Friday, May 1, 2009

Pictures to share...

Brynne (my sis) and I went to Eden State Gardens, along with a quite unwilling subject to play with our cameras. Aislynn will not look at the camera...hardly ever! I think Brynne's pictures may have more looking because she stuck a giant leaf in her ponytail and Aislynn kept calling her Coco (an Indian from Pocahontas), lol. Here are the best ones... Not the greatest picture of me, but that's not what matters, right Candi;)This one is cute...gotta love the hand on her hip:)
This was when she was most content...running around the beautiful grounds there.
I love this one below:) Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!


Unknown said...

You got it, Pam! Snap those's hard to overcome when you want it to be just so...I think later your mind changes when you look at them again and again.

I love this setting and the colors you girls are wearing! So nice with the background!! BUT I ADORE BRICK WALLS SO THAT HAS TO BE MY FAVORITE!!

what does the B&W look like with the color? That one is so sweet for RIGHT NOW!

Shel said...

I have to agree with Candi. My faves are the ones with the brick walls in the background. It makes for some stunning photography!

Brynne said...

I Like that pic I took of you and A in black in white and also I love that brick wall one, I had fun with you girls!