Sunday, February 24, 2013

2013 oscar picks

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It's that day again. Shaun and I love movies, and even though we don't see near as many as we did pre-kids, we try to see what we can. This is the sixth year that we have made our Oscar picks...and every year I have gotten the most right;) Let's see if I will this year. (I totally get lucky on the categories that no one knows what they entail and I pick what I think will win-for the most part, not what I want to!)

Best Picture:
P- Argo
S- Argo
This year out of the nominees, we saw Argo, Lincoln (I will admit that I fell asleep in the beginning, so I am not really counting that I saw it!), Zero Dark Thirty, Django Unchained, and Silver Linings Playbook. We want Silver Linings Playbook to win. I loved that movie so much! It was funny and touching, and just a wonderful movie. I think it is one of my favorite movies now:) We also really enjoyed Django Unchained. I liked Argo and Zero Dark Thirty, but I can guess in a couple years, I won't really remember them all that well or really want to watch them again. I really would like to see Amour, but I think I will have to wait for netflix for that one;)

Best Actor:
P- Daniel Day Lewis
S- Daniel Day Lewis
He is just awesome, but I kinda want Bradley Cooper to win. Joaquin Phoenix also does and incredible job in The Master.

Best Actress:
P- Jennifer Lawrence
S- Jennifer Lawrence
She rocks. She nails her role in Silver Linings Playbook.

Best Supporting Actor:
P- Tommy Lee Jones
S- Tommy Lee Jones
This is tough...all of the nominees did amazing. Shaun picked Tommy Lee Jones, and I totally copied him since I hardly saw Lincoln;) I believe he is the favorite, so I am going with it.

Best Supporting Actress:
P- Anne Hathaway
S- Anne Hathaway
going with the favorite here:)

Best Directing:
P- David O. Russell
S- David O. Russell
We want him to win. His heart is in this movie, and we loved it, so I want it to win at least one big award. I have a feeling the Oscar will go to Steven Spielberg though;)

Best Adapted Screenplay:
P- Lincoln
S- Silver Linings Playbook

Best Original Screenplay:
P- Django Unchained
S- Django Unchained
I want this to win...but I have a feeling Zero Dark Thirty will win. Which...even though the screenplay is original, the story is based on a true story. Django Unchained is seriously original;)

Best Animated Movie:
P- Wreck-It Ralph
S- Wreck-It Ralph
The whole family loved this. made up a little for Cars 2 with Brave, we liked it, but you're not quite to where you were with Up, Wall-E, Finding Nemo...we'll see how you handle the prequel to Monsters Inc this summer.

P- Life of Pi
S- Lincoln

Costume Design:
P- Anna Karenina
S- Anna Karenina
didn't see it, but it seems like these types of period always win this category;)

Documentary Feature:
P- Searching For Sugar Man
S- Five Broken Cameras
The only one I saw this year was The Silent War, but I have heard more about Searching For Sugar Man, so I am going with that;)

Documentary Short:
P- Open Heart
S- King's Point
we are totally guessing here;) I have no idea what any of them were even about;)

Film Editing:
P- Zero Dark Thirty
S- Zero Dark Thirty

Foreign Language Film:
P- Amour
S- No
I am going with Amour, since it was nominated for Best Picture as well;)

Makeup and Hairstyling:
P- The Hobbit
S- The Hobbit
because it should win something :)

Original Score:
P- Lincoln
S- Skyfall

Original Song:
P- Skyfall
S- Suddenly

Production Design:
P- Life of Pi
S- Lincoln

Short Film (Animated):
P- Paperman
S- Paperman

Short Film (Live Action):
P- Death of a Shadow
S- Death of a Shadow

Sound Editing:
P- Skyfall
S- Zero Dark Thirty

Sound Mixing:
P- Les Miserables
S- Skyfall

Visual Effects:
P- Life of Pi
S- The Hobbit

Sooooo...what movies did you see/love/hate this year? What do you want/think will win?

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