Monday, September 28, 2009

4 Months

**Before I talk about baby boy being 4 months today (sniff!), I have to brag on Aislynn:) She has been asking every couple days if she can just wear panties at night, but we tried this back in July and it didn't quite work out (I didn't have the patience for all the laundry-bad Mommy I know!). I was at Target yesterday and I decided to not buy anymore pull-ups. Aislynn was super excited about this and she didn't have any accidents last night! This was a shock to me because her pull-up was always soaked in the morning. Shaun woke her up around 1 to go potty and she did then. We are so proud of her! Hopefully it wasn't a fluke and this is a continuing thing:0) We also started a phonics program, and she is doing great with that too! We started it yesterday and she is loving that, little smarty:)
So Kieran turned 4 months today:( I was doing something today and I was walking around nursing him, holding him with 1 arm and his poor little legs were just hanging down. JUST as I was thinking this, Shaun said how big he was getting and how we used to easily be able to hold him in one arm and now he is too long! He is really getting to the fun stage (Jakki-the non-blog stage, ha ha!). He LOVES watching Aislynn doing silly antics, esp. peek-a-boo or she just laughs really loud an obnoxiously and he finds this hilarious. Here she is with him:
Other things about him right now:
  • He loves looking in the mirror, wondering just who that baby is:)
  • He puts EVERYTHING he can get his hands on straight into his mouth...he has just started trying to get his piggies in his mouth, but doesn't quite have the coordination to keep them there
  • He "talks" a lot (especially to that baby in the mirror!), lots of gurgles and coos-LOVE those sounds so much:)
  • He has rolled over a few times from his tummy to back, and he scoots himself around when he is on his back, and wants to try to roll over soooo bad from back to tummy, but he just can't get there yet!
  • He is ticklish...under his chin and on his sides...this gets him to laugh...real laughs:) He has the cutest giggle ever!
  • He WAS a good sleeper, but the past week he has been waking up 2-3 times a night? What's up with that? He's a little cat napper during the long naps, usually an hour max.

I know I am probably forgetting something right now!!! We go to the doctor on Oct. 13th for his next check up:)See, hands in the mouth:) Shaun serenading Kieran while I cleaned up after dinner and Aislynn was still eating her dinner (it takes her like an hour to eat if we are at home!). One funny thing...Kieran is pretty much in onesies all the time because they are easy and it's hot. Aislynn calls them shirts. The other day I had pants on him and she told me he doesn't wear pants. just shirts, lol. Then I had him in overalls a different day and she told me to take his dress off, ha!


Brynne said...

gosh, that little man sure is growing up quick. I love his smiles! Woo hoo for A on no night time accidents so far. YOu sure can tell that she lovesssss her baby brother in that pic of her holding him!

Scrap Candy said...

He is SO BIG! WOw, little man - time is going to start flying! I love the pic of shaun serenading HIM! Tell A to keep up the good word - little flops here and there are to be expected - she will do fine!!

Jakki said...

lol on the blob comment. logan is out of his blob stage too ... they're so much more fun now aren't they ????

Shelstan said...

A says the cutest things! I love that pic of Shaun singing to him! That's a keeper!

Rileysmom said...

Congrats to A!!!!! Tell her to keep it up! He is getting big and so cute!!