Monday, March 26, 2012

this is the life

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We had a great weekend. Aislynn is on spring break this week and it was so nice knowing that we did not have to get up early today;) We don't have the whole week off of work, but yesterday was the first day that Shaun and I have both had off in awhile. My sister came over to go to the beach with us. She is moving this week to Port she thinks, we are devising a plan to kidnap her;)

I snapped a couple of photos before my camera battery died:

Kids are funny...they want to go in the water sooooo badly, they say it's not too cold...even though it is way too cold, in my opinion:) 

This beach is much shell-ier then the beaches we used to go to, the kids like collecting them in their buckets, and Aislynn had a whole pile of them...according to her, the broken ones are the best;)

He just likes digging in the sand and could spend hours doing just that;)

We ended the day by grilling for the first time this year (burgers!) and making smores by the pool. Only Aislynn was brave enough to swim;) Rather than claim "this is the best day," she always gives it a little twist...yesterday was the best day ever grilling:)

Today we are off to a local strawberry farm to pick some strawberries:) And yes, the camera is fully charged:)

How was your weekend?!


Deanna said...

SO so glad you all got some time away and were able to spend it together! Our beach was way more "shell-y" this year too. interesting. ;) Glad you had a good one!

Candace Prado said...

Oh how this warms the soul. It makes me daydream of the summer days ahead. And I cannot wait! I am glad you had some well deserved down time! Now send me some fresh strawberries! Yummmmmmy!

missusem said...

My weekend was not as pretty as yours.. it's still snowing here :) :) but that's ok.

Sarah Webb said...

You capture such great pictures. So well balanced. I need to know your settings for every shot ;)