ball!" That's all for now! Now going to start getting ready for Christmas. Aislynn wanted to decorate the tree last night when we got home:)
I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!!


Shelstan said...

Fabulous pics!!! Looks like you all had a blast! I love your little, tiny, baby bump too!

Rileysmom said...

OMG I just love all the pictures. Aislynn looks like she had a great time!

Scrap Candy said...

Those smiles (on all of you) are priceless! I have to agree that you have a wonderful family of "four" pic there! Yay for all of the characters! Now what kind of goodies did you snack on?

Lydia said...

Pam, I really enjoyed looking at your photos. You have such an adorable and pretty little lady :)!

rcprncss said...

WOW! Love all these pictures! I can't believe how many characters you got pictures with! Looks like you had a wonderful time!
ps- I agree about Pinochio!

brigid16 said...

Oh my goodness!!!! You guys look so happy in all those pics! I am so glad that you had so much fun!!!
I love that you got to meet all those characters!