Wednesday, March 14, 2012

ten on tuesday (i mean wednesday)

I really meant to publish this on Tuesday...but I fell asleep on the couch with the laptop on my lap, on number 8 around ten-ish and woke up after Wednesday it is:)

1. Spring forward. ugh....I hate it. Totally throws every one's schedule off. I have had one grumpy girl in the mornings by having to wake her up for school. How do you feel about losing that hour?

2. I have a page (a 2 pager!!!) up on the Ormolu blog...

3. I have really been slacking on exercising and eating well. Really. Like since before Christmas. I started watching what I ate last week and I got on the scale today and lost 4 lbs! I know that won't happen every week, but it is encouraging that it happened the first week:)

4. Aislynn had her first soccer game last Saturday and it was sooooo funny to watch;) So cute. One of A's best buds is on the team, and a girl from the kindergarten class down the hall, and they mainly just wanted to talk and play around:) Hopefully this week will be better.

5. We planted a few things last weekend...2 different types of lettuce and bell peppers. I hope they grow!!! I would have planted more, but I way underestimated how much soil I needed!!

6. The Nook has an awesome deal for new subs...sign up now, in March (there are less than 10 kits left) and get your April kit plus grab bag for free. At the end of your year subscription, you will get another kit for free:) Sign up HERE!

7. If you are wondering what the April kit will hold, look HERE:)

8. I have a page up on the American Crafts blog today:)

9. St Patrick's Day is Saturday, so I think on Friday we will be giving these out to the buddies at school. We did it last year and it's just too cute to not do it again:)

10. Good tv is about to happen and I am excited:) Any Game of Thrones or Mad Men fans out there?!

Happy Hump Day !!


Jojorenee said...

Glad it's hump day and finally the one hour loss is settling in I guess! Great post.

Candace Prado said...

One day late is just fine in my neck of the woods, seeing as how I haven't been able to keep up with my blog very well at all lately. This makes me sad. :(

Knowing that you ALWAYS post something to make me smile is priceless. Love love love K's 12 month two pager! And the AC is precious of you and your sis!!

I so need to get scrappy soon!