Friday, August 3, 2012

painting with kids

We have done a lot of painting this summer. A has really been into watercolor painting and I can't even tell you how many watercolor paintings she has done.
Thank to pinterest, I have found some really unique painting crafts that the kids have just I am sharing the links and what ours looked like:

Aislynn wanted me to draw the flowers, then she drew the unicorn and painted those 3. She drew Thomas the Tank Engine for Kieran to paint:)

This was one of our favorites, they turned out so cool!!!

This was super fun and the pictures turned out really cool too! It is hard to see the marbleized effect in the photo, but trust me, in real life it is there;) I let the kids pick 3 colors each and Kieran's are the top and Aislynn's are the bottom.

We tried the condensed milk painting, and it did look shiny and cool, but even after it dried, the paintings were very sticky. I had stacked them up to put in our drawer of finished projects and they all stuck together. When I tried to pull them apart, they ripped:(

The most recent painting craft we did was paint without paintbrushes. First we gathered up supplies:
I tried to find things they could paint/stamp with that had a handle, kinda, so that paint wouldn't get on their hands (then clothes and whatever else they touch!) as much. It seemed to work pretty good, the mess wasn't too bad:)

We chose, a small car, cotton swabs, a toothbrush, toilet paper roll, plastic pineapple, a pony comb, pencil, wine cork, play pizza cutter, lego, toy octopus, and something from the toy doctor kit.

Then the kids let loose dipping the things in paint and stamping them on paper:

The car was the favorite by both kids, but Kieran also liked the "brush teeth."
The finished products:
It looked like so much fun, I couldn't resist making one too. Mine is the top left. Kieran did the middle left and the bottom right and Aislynn did the other 3.

I think out of all the crafts we do, my kids always like the ones that involve paint the's like I am giving the green light for them to get messy and they like that:)

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


Candace Prado said...

That's it. I've got an invite for YOU to come teach my kids in March!

beckyjune said...

I love the painting without paintbrushes idea!

Lilith Eeckels said...

Hey, can I be your kid? That looks like so much fun!

em said...

Love this post! So many fun ideas!! :)