Friday, November 27, 2009


I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving!!! We had a great time this year. Good food and so thankful that my brothers and sister and their other halves could make it. Our friends came too, and Aislynn was so happy to have Lillian share the kid table with her:) Here are a few pictures from Thanksgiving:Someone would not cooperate with the family picture:) Everyone contributed a little and Shaun and I made everything but the turkey the night before, so even though we were hosting, I felt very relaxed and we had lots of hangout time, which was so nice. Love my siblings so much and we don't get very many chances that we can all get together, so this was nice! I am glad every one's significant other came too...I love all of them:) Each one of them feels like part of the family and I hope that one day Aislynn and Kieran will call them all Aunt or Uncle:)
Well, I guess now that Thanksgiving is over, we can start on Christmas, lol. Aislynn has already been drawing Christmas trees and snowmen:) I have lots of fun holiday crafts for us to do this year too:)
I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!!!!


Brynne said...

I had a blast too except for the drive home. I loved all the food(my fav was rolls and pumpkin pie, hee hee) I hope we can all get together again for Christmas!

Unknown said...

you have such a beautiful family, Pam - I am thankful that you were able to spent it all together!!