Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cool Site

Just wanted to share this cool site where you can turn your pictures into polaroids: It's free:)
P.S. That picture was when K was about 2 weeks old, seems like forever ago!
Aislynn is with my Mom in Jacksonville and is coming back Saturday. Things are so quiet around here! So far, I have done a little scrapping and went through Aislynn's closet to pull out all the things that are too small. Hope to accomplish some more things while she is gone. It's rainy and dark outside right now though...kinda thinking about a nap?


Scrap Candy said...

Go for that nap, girl! There is nothing better than crawling under the covers on a rainy day!! Enjoy your time to get things done and cleaned up!!

Cute Polaroid!!

Jakki said...

you can do the poloroid thing really easy with photoshop too you know .... have fun sans the monster ... i mean A :)

Brynne said...

I like the polaroid, and I'm glad you will be able to get a lot done and enjoy some time with Shaun! Things at work are crazy because we have visitors next week but I hope to see you soon!

Shelstan said...

WOW! I'll have to check out that site! What a precious moment between father and son that you have captured! Gorgeous!

Enjoy your time with just the baby! I certainly do!