Friday, February 20, 2009


makes me smile:) She totally made up for going to bed super late and getting out of bed (constantly) Wednesday night; by being well-behaved, so cute, and she gave me these pictures yesterday:) And it was even her idea to sit in front of the door:) Here, she is making the "belly statue" face. When we were in Las Vegas last summer, we went to the aquarium in Mandalay Bay and she saw a Buddha statue in one of the tanks and it was making this face, and she called it the belly statue:)
We went to renew our tags (a little late-whoops!) and the tax collector's office is in the same building where we voted, so she said, "Is this the President?" She has such a good memory!
Then we went to the playground at this one shopping center and I am SO kicking myself for not bringing the camera. There is a little stage and they were playing blues music and she was performing at the circus, as she said:) She was dancing, singing...not even paying attention that people were walking by and watching her. It was sooooooooo cute, and she kept running up and giving me big kisses and hugs too:)
Brynne and Sean came over for dinner last night, and we got to talking about the BEST burger ever, so we are going to that restaurant later for dinner tonight:) Can't wait, they have really good sweet tea too, and that sounds so good to me right now:)
Happy Weekend!!!


Anonymous said...

She is just the cutest! Love your blog!

Unknown said...

I am now, too, CRAVING SWEET TEA!! Yum!

The beautiful yellow background is supreme for that cheery little face! I love love love the way everything shines!

Phillip Perry said...

She DOES have a good memory and she looks so grown up in the second picture from the top.

I know what burger place you're talking about. I want one! Will have to find a good burger joint in Albania.