Wednesday, February 11, 2009

23 weeks and a cute Princess:)

Here is my 23 week belly picture. Aislynn keeps commenting on how big it is getting, I tell her "Oh, just wait!" We had checked out this book, The Best Kind of Baby, and one of the little girl's friends in the book points out that her Mommy's tummy looks like a Aislynn keeps telling me I look like a whale:) Thanks sweetie;) Anyways, this picture is a little blurry, but look, I am wearing normal clothes-no pj's or yoga pants!!! Today Aislynn wanted to wear her crown, the gold Mardi Gras beads, and a ring and she was a "beautiful princess" all day. Even when we went to the post office and Barnes and Noble:)
She IS a beautiful princess!
We got pizza for dinner and I forgot to share this story the last time, but it reminded me when we went there again, so I will share it now:) They have a bucket of kid's toys at the pizza place and there was a Rubik's Cube in there and she kept asking to play with the "Wall-E block." I had no idea what she was talking about for the longest time, lol. If you have seen Wall-E, you probably know what part I am talking about!!
Okay, I have another story b/c A is in the bath and this just happened, talk about up-to-the-minute reporting;) We have been reading Pocahontas, and Aislynn has these little Sesame Street figurines sitting in a boat and she said (in her best Cookie Monster impression) "We have arrived to America." Hee hee, she cracks me of these days I am going to have to sneak the video camera and tape her conversations during her bath...they are the best;) Okay, off to clean the beautiful princess and greet the newest members of the New World.


Scrap Candy said...


Your babies are growing by leaps and bounds! Record it all!