Wednesday, September 19, 2012


As I said earlier, Aislynn turned 7 last week. It is hard to believe she is 7! Crazy! I told her to stop growing up and she told me she couldn't stop;)
On her actual birthday, I took cupcakes to school and had plans per her request to make corn chowder for dinner, but she decided she wanted to go out to eat instead. As soon as she got home from school, she wanted to open her presents:) Of course she already knew what the big one was because Mr. K was too excited to keep a secret;)

I found a chocolate frog from Harry Potter;)

We had leftover cupcakes on her actual birthday and I made the requested coconut cream cake for her friend party:
She wanted a luau themed party, so that is what we did;) We didn't have a huge number of kids, and Aislynn had fun:) It was so funny when she opened her presents from them because they all wanted her to open the present they got her first;)

So a little about Miss A at 7...If you ask her what she wants to be when she grows up, you will get a variety of artist, musician, a geologist, or a dolphin trainer. She wants to live in New York City, but then at other times she says she wants to live with us when she is a grown up (hee hee!).
She has lost 6 teeth and sadly doesn't believe in the tooth fairy anymore. In fact, the last tooth she lost she said she would rather keep the tooth then get the money.
She loves loves LOVES to read. She finished all the Harry Potter books over the summer and has moved on the the Box Car Children series and it has been so much fun introducing her to books that I loved as a kid like the Little House books, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, Matilda, the Ramona Quimby books, etc. She devours a book in a day. I am thankful her teacher and the school appreciate her love of reading and they let her go to the library everyday to switch out books instead of just once a week.
Her favorite movies are the Harry Potter ones (although we do have to skip some scenes-too scary!), her favorite t.v. show is still Martha Speaks, and when asked what her favorite foods are, she says strawberries, red peppers, and cereal. Her favorite colors are sparkly purple and glittery hot pink;) Her favorite animals are unicorns and horses.
Aside from reading, her other love is to create (yay!) things. She loves art projects and painting (particularly watercolors). In fact, she really doesn't even play with her toys much more...she is either reading or painting.
I still enjoy watching her around her peers. She is a leader and even though she is shy and reserved, she is a social butterfly. I am so proud of how she acts when she is with her friends and she definitely doesn't do something because the other kids do...she is her own person and I so hope we can nourish this and keep it that way as she grows older.
She is taking a drama/theater class right now and looooooooves it! I didn't know how she would like it because of her shyness, but she has had 2 classes so far and I honestly have never seen her so excited or happy about a class/activity before. It is giving her confidence and I can't wait to see their performance in December:)
She is one awesome kid and even though most days I feel like I am fumbling through this whole parenting thing, I look at her and know we must be doing some thing right;)
xoxo, sweet're the best girl ever;)


Danielle said...

Time flies, right? Seems like she had a wonderful birthday. She's such a sweet little cutie :-)

Michelle said...

Pam, she is so cute!!! Glad she had a happy birthday. It's nice that she dances to her own tune, and doesn't follow the rest of the crowd.