Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Aislynn, right now....

  • is obsessed with dresses, particularly this one because it is the perfect "twirl" dress:) If this is clean, that is what she wants to wear.other things that are so her right now...
  • Anything in that past (after about a week) is "last year" and anything in the past that happened within the last week is "last night"
  • Anything in the future is "tomorrow night"
  • She calls tomatoes "potatoes" and pronounces napkin as "mapkin"
  • She wants me to sing her "Silent Night" every night when we tuck her in
  • Likes to call Shaun and I different names besides Mom and Dad...usually she is the princess from her current fave movie, Shaun is the hero, and I am the evil person:(
  • Likes to "scrapbook," which consists of cutting papers, gluing a bunch of my old foam embellishments to paper, sticking down letter stickers and playing with glitter glue
  • likes to play with her teeny Princess figurines and My Little Pony figures
  • LOVES to watch Curious George...thank goodness for DVR:)
  • Is sooooooo super excited to meet her baby brother...talks about him a lot and asks me all the time when he is coming out:)

I had a doctor's appointment today and the doctor checked my cervix...I was 3-4 cm (she said more like a 4) dilated and 70% thinned out...WHOA! She also said the baby's head was very low and that she thinks he is already bigger than Aislynn was (8lbs 6 oz)...hope she is a little off on the weight estimate:) I feel pretty ready to meet this little guy...just hopes he can hold out until Grandma (my Mom) gets back from Costa Rica this weekend!!


Scrap Candy said...

Ooooo! Sounds like it is almost time!! YAY!

I think this is so nice to document all of A's most important things, right now. I need to take time to make lists (or make them do it!) for B&A! It is so much fun to look back at!

Sending plenty of hugs to you for these next few trying days!

Brynne said...

Aislynn is so silly! I can't wait to see what the babe is going to look like.

Douglas A. Perry, Sr. said...

Little girl dresses seem to be a thing of the past. I'm so glad she likes wearing them. Won't be long now til little brother will arrive and she can meet him!

Jakki said...

i'm copying you right now ... off to take picture's of kailee and do the same post you did for A. they are so much alike right now it's funny.

and seriously hoping the little guy comes soon. :)

Shelstan said...


brigid16 said...

I am sending you HUGE HUGS!!!! Congrats Momma!!!!!!! Can't wait to see some pics!!!!!
I bet A is SOOOOOO excited!!!!!
Rest! Relax! Let people take care of you!!!